Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Women's conference gathers over 1400 people in London.

Saturday 24th September, at the Rainbow Theatre in London. Welcome to the event of the year...

Backstage, we were all feeling nervous but after the prayer, as soon as we stepped on stage, everything went well.

Part of the event's theme was colours, can you notice that?

We didn't feel embarrassed at the slightest. It was fun because we were just being ourselves...

We spoke about something that opened the minds of many women...colours and light. Both are interconnected!

Did you know that although light looks white, it is actually a combination of colours?

But darkness does not possess anything interesting, it is merely "dark". Dark hides. On clothes, it hides imperfections, inside us it hides secrets, traumas, it hides all that is not good...

Hence the reason why we should bring light to our lives. To eliminate all darkness where fear resides and impedes us to move on,  it keeps us stagnated, unaware and unhappy.

It is necessary to go deep into the root even if it is hard and makes us scared!

It is necessary to face and remove all darkness.

Well, in general, we had many other attractions on the day, but the message left us all thinking about change...We had many prize draws  and gifts, and it was an unforgettable and wonderful afternoon.

It was a full house with people seating in our balcony too.

Writing during the convention? Just part of a task...

Underneath each seat there was a surprise and a task to be done. They loved it!

The Sisterhood marked their presence with presentations.

The queue for autographs for the book "40 secrets for the single woman" launched in English.

A very special guest paid us via Skype to talk about her book "The V Woman", in English, that was also being launched on the day.

All were paying close attention so they would not miss what was said.

The event was recorded and will go on air on Sky, channel 219, Saturday at 8pm. In England only.

Behind the presenters, the "Angels". They will be reporting from the streets of London throughout the programs.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Have you ever stopped and thought how wonderful light is?

How would the world be without it?
Have you ever walked around your house during the night when it was dark?

One little noise here and there and you jump with fear, but if you turn on the light and you can see then the fears evaporate.

Light eliminates fears that darkness brings.  Hence the reason why light does not go with darkness

Maybe your life is full of darkness and dark corners with no light. Hidden secrets and hurtful memories pushed to forgetfulness but still so present through negative behavior.

Change that situation! Bring light to your life, eliminate all the darkness and uncover the roots that are hidden….

The Root Event will start in Brazil this coming Sunday, don't miss it!

I say that because the results we’ve seen here in the UK have been wonderful!

Make the most of it!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Going back Home

This is the story of a soldier that was finally going back home after having fought in Vietnam.

He phoned his parents in San Francisco:

-Mom, Dad, I’m heading home but before I do, I wanted to ask you for a favor.

I have a friend that I would like to bring along.

- Of course, they answered. We would love to meet him!

-There’s something that you need to know before, he continued.

-He was terribly wounded in combat. He stepped on a mine and lost an arm and a leg. The worse part is that he doesn’t have anywhere to go.

- Oh dear!!! Son, I’m sorry to hear that. Perhaps we can help him find a place to live!

- No mom, I want him to live at our house.

-Son, the dad began, you don’t know what you are asking for. You have no idea about the graveness of this problem. His mother agreed with her husband and added:

- Someone with such disability would be a burden for us. We have our own lives and we don’t want something like that to interfere with our lifestyle. We think that you should just come home and forget about that young man. He will find a way to make it on his own!

At that moment the son hung up the phone.

A few days later the parents received a phone call from the police informing them that their son had died after falling off a building.

The police suspected that it had been a suicide.

The anguished parents flew to the city where their son had been and were taken to the morgue in order to identify the body. They recognized him and to their horror and shock, they discovered something that they didn’t know: “THEIR SON HAD ONLY ONE ARM AND ONE LEG!”

The parents in this story makes us think about the people that think it is easy to love those that are perfect, beautiful, healthy, fun but don’t like or get close to people that suppose some burden or that make them feel uncomfortable. How much selfishness and lack of love towards your neighbor…

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The five monkeys

A group of scientists placed five monkeys in a cage.

Inside there was a staircase with a bunch of bananas at the top.

When a monkey climbed the stairs to grab the banana, the scientist would throw a bucket of cold water on those that were on the ground.

After some time, when a monkey climbed up the steps the others would beat him.

After a while, none of the monkeys went up the stairs in spite of being tempted by the bananas.

Thus, the scientist substituted one of the monkeys.

