Friday, 4 November 2011

The Butterfly Garden

That's how we named our Pledge Night for the Sisterhood and V Woman last Saturday here in England.
Even before the day, I had many people asking me if we would have real butterflies...
See how many in the picture below!!! All real ones:)

 It was an unforgettable night for all of us, but in my opinion, it wasn't the presentations or the surprises we had for the night that made it so special.
For me, the best was the testimonies...
Sibon Phiri (in the photo below), won the award Pledge of the year 2011. In January 2012, she will be going on an unforgettable trip to Israel with Sisterhood girls from all over the world.

This for me was the most special moment of the night. When talking about Sibon's testimony, I got a bit emotional and searched among the other Big Sisters for someone to take over the microphone but when I looked at them, they were all crying!!!!!kkkk Then I just had a laugh and it helped me to keep on going.
Sibon has a speech problem and had suffered so many humiliations and was despised by people. As a consequence, she was a girl full of complexes and insecurities.
Her change could be seen by the many people present (a crowd of almost a thousand people), when she was called to receive her award and talk about her tasks, changes and dedication to the Sisterhood monthly meetings.
She spoke about how happy and surprised she was to be chosen and said something else we won't forget...
"Tonight, my God has honored me greatly!"
Sibon lives in another city and every time she comes for our monthly meetings, it's 3 hours to come and 3 to go back. She never missed not even one meeting till this day.
Last December, she came for the monthly meeting and because of weather conditions, even after leaving London by 6pm, only arrived home at 4am.
To hear her say that, brought me to tears because she never complained nor had mentioned it to me before...


  1. Well done Sibon, yes God has honoured you!

    Poshi, Leicester

  2. Well done Sibon yes God has honoure you.

    Poshi, Leicester

  3. My hello from France! After having visited your blog, I e could go without comment. I congratulate you on your blog!
    Maybe I would have the opportunity to welcome you on mine too!
    Have a nice day

  4. The Butterfly Garden pledge night was truly spectacular.I was most amazed by the testimonies of the v-woman and sisterhood pledges chosen to go to Israel next year.Miss Nanda,when Sibon shared her story of her speech difficulty,how she overcame and embraced being a woman of God regardless of her problems,it really felt like God was speaking to me.Many times i have used my problems,shyness,insecurity etc as an excuse to say to God i can't be an example,i can't be a good testimony,look at my short comings.BUT Sibon proofed that God does not look at your condition or disability,but he looks at your heart and your sincere desire to make a difference.We dont need to be qualified,we just need to be available and open to change.He will do the rest.


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