Saturday, 26 March 2011

Extremely Important Announcement!

Dear Friends,

Something great and wonderful is coming our way.

This coming Monday the 28th March 2011, a special purpose to change our lives, will begin.

We will be putting on hold our tasks to" becoming a lovelier woman" just so we can all be in this together and we will all be meditating on the same verses and accompanying everything through Bishop Macedo's Blog.

We will listen to Bishop Macedo's message daily, we are going to do a different fasting and we will dedicate ourselves totally into being renewed and for others, to receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Dear friends, it will be so wonderful that after these 21 days, we will never be the same again....

Therefore, I am putting on hold our tasks and we will be back after the 17th April.

Be sure to take part in this magnificent purpose!

During this period of 21 days, I will not be entering Facebook or Internet other than Bishop Macedo's Blog but we will still be close to each other, in the same Spirit!


Nanda Bezerra

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Task #9 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

I just discovered something I do that my husband detests!

This will make you recall what happened in task #7!

Every time we have to travel, I like to be prepared and perhaps it’s a bit of indecisiveness on my behalf and that’s where the problem lies…

The computer bag, a suitcase for my clothes, another one for him, my cosmetic bag, my handbag and at the end of it all I find myself carrying a whole bunch of other bags as well...

He already made it clear that he detests this but in reality the “penny” never dropped or it might be that I never really paid enough attention to something that annoys him so much.

During our last trip I limited the amount of clothes and other items that I usually pack and I managed to fit it all in one suitcase for the both of us (not a very big one) and my handbag!

I should have counted, but I can certainty say that my husband’s joy was such that he repeated “Very good my dear, I would love it if you were always like this! Just one suitcase!” at least 5 times…

Gosh! Something so simple! I should have done it before!

This inspired me for our next task.

Task #9 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“You are going to find out things that you do that anny the people closest to you and you will do something to change.”

If you are married (in case you don’t already know), you will ask your husband if there’s something he would like you to change.

If you are single, ask your parents.

It would also be very cool if you asked your boss as well… who knows, perhaps you’re never promoted because of something that you do that you’re not even aware of!!! But now you’re going to know!

Of course, this task is only for the brave because hearing the truth hurts and not everyone is willing to hear and change but one thing is for sure…change and you will surely excel!

I will put this into practice as well, for I certainly still have lots to change.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Task #8 For Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Certain behaviour can damage our image but very often we don't even realize it. 

I speak from experience; there are times that we need someone to really open our eyes and be sincere in order to makes us aware of certain things we do.

Only those who love and care about us are willing to go through the trouble of telling us a few truths at the right moment.

Remember this: People that don't care about us will never go through the trouble of correcting and helping us.

Today I was thinking about certain behaviour that make women lose their beauty, although very often they don't even realize that this is happening.

The other day I walked into a restaurant and a group of women seated at a table were the center of all attention. They were quite young and they were laughing way too loudly, they yelled as they spoke and it was clear that they enjoyed being the center of attention but they were being very indiscreet...

And so are we when we act like this.

Task #8 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

"From now on, you are going to observe if you have this sort of behaviour and you will change."
If you speak too loudly then you will practice speaking softly.

Keep an ear out for loud and scandalous laughter as well.

Let's play close attention to these details

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Task #7 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

A few years ago, members, helpers, pastors and bishops of the Universal Church made a purpose in favor of one of our churches in London that was at risk of being closed unless we raised enough funds to purchase it.
The purpose was to climb the Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the United Kingdom located in Scotland.
To make matters worse, it was winter time.
I’m never going to forget that day.
I remember that the day before the climb the guides gave us guidelines…
-Don’t put too much clothes on.
-Only one bottle of water.
- If taking a bag pack, don’t over pack it.
When I heard this information from my husband, even though I didn’t say anything I thought to myself…
“What?! How can that be?! We’re in the middle of Winter and we should wear less clothes? Only one bottle of water?
And with that I prepared myself for the climb…
Dressed with:
A pair of underpants, another thick (and heavy) pair of nylon plants, three long sleeve shirts, a coat and a nylon jacked (all of those clothes proved to be quite an excess.)
In my bag pack:
-Two water bottles (“I’m going to spend an entire day climbing and coming down that mountain, how can I only take one bottle?!” I pondered…)
- About 6 large chocolate energy bars (“In case I get very hungry” I thought to myself.)
-First aid kit with all sorts of remedies (“What if someone needs it” I thought.)
-A pack of gel that heated up when shaken (“I might need it.”)
- And lots of other unnecessary items that I can’t remember now…
But one thing I won’t forget… what a heavy back pack!!!
I made sure not to let my husband pick up the backpack because he would’ve told me to leave everything behind!
We weren’t even 5 minutes into the climb when I realized my mistake, and what a mistake!!! 
The backpack was very heavy and if it weren’t for my husband and Sam, a Godsend helper, I wouldn’t have been able to make it to the top, for the two of them had to carry the bag for me.
My stubbornness and lack of consideration to the guidelines given made those two “angels” suffer the consequences.
This example made me think about our next task….
Task #7 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman
“Today you are going to analyze which instructions, advice and guidelines you’ve received in church but haven’t listened to.”
Do you know when the pastor says: “Daughter, forgive! Put that grudge aside!” But maybe you are thinking “Pastor, my case is different, you don’t know how much it hurts!” There you go filling up you “backpack.”
The man of God says: “Think about it, you don’t know that guy enough to marry him,” but you think “I love him and he’s the one I want to marry period!” There you are again ignoring the “guide’s” instructions.
Remember, rejecting instructions given by God and carrying unnecessary weight in your life will make you a frustrated and disillusioned woman.
Listen to your “guide,” get rid of the extra weight in you backpack and surely you will become a lovelier and happier woman.

