Tuesday, 30 August 2011

So distant…

Everything seems so far away to your eyes…

You look around and you simply can’t see anyone that could come to make part of your future.

You look at your husband and he seems so far from being that man that you so dream of.

You look at the circumstances and they are not a least bit favorable and you think to yourself…”Only a miracle!”

When I speak about my example, my marriage, my husband, you think… “Oh, how I wish…”

One day I also looked around me and everything was uncertain. Circumstances were unfavorable. I also thought… “Only a miracle!”

And you know what?

I had a dream but I fought a lot for it.

I cried a lot. Lots of prayers and actions out of faith were invovled.

The miracle happened!

Do you know what that means?

Your situation doesn’t matter, neither do circumstances, the same thing will happen to you!

Have your dream and fight for it, even if it seems hopeless, with faith, action and perserverance. This recipe never fails!

I believe, how about you?

PS: Don´t miss out! Tomorrow I will reveal the day I felt so unmotivated that I simply gave up!


  1. Indeed we feel like this at times and I can admit feeling this way many times even about some situations now but the recipe of Faith, action and perseverance indeed never fails and that what we need to remember in our battles.

  2. Dear Mrs Nanda,
    I truly believe, if I want my dream to materialise, I have to take actions of faith, and with patience and perserverance I will definitely achieve my dream.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow Mrs. Fernanda. Thank you so much. I really can say with sincerity that is me without fear, but reading helps me to push even harder regardless of circumstances as stated. I truly believe when we have a dream especially when it will Glorify the name of God is worth fighting for even people don't believe in you or gave up on you, but God never will.
    Thank you
    Kisses and Hugs
    Carole Basseck

  4. Mrs Nanda.. After reading this all I want to say is I can't to put the ingrediants together and tell you how my miricle turns out :)

  5. I understand from this that I need to fight for something if I really want to change. My miracle may seem so far off but I have to keep my eyes open to my goal.

  6. When we dare to dream, we also dare to challenge the unfavorable circumstances, we dare to roll up our sleeves to fight, we dare to act in faith and even at times feel vulnerable; we dare to persevere.

    With all our daring the miracle is bound to happen...

  7. Sometimes we see a situation and then instantly it seems as though we are unable to overcome it or receive it (depending on the situation), this was my biggest problem, there was one thing I eagerly wanted to do but I looked at the circumstances and what I was most afraid off, this made me afraid! That wasn’t the only time, I would constantly look around me and always find a fault as to why I couldn’t do this or do that! But when I decided to change the way I saw things and I fought for what I wanted... My miracle took place!

  8. What we need to remember is that with every dream will be a battle; when we dare to dream we dare to go against and challenge the circumstances, we dare to go against the doubts and fears,we dare to use our faith; we dare to believe and we dare to persevere.

    With all these in the mix, victory is certain to be around the corner!

  9. Ms nanda thank you for this, right about this is how I feel but regardless how I feel I'm going to mix the ingredients up and keep going.
    Thanks again k.Gordonuk


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