Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Task #27 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Today is the 27th and we are exactly on the 27th task.

This week Amy Winehouse died at 27 years of age and the newspapers, especially the English ones, don’t speak about anything else. Without a doubt sadness has invaded her fans all around the world and in the midst of it all, yet another myth gains strength…

Many now fear the so-called “curse of the 27” and to finish it off, this number is now being seen as bad luck.

And do you know what? I couldn’t care less about this myth!

Myths and curses gain strength because people believe them.

Have you noticed that easy it is for people to believe in negative and bad things?

If someone says “Today everything is going to go well for you!” it will rarely affect your day very much. But if the opposite happens and someone says “Today everything will go wrong for you!” it’s probable that the person won’t even step outside of their home on that day!

How can that be?! How can evil and negative words have greater influence than positive and good words in our lives?!

People look at evil as though it is a hug giant but compared the power and greatness of our God; evil doesn’t surpass the size of a small midget.

The problem has been in the mind, people don’t want to think and so they accept each and every nonsensical word they hear without even rationalizing. They accept and believe in every thought that is blown into their minds, their emotions blind their lives take an unruly turn.

An intelligent woman is attractive, now, the woman that makes use of an intelligent faith is even more attractive. She is full of a positive faith that spreads to all those around her.

Don’t believe in superstition but do believe in God’s promises and you will become beautiful and attractive in God’s eyes as well.

Task #27 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“Enough of saying that we should listen to our heart!
Use your intelligent faith. It isn’t just any faith; it is a faith that thinks, that makes use of reason and bases itself on the word of God. Throw all superstition, curses, myths, negative words and diabolic thoughts to the depths of hell!
 You are going to be stronger more confident for that’s what God wants for you and there’s more, you will be more beautiful in your own eyes as well. 


  1. It is so easy not to even realise when we pay more attention to the negativity than the positive things.

    I will now be paying more attention to the words I let stay with me. For example, it takes a long time to get over someone saying something negative to me, but I do easily forget the compliments and nice words.

    Thanks for this message, very helpful!

  2. What your saying is really true Ms Nanda. Im on holiday right now with my family and before i left many people told me that when i come back, i will come back weaker than how i left. basically that my spiritual life will go down. At first i thought 'yeah its true' because it was coming from people that went on holiday. But after reading this it backs up what i said to myself before i left. I have shut out all the negative words and im using my faith mixed with intelligence.

  3. It's true as woman we like to do things by emotions when we should do EVERYTHING by intelligent faith & see how much will grow in our spiritually life.


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