Friday, 30 December 2011

Who is she?

This little girl has so much to tell!
Soon you will get to know her better and will get to know some of her tricks…

Help my daughter…


My daughter and I are assistants and she does everything in the church but at home all she does is to clean her bedroom and wash her own clothes, she does not want to learn to cook and spring cleaning in the rest of the house, no way!
I am very happy to see her serving God but my husband always complains that I am overloaded with work as she is always resting when not going to church.
Are we been unfair with her? Or should she help around more?


Unfortunately, this has become very common amongst young girls. They do their best in their church, evangelize, clean and do everything but when arriving home they do not give a good testimony.

That is really not good because maybe the pastor is not even aware of what’s happening at home, but God sees everything. Not to mention that we want to fight for our family so they may know God, but when they look at our lives and at what we do…that’s it…all down the drain.

Friend, talk to your daughter and explain to her that you would like her to help around more often so that you may not feel overloaded and also for good testimony sake. Make her see that there is no use of doing so much in the church and giving a bad testimony at home.

It is important to remember that by shouting and being angry, you will not achieve much.  A friendly and caring conversation will accomplish much more than shouting and demands. Therefore, choose a suitable moment to talk.

Explain exactly what you would like her to do at home and how good it would be for her to learn to cook and so on…

PS. If you have a question and you would like me to answer it as a “post” here where not only you will be helped but others too, write to me as a comment to this post and I will reply as soon as possible. Please avoid giving personal details.

I hate you!

Last Sunday hatred was born inside me- one against insecurities. The more I thought of it the more I noticed how much an obstacle to my faith this was. There is no greater blockage than insecurities to impede an inspiration from God to be fulfilled because this brings doubts. This is satan’s main weapon against God’s chosen ones. If you have any doubts on this subject, see the examples below:

Moses- When God appeared to him and asked him to go and deliver the children of Israel from slavery, his answer was: “…O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before or since You have spoken to Your servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue.” (Exodus 3:11,4:10)

Jeremiah- When called, his answer wasn’t any better. He argued: “…Ah, Lord God! Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.” (Jeremiah 1:6)

Gideon- Even after a great manifestation of revolt, when God commanded him to go in his strength, he answered: “ …Oh my Lord, how can I save Israel? Indeed my clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.” (Judges 6:15)

These men did not even think before they answered. Their insecurities were so profoundly rooted in them that it came naturally. And the same applies to many of us. We are so used to living with our insecurities, that these have become second nature to us and consequently a stumbling block to our faith if we surrender to them. If the men mentioned above, had given in to their insecurities, they wouldn’t be mentioned in the Bible. God would have to move on and look for other people He could use. What about us? How many times did God have to move on and look for other people He could use because we were unable to surpass our insecurities and answer His call?

Reasons why you should hate insecurities:

·      They make you have small expectations. Due to insecurities, you end up dreaming small because you do not believe you deserve better.
·      You do not portray a good image of God when you are insecure because you induce other people’ s pity.
·      You are made tail and not head because you do not believe you can lead.
·      It gives you a spirit of fear and shyness and not one of power.
·      They are the opposite of what God wants for you.  God is about to make great things happen in people’s life, GREAT THINGS. But what you will receive will only be according to your faith. The first thing you should do is to believe that the dream you secretly dream is worth it. You can have the greatest revolt inside you, the greatest faith but if you do not believe in yourself, if you do not believe you are worth much, the revolt you have will only take you to small blessings. What a waste! Do whatever it takes to overcome your insecurities.  Hate it, act against it. Do not accept it to depreciate you. Next time you have the thought: “Who do you think you are?” Tell yourself: “I am God’s warrior! Who are you to stand in my way? Get behind me because I hate you!”

By Moti Bernardino (Pastor’s wife in the UK. And just for the record, she is South African but learned to speak and even write Portuguese).

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Merely an unprofitable servant...

Do you know when you do everything right and even still no one seems to notice?

Oh my! How frustrating!

It seems as if no one values you in spite of all of your efforts...

At home you do everything that your are asked to do.

