Saturday, 10 December 2011

Annoying me??!! Yeah, right!!!

Early on this morning, I was blessed with a word but look how interesting, it was only towards the end of the day that I realized how much it had blessed me...

"We shouldn't keep confessing a pain or seeking other's commiseration, for generally the pain worsens and the more you speak about it the weaker and more exposed you become.

I began the day thinking about this and right off the bat I caught myself complaining about a pain to my friend. A few minutes later there I was wanting to complain again. Since that word was very fresh in my mind, I kept observing myself in other situations where I would make complaints, and low and behold what an annoying and complaining girl!

I was very vigilant and by the end of the day, the penny dropped!

The best part of all was the way I felt victorious and without a doubt, my day was much better! I overcame the pain, I was able to do everything that I wanted and I awoke to one more thing that I need to practice and really change...

I would like to invite you to do the same and so, here goes a little task...


At the start of a new day, early in the morning, stay alert and see if you are also a complainer...  Either a pain, a situation that annoyed you, complaining about someone, the weather, PMS, a foot pain, tired vision, about your pinky toenail, about life, etc... When you notice that you are about to complain, decide not to do so and if you'd like you can even jot it down in a notebook to see how many times you would have fallen in that habit. 

If you notice that you make part of the team of complainers, start practicing this task everyday and change!

There are people that due to a life of suffering  have this problem rooted very deeply within themselves. If you admit that this is your case, a more thorough treatment is necessary so that the change really happens. My advice is that you join us during the Daniel's fast through which you will be able to better understand and receive the Spirit of power and change all of those bad roots in your life. 

P.S. Friends, the type of complaints that I mention here are those that are explained above, with the intention of seeking someone's commiseration or just to complain for the sake of complaining... I hope you understand that I'm not referring to complaints in general, for there are cases, of course, where complaints need to be made...

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  1. Ever since I read this post I have been thinking about this. I've discovered that I complain about being cold or the weather quite a bit. Its something that I made a habit out of using as a conversation starter, or something to fill in the silence in them iddle of a conversation, but I can't help but think how annoying it must be for the listening parties.


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