Friday, 2 October 2009

The First Project

A few weeks after arriving in Namibia, I came to know that our Help Center had begun a project and they needed help.

Immediately I gathered some of the wives of pastors from the nearest churches and we readied ourselves to help.

What was the project?

To provide a few hours of fun to children as well as feed and distribute toys to them in a school located in a deprived area.

How many kids?

Approximately 1000!

Wow, that’s when I suddenly got nervous and wanted to know more details about the organization.

Inflatable toys would be mounted by the company from which they were rented and toys were to be donated by a fast food company.

“What about the food?” I asked

“We’ll have to prepare it but the school will provide a kitchen.”

“Well then, let’s get to work.” I said but inside I was thinking “Oh God!”

But that was the easy part, wait until you see the kitchen provided to us by the school…

More on this next time, don’t miss it!


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