At work you complete all of your tasks faithfully. 

With your family, at school... What's wrong with everybody?!

Can't they see?

All of you efforts to do exactly what must be done totally ignored!!!

Well, here goes the painful response... And please note, this response doesn't come from me but from the Lord Jesus himself...

"... So likewise you, when you have done ALL  those things which you are commanded, say, "We are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do." 17:10

In other words friends...

When we have done everything that is expected of us.

When we fulfill all of our responsibilities, all of them done correctly...

We haven't done anything outstanding!

God expects a lot more of me and you!

Friends, this is so strong that I'm going to stop here and allow you to assimilate this message...


Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Best End of Year Investment

Many people at this time of the year seem to loose their common sense, especially when it comes to their finances. I know it feels great to give gifts, actually, I love to give gifts to the people that I love; but everything has a limit. At this time of the year all limits are thrown up in the air.

All this is due to the manipulation we are under, even without noticing it… Gifts for everyone make sure you do not forget anybody. And the house decorations, Christmas tree, Christmas dinner, new year’s supper, etc.…

How can someone start the New Year with the “right foot” with so much pressure?

Out of nowhere you end up spending your Christmas bonus to try to please everybody. And the worse part is that you already start the New Year burdened with debts!!! What kind of life is that for anyone?

Not to mention the money that is spent on the Christmas dinners that get more and more expensive every year. Who came up with the idea that turkey is compulsory? 

To tell you the truth I don’t even like turkey that much! I much rather have some chicken; but no, there has to be some turkey somewhere. You know what?

Turkeys are on strike! It’s going to have to be chicken!

It’s sad but at the same time shocking to see so many people who become blind by so many empty feelings that come along with this time of the year.

Who was the Joe blogs that came up with the idea of the Christmas tree just so he could hide the truth from children and place such a great burden on the parents??? 

Parents who sometimes cannot afford to buy certain presents and find themselves devastated and humiliated, because according to what is said on TV, a family can only be happy if they have a huge and beautifully adorned Christmas tree and the floor under it littered with gifts.

What about the families who can’t afford all this? How do they feel? What about the child who doesn’t yet understand this, and thinks that at Christmas that chubby man with a white beard will come down the chimney with a bag full of presents? 

First of all, maybe in this child’s humble home there isn’t even a proper chimney and he would have to call the fire brigade because the chubby man would get stuck!

What about the Christmas tree that you so proudly display in your home? Have you ever asked yourself where this tradition comes from?

Well, let me explain it for you. In the past there was a people who used to worship the trees. They would adorn them and present sacrifices at the foot of those trees. 

A total pagan practice. For the financial market this was a great opportunity, and as blind following the blind, many follow this practice without even knowing why.

I know it’s pretty and children love this kind of things and many times we say we do all these things for them. But all this fanfare of feelings and the manipulation from retail outlets doesn’t do anyone any good. Even more so to the children who think that it is all beautiful and innocent, but it’s not!

And just to finish, since today I am already taking longer than usual… If Christmas is to commemorate the birth of the Lord Jesus (although there is no indication as to when His birthday is or that we should be celebrating His birth) shouldn’t He be the one receiving gifts?

Now my question to you is: when was the last time you gave Him a present?

He doesn’t want our money, a new electric shaver, a new jacket or even a new pajama.

What we should be offering as a gift is our hearts, our personal will, our traditions and abandoning our sins behind. We should be leading other people to know Him and contribute so that others around the world would know who He is.

He doesn’t want you to be sad and full of doubts. He wants you to be a new creature. He wants to be born inside of you.

This is what Christmas should mean to everybody.

This is the best investment you should make this end of year.

Think about this, and who knows… Maybe there is still time to change and invest in what really matters. 

Especially for You

My dear friend,

I really wanted to be there by your side so we could talk through these difficult moments…

I understand you may not feel at ease to speak to someone about these things. I know it’s not easy.

