Tuesday, 30 August 2011

So distant…

Everything seems so far away to your eyes…

You look around and you simply can’t see anyone that could come to make part of your future.

You look at your husband and he seems so far from being that man that you so dream of.

You look at the circumstances and they are not a least bit favorable and you think to yourself…”Only a miracle!”

When I speak about my example, my marriage, my husband, you think… “Oh, how I wish…”

One day I also looked around me and everything was uncertain. Circumstances were unfavorable. I also thought… “Only a miracle!”

And you know what?

I had a dream but I fought a lot for it.

I cried a lot. Lots of prayers and actions out of faith were invovled.

The miracle happened!

Do you know what that means?

Your situation doesn’t matter, neither do circumstances, the same thing will happen to you!

Have your dream and fight for it, even if it seems hopeless, with faith, action and perserverance. This recipe never fails!

I believe, how about you?

PS: Don´t miss out! Tomorrow I will reveal the day I felt so unmotivated that I simply gave up!

Monday, 29 August 2011

We are passing the limit...

“ Mrs. Nanda, after reading your post yesterday I’m desperate. I don´t know what to do. My boyfriend and I have passed the limit, we haven’t gone the whole way but we were very close. I’m so ashamed of myself. I’ve told myself that there’s no problem, we are getting married and God understands but after reading  what you wrote, I really understood that it’s wrong. Please help me, I don´t know what to do!!!”

Dear friends, since you didn’t include and email contact, I will answer you in this post.

Some young ladies write me with the above mentioned problem, so I pasted a portion of one of the messages and posted it here...

My friends, don’t go into despair. Do you know what you need to do?

Stop that point blank! Talk to your boyfriend and tell him that it isn’t right and it shouldn’t happen anymore. I recommend that the two of you go speak to the pastor and reveal the whole truth so that the devil no longer has space to work.

If your boyfriend accepts, then you both will have to rethink your relationship, for all the care in the world is not enough.

Here go 7 very important tips concerning christian dating:
1.   Never meet in dark or lonely places.
2.   Never be completely alone with each other anywhere.
3.   Be very careful with kisses. For a young lady/woman a kiss is romantic; now for a man, a mere prolonged kiss plus some imagination can be enough to set him on fire!
4.   Be very careful when you press up against him. It may not mean anything to you but it’s very different to him.
5.   No kisses on the ear or neck. That´s pure provocation.
6.   Sensually charged stares, biting your lips sensually, or any else that transmits sensual signals through gestures should not take place.

And finally, if your boyfiend doesn’t accept your decision, don’t doubt. Break up. Your salvation is at risk and if doesn’t worry about his or yours, then he doesn’t deserve you!

Stay tuned because I will be writing a lot about dating...

Is that allowed?

Dating is a difficult phase, isn’t it?

There are so many questions in mind...

Does he really love me?

Is he the right person for me?

Do I have a future with him?

Is it going to turn out o.k.?

With so much competition out there, will he stay with me even if I don’t do what he wants?

But these are only a few of the many insecurities that go through your mind, isn’t that right?

Today I’m going to go over a very important subject that many young girls are embarrassed to ask about but it’s worth discussing.

Let’s say that you are dating and the two of you even plan to get married in the future, does that mean that you can surpass certain barriers?

Absolutely not!

He can’t run his hands over your body nor can he press up against you.

And then you ask, “But why not?”

I will tell you why.

Running your hand over each other's body is a way of caressing, it’s makes part of the conjugal act. It’s what comes before. It’s the preparation that both people initiate until they reach the point of culminating the act.

That means that if you are doing that, you are initiating the conjugal act that should only exist between husband and wife.

And do you know what will probably happen?

Sooner or later you are going to go all the way. It’s like playing with fire.

The conjugal act is delightful but only when it’s done guilt free, when it is done within God’s principles and do you know what else?
The initiation stage is one of the most pleasurable parts, which is why you should save it for your husband.

If your relationships is going beyond the limits now, take action and change that situation.

God’s guidance is not meant to cut your party short, it’s for our own good. Now, whether or not you are going to believe and listen, well that’s a whole other story...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Are you ready for marriage?

I hear many young women saying that they are ready for marriage but many times, through interaction, conversations or counseling, I see how far they are from being ready.

Do you want to know a small sign but yet simple?

She does not respect, full stop!

She thinks she is a know it all.

She does not respect her parents. Nor people around her.  She does not respect anyone! But she thinks she respects God. How come?

Do you think she will respect marriage vows?

The naïve boyfriend, that all he can think of is the honeymoon, does not even care, does not think and does not see this.  If he’d seen, he would not marry her.

And so the statistics of broken marriages grow, although hope remains that she will understand the problem and change.

This, my friends, is just a small example I wanted to bring up for you to think about…

Respect is a crucial piece to a happy marriage.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Last Saturday was the prelaunch of two very interesting books:

  • The V Woman, by Cristiane Cardoso and;
  • 40 Secrets for the single woman, by Nanda Bezerra; 

The official launch will be on the 24th of September at our branch in Finsbury Park.

Our Annual Woman's Convention will be at the same day, with many surprises!

Watch this space for more information soon...


There’s a single word that makes the modern woman “ache without feeling pain,” if you know what I mean...

When this word is mentioned, she automatically twists her nose, makes a sour face and shakes to the core.

To her, that word is worse than a curse word. It’s blasphemy!

It makes her grind her teeth with anger and in revolt.

