Sunday, 14 August 2011

Task #38 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Even from afar I can spot her…Very long, limp hair, a bit frizzy and shapeless; it’s been a long time since her hair last saw a scissor.

Long loose skirt, no makeup, I quickly perceive that she doesn’t care for her appearance at all. In her hands she holds a Bible and some booklets.

“Oh no!” I think to myself as I see her heading in my direction.

 I discreetly look both ways and conveniently there are no cars in sight. I don’t think twice, I quickly cross the street...

This happened while I was still very young. That girl always wanted to invite me to her church. I don’t even know what church she was from; I never gave her a chance to speak much because I thought… “No way! I’ll end up being just like her!”

I believe that if she would have been a person that cared more for her appearance, I would have paid more attention to what she had to say and who knows, I might even have accepted her invitation.

In order to be lovely, we need to worry about setting an example as well.

It’s not about being vain; it’s about thinking. You have to be an example so that when you speak people will be interested in listening to what you have to say.

There are days that I wake up in the morning and the only thing I want is to put on comfortable clothing, a pair of flip-flops, no makeup, tie my hair back in a pony tail and finish! But I always remember... I must be an example and that sets the stage for the ritual to begin: hair, makeup, clothing, heels…

In this crazy and lost world, whether they are young or not, women all over are looking for examples in which they can mirror themselves. They look in magazines, in Hollywood films, in singers, in actresses but are these examples appropriate to follow?

Aren’t women that are full of the Holy Spirit a much better example to follow?

Task #38 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“Invest in yourself without excess or extremes. Your exterior is the first thing that people observe in order to get a first impression. Before leaving your house, check yourself in the mirror and look to see if you reflect a person that others will admire and want to mirror. Of course, all of this will depend on what is flowing inside of you, for after the first impression is made, what’s left? There lies the importance of the Holy Spirit.”

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38


  1. Mrs Nanda, many times i go to school with my hair looking scruffy and say to myself 'i'm just going to school' there's no one to please' not knowing that i have been giving off the wrong impression to people that see me. Now i guess this means that i'm going to have to wake up a bit earlier to make myself look pretty, even if i'm just going to the shop. Because i do want people to see a woman of God not just on sunday morning and wednesday evenings.

  2. Honestly, I never thought too much about appearance and the affect it has on those around us.

    Recently I learned that image does matter, especially if we want to represent God in this World.

    It is not about being in the latest fashion, with expensive clothes and over the top is simply about looking your best. Anyone can do it!

    This is something I have put into practice only recently. God has transformed my inside, and this beauty that God has put inside of me has to show outwardly also!

  3. This is exactly how I was! I would go to school with no make-up, my hair looking messy and chipped nails and then I would invite them to church, but now I actually see why the minority of them didn’t even heed me or come once! I wasn’t being the light of God where I was, even at school! My mentality was bad because I though t the place I had to look good was ONLY at church, but little was I wrong!

  4. Of course, our change will come from the inside out over ,our appearance is very important when we want to save souls for the kingdom of God and we can imagine if the person did not change outside how is she inside

  5. Ola dona Nanda ja vivi os dois lados e percebi o quanto o Reino DE DEUS ganha com isso, porque as pessoas simplesmente param e ouvem porque ate no no mundo os incrédulos vê a aparência linda como coisa de DEUS .um dia em um salão de beleza, uma moça católica dizia, naquele lugar você vê Deus tamanha a beleza de um lugar que ela havia visitado em santa catarina.beijos, milaine santa catarina.

  6. I use to act like a tomboy, my hair was always short, always on trousers but i would invite people to come to church but guess what? their never took me serious but after I change one of my best friend started coming to church I was happy she come to me for advice. I believe its because I started acting like a lady instead of man


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