Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Have you cleansed your heart today?

When watching a video on Bishop Macedo’s blog, it brought great fear to all around me. Everywhere I would go I would hear someone asking the other if they’d watched the video and there were comments after comments and many seem to no have believed.

The video is truly shocking and sad.

But do you know what?

One must search himself and see. We may even be attending the church. It may be that we are serving God but it may also be that we are away from God as that young man.

The difference is, that young man knew he was lost. But what about those who don’t?

The devil is subtle, shrewd and very patient. He waits….

In the beginning a lie was an absurdity, but now in a subtle way, he makes you think that it’s ok.

A grudge was something you knew could not exist within you, but now you just avoid people and don’t even think about it anymore and the list goes on.

The person is in the church, but little by little without her realizing he is pulling out her heart…


  1. I have been watching myself a lot, the little white lies at work and so.

  2. When i saw that clip Mrs Nanda i was speachless with no words to say,i had to pause for a while and even tell others to check Bp Macedo blog. I said to another wife that...how much more is satan working around those who are doing the work of God, tearing out their heart not physically bt spiritualy with anger, envy bad thoughts the list goes on and on.....but end up dead but dead only physical body is remaining....We really have to take serious the things of God not to play with them, listern and obey praying not to give up until the end.

    May God strengthen his church above all save his people.

  3. Indeed Mrs Nanda, sometimes we tend to think about those who have left the Church, but the biggest trap is those who still attend and even serving God. The devil knows how to wait.

    This is for us to look into ourselves and be sensitive when the Holy Spirit is speaking to us.

  4. Just what I needed. Thanks Mrs Nanda.

  5. When i watched this video, I understood deeper how much the devil wants to take our soul, AT ALL COST. I was burning inside of me when I watched it because I I thought of how many situation the devil leads us to just to trap us, and yet we think its ok, although we give a blind eye to them. This was a sad video, but a warning to what the devil can (spiritually) do when WE don't take care of our hearts. At all cost, keeping it clean. I was not disgusted, afraid, or down when I saw this. But my eyes opened to what we are up against. Our constant communion with God is are shield.


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