Do you know what word it is?

Let’s see if you guys figure it out and on Monday I’ll talk about it…

Monday, 22 August 2011

Right or Left?

Thinking is necessary! Use your inteligence along with your faith.

How many times have we heard this recently but even still, it seems as though the coin hasn’t dropped.

She asked me… “Mrs. Nanda, do you think that he’s the right man for me?”
Now, I ask: “Do you believe that he’s the right man for you?”

She looked at me a bit stunned; she stared blankly for a while and then responded “I think not.”

Very well, I think I led her to think.

Another young lady asked me… “Mrs. Nanda, I’m older than him. Do you think our relationship will work?”

Goodness friend, how many times have you heard about that topic?

The simple fact that you are asking that question means that you already know that something is wrong. Surely you already heard someone talk about that.

It’s a matter of thinking.

Analyze, come to your own conclusions, use your faith and make your brain work until you see the smoke coming out.

Believe me, it’s healthy.

Hate evil!

My friends, there’s no other way! When it comes to evil, there’s no middle ground.

It’s about cutting it at the root in order for it to die.

Light and darkness don’t mix. Good and evil are not friends.

It’s either yes or its no! There is no more or less.

There’s no way you can combine both things.

How long will you stand on the brick wall without making a decision? That’s going to back up your life.

Be courageous, determined and make the right choice.

Hold on to good principles and hate evil!

You are going to excel!

“To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.” Proverbs 8:13

Sunday, 21 August 2011


“It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.” Proverbs 6:7

These verses yell out to me. Action! Initiative!

How many of us can say that we are people that take actions without needing someone to tell us what to do?

At work, do you do only what you are told?

In school, do you do only what you are asked?

While home, do you only do things when your mother tells you to?

Do you ever take initiative?

And you still complain that nothing happens, that you don’t conquer?

A person that takes action, that takes initiative, that seeks, that thinks… She flees!

How about you? Where’s your limit?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Task #40 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

We have reached the end of our dare and I still have a huge list of topics to cover but I think that even if we discuss every point on the list, there will still be more topics to talk about.

Therefore, the point that I want to make today is something that is going to, in one way or another, depend on each one of us…

We shouldn’t limit ourselves to the tasks…

We must analyze ourselves and see what it missing in order for us to be more beautiful for our God and for the people around us.

Gestures, actions, thoughts, prejudices, principles and of course, taking care of our appearance. These are things that need to be revisited incessantly; otherwise, we end up forgetting.

Task #40 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

It is important for us to always analyze ourselves and find ways to be better.

Don’t get comfortable with the way that you are. You can be better!

This incessant search will make you even lovelier, beautiful and loved!

A big kiss to all and I hope that these dares have been enriching and really added something to your lives.

I would like to ask those of you that have been participating in this dare to leave your comments sharing your experience.

The dare has finished but this blog will continue and new posts are around the corner… See you tomorrow!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Task #39 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Did you like it?
I don’t know

Is this ok?
If you thinks it’s ok, then it’s fine by me.

Which one of these do you prefer?
Whichever one.

It’s really unpleasant and annoying to see a woman that lacks her own opinion. She generally follows the flow, whatever the world likes, whatever the world wants, whatever the world wears…

A confident woman has her own opinion, she stands out, she’s respected and is more admirable than those that follow the crowd.

We can’t be like that! Lukewarm? Not a chance!

Task #39 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“Check to see if you are a woman with your own opinion or if you let your go by other’s opinion. God can’t count on or even regard a woman like that, after all, He teaches us principles that go against the current and in order to follow Him we need faith, lots of certainty and trust.”

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Task #38 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Even from afar I can spot her…Very long, limp hair, a bit frizzy and shapeless; it’s been a long time since her hair last saw a scissor.

Long loose skirt, no makeup, I quickly perceive that she doesn’t care for her appearance at all. In her hands she holds a Bible and some booklets.

“Oh no!” I think to myself as I see her heading in my direction.

 I discreetly look both ways and conveniently there are no cars in sight. I don’t think twice, I quickly cross the street...

This happened while I was still very young. That girl always wanted to invite me to her church. I don’t even know what church she was from; I never gave her a chance to speak much because I thought… “No way! I’ll end up being just like her!”

I believe that if she would have been a person that cared more for her appearance, I would have paid more attention to what she had to say and who knows, I might even have accepted her invitation.

In order to be lovely, we need to worry about setting an example as well.

It’s not about being vain; it’s about thinking. You have to be an example so that when you speak people will be interested in listening to what you have to say.

There are days that I wake up in the morning and the only thing I want is to put on comfortable clothing, a pair of flip-flops, no makeup, tie my hair back in a pony tail and finish! But I always remember... I must be an example and that sets the stage for the ritual to begin: hair, makeup, clothing, heels…

In this crazy and lost world, whether they are young or not, women all over are looking for examples in which they can mirror themselves. They look in magazines, in Hollywood films, in singers, in actresses but are these examples appropriate to follow?

Aren’t women that are full of the Holy Spirit a much better example to follow?

Task #38 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“Invest in yourself without excess or extremes. Your exterior is the first thing that people observe in order to get a first impression. Before leaving your house, check yourself in the mirror and look to see if you reflect a person that others will admire and want to mirror. Of course, all of this will depend on what is flowing inside of you, for after the first impression is made, what’s left? There lies the importance of the Holy Spirit.”

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38
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