You are facing many problems. In your marriage, financially, your self-esteem is very low, your family fights constantly; but this is not the greatest problem…

My dear friend, you do not have yet the assurance of your salvation; you are not yet born of God.
In my point of view the greatest problem you are facing is not your husband betraying you or the lack of money, or even the arguments between your family members… But if you die today (God forbid!), what is the point of having a lot of money or a family that sticks together? You cannot take them with you! (I am not saying that they are not important, but your priority should be your salvation) Salvation however, can guarantee you an eternal life of peace and tranquility together with our Lord! This is wonderful!

And not only this. Being born of God means having Him within us!

You know those moments where you feel weak and worthless? With Him living inside you, all this changes! He makes you stand and understand how beautiful and precious you are to Him!

You know those moments of profound sadness, where nothing that your family or friends say can comfort you? Very well, in those moments He can come into your heart and comfort you, raise you up and help you carry on and cast away all the sadness.

This is the best and greatest gift that He gives us.

When I was still quite new in the church still in the first few steps of learning to live by faith, I read a verse in the Bible that I never forget!

Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added to you”

I also was struggling with a lot of problems, but when I read this I decided to put it in practice. I stopped focusing on my problems and started seeking the Kingdom of God in first place!

Everything the pastor would say, I would do it…

“You have to stop lying.” I would stop.

“You have to stop doing things you know are wrong.” I would stop.

“You have to be baptized in water.” I got baptized.

And I didn’t stop there, I would meditate on the Bible and practice what I was learning… I started to forgive, having good eyes, etc…

A change started happening inside of me as I continuously sought the presence of God. It didn’t happen overnight, but the day that I was born of God was the happiest day of my life!

If I didn’t have Him within me, I don’t know where I would be today.

Dear friend, I also go through many battles, persecutions and difficult moments… But this is not a problem for me; as long as I am in His presence I know I will overcome whatever comes my way!

This certainty and confidence only exists, because I know that He lives inside of me guiding and strengthening me when I feel week.

He helps me fight against my emotions and to live by faith! There is nothing more wonderful than this!
Remember also the promise in the verse we mentioned earlier: “everything will be added to you.” He has been adding to my life all the other things I need. And the same thing happens with all those who seek Him in first place!

Therefore dear friend, this is my advice… Do the same thing that I did, and you will have the same or even more than I have!

I love you even without having met you; now imagine our Lord Jesus who knows you better than you know yourself!

I will be praying for you.

Always in faith!

Nanda Bezerra. 

How do you See?

I may not have expensive clothes.

I may not have properties in my name or savings in my bank account. (As a missionary this is part of my sacrifice.)

I may not have a permanent place to live or the right to choose where I am going…

I may not have a diploma because I gave my life to serve Him on the altar when I was still very young.

I may not see my wonderful family or my lovely country very often.

I may not speak or write correctly.

I am not always proud of what I think or say.

I may look in the mirror and not be 100% pleased with what I see.

I may say, see and feel many things that many times I regret… but I consider myself to be one of the happiest and most fulfilled people on the face of this earth. Do you know why?

It’s not because of me, but because of Him!

He is my air, my joy, my fortress, my best friend, my first love, my motivation, my inspiration, my strength, my refuge!

Words do not do justice to what I want to explain in this moment… But I consider myself a truly rich person, because not even all the money in the universe would be able to buy what I have!

I have God Himself living inside of me through the Holy Spirit!

What could possibly be more precious than this?

He is able to love me in spite of all my flaws and limitations. Do you know why?

It is because He looks beyond my actions and sees the intention of my heart. And if we want to be like Him we have to do the exact same thing with people around us and even ourselves!

Unfortunately we usually have the habit of judging people and even ourselves very quickly, just because we said or did something we shouldn’t have. But even when we do something wrong, it’s because we were trying to do something right!

Those who are afraid of making mistakes and showing people that they are still learning, usually never get anywhere in life. For if we want to get somewhere in life, we have to try hard and not be afraid of exposing our mistakes. It is necessary to be willing to learn from them.

Dear friends, let us start looking at people and even ourselves in the same way that our Lord does. With love, care, and understanding

Thank you Lord for loving me in spite of my mistakes.  

By Flavia Barcelos – Pastor’s wife in England
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