Monday, 28 November 2011

You DO like to be deceived!

You say that you do not like to be deceived but you fall for any foolish talk.

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This is no joke or just talk; without sacrifice there is no success. But just deception!

Enough of short cuts! Looking for short cuts is to enjoy been deceived!

Have you ever thought of that?

What about you? Do you enjoy been deceived?

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Blood in every direction!

It would be great if we used our x-ray vision "glasses" at all times. Can you imagine how many problems we would avoid in our lives?

How many traps we would disarm???

Our fatal enemy lays traps before our feet every day and only with special vision will be able to identify them, for these traps are invisible to the naked eye.

Those that have this power, this vision, already know how it works but many times they are so ready to use their "glasses" in the presence of big signs but they forget about the little foxes...

The little foxes are traps that appear to be small, for they don't call the person's attention all that much and many times she doesn't even notice they're there. 

If the trap is launched in the form of a grotesque thought, the person that possess this vision will immediately makes use of it and see off the bat who is talking and she already knows how to fight and destroy the enemy.

But with the little foxes...

"She doesn't really like you, why should you approach her?"

"You are not going to be able to do it!"

"Give up already!"

"Look, don't even try!"

"You are ridiculous!"

"That's no place for you!"

"Did you take a look at yourself in the mirror?"

"Take a look at yourself!"

The little fox slyly infiltrate themselves in. 

They are defeatist thoughts, insecurities, sadness, grudges, resentment, fears, etc...

Just today I made use of my vision and those little bandits were all around me!!! I grabbed an axe and I began to slaughter them... it was bloodshed in all directions and even now I am still covered in blood!

I'm going to sleep because its 1:30 in the morning and sleep doesn't seem to come but do you know what else?

Tomorrow when I wake up there will be more waiting for me and you as well and that happens everyday, a battle without end but the secret is to wake up, put on those glasses, grab hold of your axe and let the slaughter begin. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I want to change!

God recently revealed something to me that I would like to share with you.

You know that feeling of when the penny finally drops?

Well, this is how I felt and how I still feel.

A friend spoke to me: “ Nanda, I count on you to help me change, please. Every time you see me doing that thing, talk to me and help me. It’s been awhile since I am counting on my friends to help me change but it has not happened yet. I count on you”.

At that very moment I stopped to think about what she was asking me and…BAM!

Many of us tend to rely on people and end up forgetting the most important…the Holy Spirit!

It is indeed important to have friends that help us but our dependence should be on Him.

And who better than Him to changes us, direct us, teach us, etc? However many times, without even realizing, we reject Him.

That change was not happening because she was relying on her friends’ help without the help of the Holy Spirit.

And how many times do we do the same?

Do you need to change?

Count on Him and the change will happen.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

You first

"You hang up." He says to his girlfriend on the other line.

"No, you." She replies.

"You first." He says smiling. 

"No, you first." She says also smiling...

Heheheh You must be rolling your eyes, but do you remember the last time you did that?

When you were dating someone, after spending long HOURS on the phone, neither one of you wanted to hang up and you would spend time playing that game of "you first."

Well if you are now married and you continue to play this game, it isn't going to work.

Are you having problems?

Look to see what you can change and change it. Don't wait for him.

I know that many times it isn't easy but if you continue to play that game of "you go first," it definitely won't help the situation; but if you take action, your actions can very well motivate him to make the same sacrifices for you.

Have you thought about that? Why not you first? :)

Sunday, 20 November 2011


On Saturday the 26th November we will all be together in this fight…

Sisterhood all over the world will be breaking the silence and will be united in one sole objective…we are going to say enough to domestic violence!

You, who have suffered or are suffering from sexual or Domestic abuse, can’t get rid of your past or have no strength to report it.

Watch the video below and join us too!

Here in London, at 13:00, 232 Seven Sisters Road at the rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park.

At the end of this video it says…”Isn’t it time for someone to say “CUT”?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

“Ms. Goody- Two- Shoes”

During a certain phase in my life, Ms Goody Two Shoes would come visit me frequently – we were great friends.