The first thing it did was to climb up the stairs.

The rest of them quickly pulled him back down and gave him the biggest beat down. After the beating, the newest member didn’t dare go up the stairs again.

A second monkey was substituted and the same thing happened again.

Just one detail: the first substitute enthusiastically participated in beating the newest member.

A third one was substituted and the story repeated itself.

When, finally, the last of the veteran monkeys was substituted, the scientist were left with a group of five monkeys that in spite of never having been wet with cold water, continued beating those that tried to reach for the bananas.

If it were possible to ask one of them why they beat whoever tried climbing the stairs, the answer would probably be: “I don’t know, things have always worked that way around here.”

Look folks, this is very strong! How many times don’t we act the same way? How many times don’t we have the same reaction?

Do you know when that happens?

When we stop thinking! Rationalizing! When we become cowards after so many beat downs and disappointments that we face in life and what’s worse is that many times we are a negative influence on those around us.

What causes more revolt is that stones are thrown against those that try to make a difference.

Let’s think about that.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Just a little spider...

Once upon a time a man was being chase by many evildoers that wanted to kill him.

The man, while running, turned into a path that left the road and cut through the middle of the field and in his despair he prayed to God with the following words:

-“God almighty make two angels come down from heaven and block off the entrance of the path so that the bandits don´t kill me!!!”

At that moment he heard the men approaching the path where he had hidden and he noticed that at the entrance there appeared a miniscule spider.

The spider began weaving a web at the entrance of the path. The man began praying again but now he was clearly anguished:

-“Lord, I asked you for angels, not a spider.”

-“Lord, please, with your powerful hand place a strong brick wall at the entrance of this path so that those men don’t pass and kill me….”

He opened his eyes expecting to see a brick wall blocking the entrance but all he saw was the spider weaving a web.

The evildoers were entering the path where he was awaiting only his death.

When they were in front of the path the man heard:

-“Come on, let’s go on this path!”

-“No, don’t you see that there’s a spider’s web?!” Nothing has come this way. Let’s keep looking in the other paths…”

Well then, God’s answer doesn’t always come the way that we expect it; one needs to have spiritual eyes in order to see the answer. Otherwise, we end up ignoring and even losing our blessings…

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The “but” that diminishes…

There's a popular say that goes: when all were praising the peacock’s tail, the birds protested: “But look at his feet”.

The envious person is the one who likes to spoil other’s happiness.

It is the person who always has a “but” to diminish someone around her, as if the other person’s success would hurt or diminish hers.

When we feel like saying “but” it is better to ask ourselves: why do I want to play the different or the contradictory one?

Is there a plausible reason or is it just to manifest a little bit of my envy or unhappiness?  

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Mousse

Have you heard about the unhappy lucky mouse?

Just look at this lucky one…

He lived in anguish and as he feared the cat of the house. Out of compassion, God transformed the lucky mouse into a cat.

A little while after the lucky cat began to fear the dog of the house instead, so God transformed him into a panther!

Look at how wonderful!

That’s what you think!

The unhappy lucky mouse was now a panther but he had a deadly fear of the hunter. At this point God looked at him and transformed him back into a mouse and said:

“Nothing that I do for you will help you. Your courage is that of a mouse.”

The opportunities are knocking at the door, it is necessary for you to grab them with all of your courage!

There are moments in our lives in which we need to throw ourselves head first. There’s no middle ground and there’s definitely no space for fear.

Just look at how we are surrounded by fears:

The fear of making a mistake.

The fear of failing.

The fear of not being able to.

The fear of receiving a  “No.”

The fear of suffering.

And so many others…

The choice is yours but be careful so that one day you don’t wake up and realize that you like cheese a lot and you live in a very small house in the corner.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Women's Convention in London

The Serpent and the Fire Fly

Legend has it that once upon  a time a serpent chased a fire fly.

The latter, fled rapidly, afraid of the ferocious predator and the serpent didn’t even think about giving up.

The fly fled one day and the serpent didn’t give up, two days and nothing…

On the third day, now clearly weakened, the fire fly stopped and asked the serpent:

-Can I ask you three questions?

-I don’t usually proceed this way with anyone but since I’m going to devour you anyway, you may ask…

- Do I make part of your food chain?

- No.

