Monday, 22 August 2011

Right or Left?

Thinking is necessary! Use your inteligence along with your faith.

How many times have we heard this recently but even still, it seems as though the coin hasn’t dropped.

She asked me… “Mrs. Nanda, do you think that he’s the right man for me?”
Now, I ask: “Do you believe that he’s the right man for you?”

She looked at me a bit stunned; she stared blankly for a while and then responded “I think not.”

Very well, I think I led her to think.

Another young lady asked me… “Mrs. Nanda, I’m older than him. Do you think our relationship will work?”

Goodness friend, how many times have you heard about that topic?

The simple fact that you are asking that question means that you already know that something is wrong. Surely you already heard someone talk about that.

It’s a matter of thinking.

Analyze, come to your own conclusions, use your faith and make your brain work until you see the smoke coming out.

Believe me, it’s healthy.


  1. I had this experience I had a boyfriend who I knew that he was not for me,but sometimes we don’t want to heard the voice of God then we were arrested that situation and we could not accomplish God's will for our lives. God speaks we must be ever more willing always listening too.

  2. Thinking definitely is healthy and takes you away from unnecessary stress. When I don't know what to do what I find really helps is telling God the situation as if you were telling someone who didn't know about it so for example " God you will never guess what happened to day, so much things! I don't know what to do basically this this this (the situation) and now I don't know what to do" either during the conversation or after you will have the answer, whether you want to listen to it or not is another story though.

  3. When we don't think, we are weakening our faith. We cannot be blind, this is religious. God gave us a brain to use along with our faith, and when the two are put together in prayer and action, the results are great!

  4. God gives each and everyone a intelligent Faith. Many times we want to rely on someone else’s opinion,when He has already given it to us.It’s our choice if we want to use it or not.

  5. Sometimes we find so much refuge in the Pastors/assistants that we don’t want to think for ourselves, but there comes a point in time where we must stop and think for ourselves. Recently I have noticed that people don’t usually think for themselves and they like to follow the advice of the assistant/pastor/pastor’s wife, a youth came to speak to me one to one, she asked me a question and I could tell she knew the answer but she hadn’t yet THOUGHT about it herself, that’s why it hadn’t yet clicked inside of her mind. When we actually sit down and think for ourselves, maybe not even for a long time, we understand so many things that we hadn’t even got the chance to think about because we like others to think for us and then let us know.

  6. When we start using our head over our hearts, our lives become much productive. Whenever we are about to make a decision and think about everything to do with that decision, we will always make the right decision if its the right thing to do or the wrong thing. Faith and intelligence is a suit that is strong and might.


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