Generally, during a strong message or when I read a passage in the Bible, she would come visit me. She would sit beside me during the meeting and whisper…

“Do you see? So-and-so should be here to hear to this!” “Hummmmm, this word fits like a glove on so-and-so.” “Look at her… See if she’s paying attention, that’s exactly what she needs to hear…”

During my Bible readings…“Just look at that verse!!! It speaks so strongly to that other so-and-so! She needs to read this!”

The funny thing is that Ms Goody Two Shoes never told me when something was wrong with me; she only had eyes for other people. I never had any flaws; the word was never directed to me, but always to others…

One day, my eyes were opened and I realised how ridiculous and mistakenly righteous Ms Goody Two Shoes was. I gathered courage and expelled her from my life!

Now, I can hear God’s voice for myself and not for others. During the meetings, I always invite Ms Look At Yourself to sit by my side and, contrary to Ms Goody Two Shoes, she makes me look inside myself… The words preached during the service are always for me. During my Bible reading, I see that I have to a lot to change!

It isn’t easy. Ms Goody Two Shoes doesn’t want to lose your friendship, and especially not to Ms Look At Yourself!! Every once in a while, she reappears and I need to put her in her place.

Of course, there are times that we think, with no malice intended, that a certain word can be of true benefit to one person or another. But this shouldn’t happen with much frequency, because if it does, then we will become arrogant and mistakenly righteous, and that will surely not help us at all; what’s worse is that it doesn’t please God.

Look at your life and your actions; observe who has been visiting you frequently.

If it’s Ms Goodly Two Shoes, get rid of her and invite Ms Look At Yourself to sit next to you. She will help you a lot more…

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Have you cleansed your heart today?

When watching a video on Bishop Macedo’s blog, it brought great fear to all around me. Everywhere I would go I would hear someone asking the other if they’d watched the video and there were comments after comments and many seem to no have believed.

The video is truly shocking and sad.

But do you know what?

One must search himself and see. We may even be attending the church. It may be that we are serving God but it may also be that we are away from God as that young man.

The difference is, that young man knew he was lost. But what about those who don’t?

The devil is subtle, shrewd and very patient. He waits….

In the beginning a lie was an absurdity, but now in a subtle way, he makes you think that it’s ok.

A grudge was something you knew could not exist within you, but now you just avoid people and don’t even think about it anymore and the list goes on.

The person is in the church, but little by little without her realizing he is pulling out her heart…

Friday, 11 November 2011


After I converted to the Lord Jesus, I got used to hearing old friends and family members saying that I had been brain washed… By the way, I imagine how many people have heard the same thing as I did.

And you know what?

They were and are completely right.

Before I knew the Lord Jesus, I used to do, think and say terrible things!!!

I was very unhappy. Not on the outside, but within me.

On the outside I was always smiling, but inside I as crying.

I had a lot of grudges and bitterness, people that I could never nor wanted to forgive.

I had a lot of sadness, a lot of guilt, and a lot of evil things…

After my conversion, baptism, and encounter with my God…

The terrible things that I used to feel and say, were all erased!

The grudges and bitterness were erased. I was able to forgive!

The Nanda of old was washed away and erased! It gave way to a new Nanda, better than the former one and truly happy.

They are actually right. It was a true washing, not only of the brain but also of everything else.

And you know what?!

There is nothing better than this!!!

So what do you think? Would you like this same brainwash???

Go take a Shower!

A very dirty and stinky homeless man approached another homeless 
man and said:

Dude, you stink, go take a shower!

It makes you want to laugh, doesn't it? And we think... how is that 

But it is! Do you know why?

It's very easy to notice the problems, flaws and stinky smells of others 
but when it comes to our own, that's a whole other story...

The other day a very dear person wrote to me asking me to be sincere 
and write about all of the things I saw in her that I thought she could 
change for the better. 

