Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The 3D life

The 3D life

“My God Nanda, you don’t know what happened!”
The desperation in my mother’s voice makes my heart to beat faster.

“What is it mum? What happened?” I ask, as I prepare myself to hear bad news…

“The baker didn’t come today! Your father is having to bake all the bread by himself! What are we going to do if he doesn’t come tomorrow as well? Oh my God! What are we going to do Nanda?!!”

You might be laughing now, but this is something that happens constantly in the few conversations I have with my mum.
My parents own a Bakery and when is not the Baker, is a problem with one of the employees or something else, but always in these proportions.

It is as if she is living her life with those glasses you wear when watching a 3D movie!
The problems of her life start to look so big, everything is out of proportion and she easily gets desperate!

Yesterday in church, a young girl gave her testimony. She’s been coming for only 7 weeks (since the Nothing is Impossible event) and said that her life is already completely changed.
She used to be depressed and the situation was so serious that she was thinking about taking her life!

She said that she sees things in a different way now!

That’s when it struck me! The glasses! We need to take them off! To destroy them!

The devil tries to make us wear these 3D glasses everyday!
With them, we see problems bigger than they are; we see situations out of proportion, see things that do not exist!

But Jesus! Much better than superman, came to save us! He gave us the weapon to fight!


If the devil tries to put those glasses on those who know how to use their weapon, they do like superman did… They see through! And destroy it!
They see what others can’t see!

They see how small that problem is!
They see that they can overcome!
They see so clear! They see it all!

I pray everyday for my mum’s conversion and acceptance of our Hero. That’s the only way she can learn how to use the weapon and destroy the 3D glasses of the devil.

That young girl in church learned it and now she is happy because she is not living a 3D life anymore!

Sometimes I notice the devil trying to put these glasses on me as well, and if I don’t use my weapon, the glasses are just going to get their way… No way!
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