Thursday, 24 March 2011

Task #9 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

I just discovered something I do that my husband detests!

This will make you recall what happened in task #7!

Every time we have to travel, I like to be prepared and perhaps it’s a bit of indecisiveness on my behalf and that’s where the problem lies…

The computer bag, a suitcase for my clothes, another one for him, my cosmetic bag, my handbag and at the end of it all I find myself carrying a whole bunch of other bags as well...

He already made it clear that he detests this but in reality the “penny” never dropped or it might be that I never really paid enough attention to something that annoys him so much.

During our last trip I limited the amount of clothes and other items that I usually pack and I managed to fit it all in one suitcase for the both of us (not a very big one) and my handbag!

I should have counted, but I can certainty say that my husband’s joy was such that he repeated “Very good my dear, I would love it if you were always like this! Just one suitcase!” at least 5 times…

Gosh! Something so simple! I should have done it before!

This inspired me for our next task.

Task #9 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“You are going to find out things that you do that anny the people closest to you and you will do something to change.”

If you are married (in case you don’t already know), you will ask your husband if there’s something he would like you to change.

If you are single, ask your parents.

It would also be very cool if you asked your boss as well… who knows, perhaps you’re never promoted because of something that you do that you’re not even aware of!!! But now you’re going to know!

Of course, this task is only for the brave because hearing the truth hurts and not everyone is willing to hear and change but one thing is for sure…change and you will surely excel!

I will put this into practice as well, for I certainly still have lots to change.


  1. Very true, the truth hurts but no one said the contrary. Thank you for this tip.

  2. For me Mrs Nanda, my friends in faith have mentioned that I can or have been sometimes rude or hush way in how I say things. To me this was really a suprised because I never thought as in I actually being RUDE but that was not the attitude I took toward them. So therefore, I was able to reflect back those moment where I acted or said things those thing which they tool to rude and I apologised for it. Taking that to account,I am carefully with the tone of voice that I do use and my attitude also. I understand that even if I know I am joking, the other person might not be on the same page as me so I should be allert.

  3. Really like the task #9 ima start to ask one of my closet friends or parents....

  4. Hi Mrs Nanda! i wll put it into ptractise because i know that i need to change a lot!

  5. Wow interesting! There are many things that often annoy our spouse or the people around us. Many times we do them because we are used to or we just don't realize that it really bothers the other person. These things many times make us happy but love is sacrifice. So if we love the people around us we will certainly change our ways. For sure I will do this and I know it will improve my relationship with my husband.

  6. I can agree with this message because, I honestly hate hearing the truth about myself, I dont think people really like hearing the truth about themselves. But the most important thing about that is how it helps us change for oursleves and for others and as well as for GOD!!! I'm surely goin to put this task into pratice from Now on!!! Thanks!!

  7. This one is only for the brave and I will prepare myself as it is only when you hear things you didn't see in yourself that if you change will make you a better person. I remember we did this with my friends and we said one thing that was good about us and one thing they thought we ought to change. This was something to this day I cherish because it was out of love in which those who care will always tell you the truth.

  8. I like this task.
    It’s so true, sometimes we do or carry habits within ourselves that others might dislike it so much, and we are there doing things without noticing that we are actually hurting or upsetting someone with our actions, behaviour and words.
    It’s very challenging. Especially for those who do not want to change. Definitely is worthy of taking action upon this task, because only that way I can change and excel in everything I do, and be a true testimony.
    Thank you so much Mrs Nanda.. xxx

  9. This is a true eye opener. I know that there are things that I catch myself doing that I wish I didn't because I am sure they are not appreciated. But this is different. This challenges us to directly ask others what they would like for us to change. And, because we know the task we are getting into, will be prepared to hear the truth. I am ready! I will obtain more respect from others in doing this. In turn, it will be easier for them to see God's work in me. It’s a win-win situation.

  10. Hi Mrs Nanda,

    this isn't one of the funest tasks but definitely necessary. I'm going to do it!

  11. True! It isn't always easy to tell the truth, but it will only better you(:

  12. Thank you Mrs. Nanda.
    I have faith that this will bring out something great and make me a better person.

  13. Mrs Nanda to tell you the truth, my mother has already told me my weakness, she told me that m too lazy, i was surprised on the other day when she told her friend that since we were given some task in sisterhood i have change a lot.Thank you

  14. Ms Nanda,

    This is something I really need to do even though it's going to be hard but I know I need to hear the truth how else am I going to be mouled the way God wants me to be.


  15. Its the smallest things that we can change that will completely change a situation. This is what i need to start doing. Putting others before myself. Even though i do so already, sometimes there are certain people whom i just dont want to obey. Its a case of me putting aside the pride and going to do what needs to be done. If God put his one and only son after all of us sinners then who am i that i cant put someone simple before myself?!


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