-Did I harm you in any way?

- No.

- So then, why do you want to finish me off?

- Because I can’t stand to see you shine…

Many times we don’t understand the persecutions without reasons, the annoyance, the lies, calumnies, etc...

But here is one of the reasons…

They simply can’t stand to see us shine!!!

Friday, 9 September 2011

You go through a problem once, then you try to solve it and most times you think you have, but then…

…Then awhile after, the same problem comes along, in a different situation but still the same thing.

And again, you deal with it but after awhile…everything again.

It looks like a vicious circle. Always the same problem.

Do you know what could be the reason?

You have dealt with the consequences of what is in truth deeper, but as long as you don’t  deal with the root of that problem, it will comeback.

It’s like they say” You have to cut it by the root!”

Do you live here in England?

This Sunday, the “Root Event” will begin. Do not miss it!

How to find the root of the problem?

How to deal with it?

For more information, call 0207 686 6000.

I will be there, what about you?

Is this message clear enough?

Although this topic is always discussed, I receive emails almost every week asking me the same thing.

Incompatibility is something that people don’t want to see or accept, there are always those that disagree, but I want to make something very clear…

We can counsel you but in the end, the decision is yours.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Are you qualified?

Just take a look and see if this does not make you think…

Jacob deceived,

Peter would get angry easily,

David killed and committed adultery,

Noah used to drink,

Jonah hid from God,

Paul used to kill innocent Christians,

Gideon was a revolted man,

Miriam would talk behind people’s back,

Martha was too worried,

Mary Magdalene was a prostitute,

Thomas used to doubt,

Sara was impatient and could not wait,

Moses stuttered,

Esau was hairy,

Zacchaeus was a thief and a short man,

Abraham was old and Lazarus….was dead!

See how interesting?

At first it seems as if all the negativity is there but do you know what this means?

God did not call the qualified ones, He qualifies us!

Dear friend, God wants to use you in a great way independently of your faults or mistakes. Just allow Him to qualify you.

One decision! It was all they needed and it is all you need too.

Put the ring on your finger!

Put the ring on your finger!

“So…is everything ok?” I ask.

“Well, more or less” she replies.

Through her answer I can tell that she needs and wants to talk and let off some steam. I keep on asking, until she opens up…

“Look, I get the things I need but my life does not change. I come to the church and I pray for my family and my financial life and see results but there is still something missing….”

I just came from a blessed service in one of our branches and towards the end I was talking to a lady and I decided to write about what happened.

As she talked, I was paying attention while looking at my wedding ring on my finger and that’s when I found the words for her….

“Can you see this ring? Do you know what it means? She looks at me puzzled, she must have thought that I was crazy because it had nothing to do with the subject of our conversation however now I had caught all her attention.

My husband was on the altar giving advices and I pointed to him and said…

“When I married him I made a covenant to take care of him, be faithful, be his companion, make him happy and love him with all my heart” I then remove my ring from my finger and place it on hers. She looks at me confused…

“What is missing in your life is exactly this! Not a commitment with your husband but with God. Come to church to seek the One who blesses which is far more important than the blessings themselves” I say calmly.

Marry Him and make a covenant to take care that His Spirit may abound in you, be faithful, be a companion, make Him happy by doing His will and above all love Him with all your heart”.

Think with me, if by doing this for my husband he rewards me, imagine God?!!

I wanted to share this with you because the mistake most people make is exactly this.

Where is the covenant? Where is the ring on your finger?

Monday, 5 September 2011


I've started doing the morning TV Pgms with my husband at IURD TV

London time - 6am.

Tomorrow I'll be speaking about what I did to catch the big fish (him:)).

Is there a secret to conquer the person of your dreams?

Watch it and find out!

See you then.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

To bring you a smile…The woman’s prayer

Dear God,

Until now my day has been really good:

  •       I have not gossiped
  •       I have not lost my patience
  •       I have not been greedy, sarcastic, temperamental, annoying or ironic
  •       I have controlled my PMS
  •       I have not complained about anything
  •       I have not cursed
  •       I did not lash out at anyone
  •       I have had no jealousy attacks
  •       I have not devour any chocolates
  •       I have also not gotten into any debt on my credit card or written any post dated cheques

But I pray for your protection Lord, as I am about to get up from bed at any moment now!

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