P.S: During the climb I had to take off some of the clothes that I saw were unnecessary and I didn’t make use of almost any of the things in my backpack.

Oh, and there was a fountain of crystalline water that was used to refill our water bottles… that was indeed the best water I’ve had in my life!

Junior and me at the top of Ben Nevis

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Task #6 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

I’m going to be very sincere with you. This Dare is being exactly what the name implies…

I always felt that God wanted something more from me; it was a voice that was yelling inside of me “Do Something!!!” But I didn’t know what!

I spent weeks praying and seeking God but the answer didn’t seem to come and on top of that I was feeling so incompetent…

One fine day I woke up and said “Enough! What I need to do is act!” And once I got into action, the inspiration for this dare came to me.

I don’t have the 40 tasks hidden “up my sleeve,” but as God gives me His direction, I’m passing it on- it can be something new or something that I already practice and has worked for me.

During the first few days of the Dare, God gave me a present that came in the form of two emails.

Mrs. Ester, always so caring and kind, gave me 2 tips that she practices and that I will be including in our Dare! It’s something that really works!

I had to hold on to this task and wait for the right day to reveal it! And today is the day!

We are giving the first fruits of our day to God ever since the first day of our Dare and I know that many of you already have testimonies, but with today’s task things are going to get even better!

Task #6 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“We are going to give the first fruits of our month to God!
We are going to fast during the first hours of every 1st day of each month and offer them to God. In doing so we will be preparing the “terrain” in order to have a prosperous and very blessed month!”

PS: The other tip Mrs. Ester gave me is still rolled “up my sleeve” and will be revealed when the right moment comes!
For now we must control our curiosity and stay tuned to the next tasks!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Task #5 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

With so much work, tasks and responsibilities it’s only natural for a person to feel overloaded, with too many things in their head!
There was a time when I also felt like this myself, I was always very tired mentally and just the thought of all the things I had to do was enough to make me feel weak…
Until someone gave me some guidance...

“Nanda, put everything down on paper. Jot down all of your daily tasks and number them according to their priority…

Deep down I didn’t think that this would result in anything but I tried it anyway.
I put everything down on paper and to my surprise I realized that many things on the list weren’t priorities and could be done during the rest of the week!
I learned to organize myself using this method and with this in mind we are going to enter our next task.
Task #5 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman
“From now on you are going to get yourself organized on paper. Mental notes don’t count because we always end up forgetting something.”
Here I’ll show you exactly how I learned step by step:
·       On a blank piece of paper write down all of your responsibilities and tasks.
·       After you have them on paper (try not to forget anything, but don’t worry if you do; once you remember, add it to the list.) you are going to number them in the following way:
1.     Number 1 for urgent tasks that must be done as soon as possible.
2.     Number 2 for important tasks that aren’t as urgent.
3.     Number 3 for tasks that can be completed without urgency.
4.     Number 4 for tasks that aren’t as important but still need to be done.
·       After numbering them you are going to distribute the tasks throughout the week.
·       Once you’ve organized you week, you will work with your list everyday and if you remember something, you will add it on according to its urgency.
·       When you complete a task, you will cross it off your list. You’ll notice that this will give you a sense of “job well done” and you’ll see where your time is going.
1.     Do this every Sunday evening so that you can start your week knowing exactly what needs to be done.
2.     If you work outside of home and also care for your house, make separate lists- one for work and the other for home tasks.
3.     Remember that a day has only 24 hrs, therefore, be wise while distributing the tasks during 1 day, don’t overload…
Be dedicated and you will see the results of these tasks!

PS: I love receiving so many emails with your testimonies, it gives me strength to continue and to seek more of God!!!

All of the glory is for our Beloved!

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