Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Best End of Year Investment

Many people at this time of the year seem to loose their common sense, especially when it comes to their finances. I know it feels great to give gifts, actually, I love to give gifts to the people that I love; but everything has a limit. At this time of the year all limits are thrown up in the air.

All this is due to the manipulation we are under, even without noticing it… Gifts for everyone make sure you do not forget anybody. And the house decorations, Christmas tree, Christmas dinner, new year’s supper, etc.…

How can someone start the New Year with the “right foot” with so much pressure?

Out of nowhere you end up spending your Christmas bonus to try to please everybody. And the worse part is that you already start the New Year burdened with debts!!! What kind of life is that for anyone?

Not to mention the money that is spent on the Christmas dinners that get more and more expensive every year. Who came up with the idea that turkey is compulsory? 

To tell you the truth I don’t even like turkey that much! I much rather have some chicken; but no, there has to be some turkey somewhere. You know what?

Turkeys are on strike! It’s going to have to be chicken!

It’s sad but at the same time shocking to see so many people who become blind by so many empty feelings that come along with this time of the year.

Who was the Joe blogs that came up with the idea of the Christmas tree just so he could hide the truth from children and place such a great burden on the parents??? 

Parents who sometimes cannot afford to buy certain presents and find themselves devastated and humiliated, because according to what is said on TV, a family can only be happy if they have a huge and beautifully adorned Christmas tree and the floor under it littered with gifts.

What about the families who can’t afford all this? How do they feel? What about the child who doesn’t yet understand this, and thinks that at Christmas that chubby man with a white beard will come down the chimney with a bag full of presents? 

First of all, maybe in this child’s humble home there isn’t even a proper chimney and he would have to call the fire brigade because the chubby man would get stuck!

What about the Christmas tree that you so proudly display in your home? Have you ever asked yourself where this tradition comes from?

Well, let me explain it for you. In the past there was a people who used to worship the trees. They would adorn them and present sacrifices at the foot of those trees. 

A total pagan practice. For the financial market this was a great opportunity, and as blind following the blind, many follow this practice without even knowing why.

I know it’s pretty and children love this kind of things and many times we say we do all these things for them. But all this fanfare of feelings and the manipulation from retail outlets doesn’t do anyone any good. Even more so to the children who think that it is all beautiful and innocent, but it’s not!

And just to finish, since today I am already taking longer than usual… If Christmas is to commemorate the birth of the Lord Jesus (although there is no indication as to when His birthday is or that we should be celebrating His birth) shouldn’t He be the one receiving gifts?

Now my question to you is: when was the last time you gave Him a present?

He doesn’t want our money, a new electric shaver, a new jacket or even a new pajama.

What we should be offering as a gift is our hearts, our personal will, our traditions and abandoning our sins behind. We should be leading other people to know Him and contribute so that others around the world would know who He is.

He doesn’t want you to be sad and full of doubts. He wants you to be a new creature. He wants to be born inside of you.

This is what Christmas should mean to everybody.

This is the best investment you should make this end of year.

Think about this, and who knows… Maybe there is still time to change and invest in what really matters. 

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  1. I don't like turkey
    Mrs.Nanda you are so right, Christmas traditions has become a part of us,but yet we dont stop to think where they come from,if they are biblical or following God's principles.
    Who are we celebrating if everything is invested in worldly things separating us from Jesus.


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