Friday, 11 November 2011

Go take a Shower!

A very dirty and stinky homeless man approached another homeless 
man and said:

Dude, you stink, go take a shower!

It makes you want to laugh, doesn't it? And we think... how is that 

But it is! Do you know why?

It's very easy to notice the problems, flaws and stinky smells of others 
but when it comes to our own, that's a whole other story...

The other day a very dear person wrote to me asking me to be sincere 
and write about all of the things I saw in her that I thought she could 
change for the better. 

Let me tell you, it takes a lot of courage to do something like that, for 
if the person is a friend and wants our wellbeing, she will speak the 
truth and as you know...the truth hurts, but if isn't taken for granted, 
that pain will bring us great happiness for it will generate change. 

I stayed thinking about her and I started my message with lots of 
kindness with the intention of helping her and you know what?

Once I finished and began to read what I had written, there came the 
shock and the slap in the face...

Everything I had written was for myself and do you know what's worse?
It seemed like I didn't want to believe it!

Immediately I wrote to another friend asking her the same thing, but 
this time about myself. 

She responded immediately and do you know what she said?

It's pretty obvious, isn't it? She said the same thing. 

Now the question that I ask: How many times have you sent someone 
to "go take a shower" when in reality you also needed to take one?

The problem is that many times we get used to the stinky smell.

For example, does the Paulista (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) smell the 
stench of the the Tiete river? Of course no. He probably got used to 
it and doesn't even sense it. 

We are the same way, many times, we don't smell our own stench, 
we don't notice or we don't want to notice our own weaknesses 
and consequently we don't better ourselves, which is such a big waste. 
My friend, do you want to evolve? Then practice this to. Lets dig 
deep and uncover the roots that need to be cut off within ourselves.

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  1. Wow Mrs Nanda, this is the spirit wer're in at the moment in Sisterhood and let me say, this is not easy! It is easy noticing others faults and when it comes to yourself it is quite hard to swallow..
    This is why it is so important to ask God for a humble and understanding heart so we can really take these harsh words on board to really grow and glorify God with!
    Thank you for sharing x


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