Let me tell you, it takes a lot of courage to do something like that, for 
if the person is a friend and wants our wellbeing, she will speak the 
truth and as you know...the truth hurts, but if isn't taken for granted, 
that pain will bring us great happiness for it will generate change. 

I stayed thinking about her and I started my message with lots of 
kindness with the intention of helping her and you know what?

Once I finished and began to read what I had written, there came the 
shock and the slap in the face...

Everything I had written was for myself and do you know what's worse?
It seemed like I didn't want to believe it!

Immediately I wrote to another friend asking her the same thing, but 
this time about myself. 

She responded immediately and do you know what she said?

It's pretty obvious, isn't it? She said the same thing. 

Now the question that I ask: How many times have you sent someone 
to "go take a shower" when in reality you also needed to take one?

The problem is that many times we get used to the stinky smell.

For example, does the Paulista (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) smell the 
stench of the the Tiete river? Of course no. He probably got used to 
it and doesn't even sense it. 

We are the same way, many times, we don't smell our own stench, 
we don't notice or we don't want to notice our own weaknesses 
and consequently we don't better ourselves, which is such a big waste. 
My friend, do you want to evolve? Then practice this to. Lets dig 
deep and uncover the roots that need to be cut off within ourselves.

Lost and without Direction!

"Oh no, I'm super late!!!" I said to myself even without looking at my watch. 

And let the race begins!

I rush to the bathroom, rush to take a shower, rush to get ready, rush to the car...

Amongst all this rush, I forgot to get the address with directions. 

That's alright, I think I know how to get there...

I drive into one road, enter another, make a turn here, then I turn there and 
I still can't find the place...

I insist but I notice that the place is beginning to get a bit "shady."

I remember my cellphone and I search for it in my bag but, for a 
change, I seemed to have forgot while being in such a rush. 

I keep turning here and there but now all I wish for is to find my 
way back home; I'm not even worried about finding the address, all I want is to get 
out of here. 

All of the streets look the same and very different all at the 
same time... 
I'm lost, I don't know where to go. 

People please, asking for directions in a place like this? No way!

It starts to get dark and everything outside seems even scarier 
and to 
make matters worse, I look down at the gasometer and it's blinking red...

I begin to get desperate, I start to cry and ask myself, why?

Why did I do that? Why did I leave my house without a direction?

I place my head on the steering wheel and I burst out in tears...

"Look at what you've gotten yourself into!!!!"

A life without Jesus can be compared to this scenario. 

You enter one road, another and yet another and before you know 
it you are in a dangerous area and you don't know what to do! How 
do you get out of there? Where do you go? Despair hits you hard...

I was like that, I used to live without having direction.

There are principles that our parents try to teach us but there 
com our friends with other principles and other family members 
with other principles and when you come to realize it, you don`t 
know which path to follow...

Only with Jesus did I find true principles to be followed, I found 
my path...

Like a father who loves his children, He guides us. Many times 
his directions seem harsh, severe, we feel like He is trying to spoil our fun!

But just like a zealous parent who loves his children a lot, 
He sees whats ahead, He knows what is good and what isn't.

He wants us spare us from suffering; He wants to protect us. But 
how many of us don't understand this and just like rebellious 
adolescents, we rebel against Him!

"Why can't I sleep with him before marriage if I love him?!"

"Why do I always have to speak the truth? I'm going to get into trouble!"

"Why can't I go to that party?!"

"Why can`t I wear this clothes?!!"

All because He loves us and wants our own good. He wants to 
protect us, He wants us to find true happiness!

Just like a true Father, He cares and protects those that 
obey Him, 
for these indeed recognize him as a Father. 

A loving Father, a caring Father, a Father that gave up his own life 
for his children. 

A Father that never left and will never leave his beloved children lost 
or without a direction!

Never leave your house without the map with directions that you 
celestial Father gave you, keep them in the tables of your heart. 

With Him, you will never find yourself lost, abandoned, without 
direction or alone...
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