Thursday, 17 March 2011

Task #6 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

I’m going to be very sincere with you. This Dare is being exactly what the name implies…

I always felt that God wanted something more from me; it was a voice that was yelling inside of me “Do Something!!!” But I didn’t know what!

I spent weeks praying and seeking God but the answer didn’t seem to come and on top of that I was feeling so incompetent…

One fine day I woke up and said “Enough! What I need to do is act!” And once I got into action, the inspiration for this dare came to me.

I don’t have the 40 tasks hidden “up my sleeve,” but as God gives me His direction, I’m passing it on- it can be something new or something that I already practice and has worked for me.

During the first few days of the Dare, God gave me a present that came in the form of two emails.

Mrs. Ester, always so caring and kind, gave me 2 tips that she practices and that I will be including in our Dare! It’s something that really works!

I had to hold on to this task and wait for the right day to reveal it! And today is the day!

We are giving the first fruits of our day to God ever since the first day of our Dare and I know that many of you already have testimonies, but with today’s task things are going to get even better!

Task #6 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“We are going to give the first fruits of our month to God!
We are going to fast during the first hours of every 1st day of each month and offer them to God. In doing so we will be preparing the “terrain” in order to have a prosperous and very blessed month!”

PS: The other tip Mrs. Ester gave me is still rolled “up my sleeve” and will be revealed when the right moment comes!
For now we must control our curiosity and stay tuned to the next tasks!


  1. Yes, I love this; this dare is definitely what the name says it is.

  2. Sometimes their is always a voice that speaks to us and is up to us to listen to them.
    I am a candiate of the sisterhood now.And before I will tell God what more can I do to serve you or change in other ways,and the first thing that came to mind was"Sisterhood".And I never payed attention to that voice that said to join go for it there is a great blessing waiting for you". Untill I payed attention to that voice and so far their has been alot of changes in my life.
    This is a great message and it reminds me of myself.

  3. Hello Mrs Nanda
    I cannot wait for the second tip i will surely do the first one and i believe God is going to show Himself in my life. Thank you Mrs Nanda

  4. God always provides inspiration for the moments of 'what to do next times' and this dare surely is a key for things to get even better.

    Thank you.

  5. These dares are perfect for me. I always felt that I wanted to do more to please God then in the average way of just praise and worship, although still good. Your blogs have inspired me to do things that will call Gods attention but also make me into a stronger woman. May God keep inspiring you and us all...
    Nyanit, London

  6. Task #6 makes so much sense, I'm goin to start doing that, fasting and tithing for GOD. In the end I know GOD will truly bless me in so many ways. As he promise in his own words. I really like this Task!!

  7. Hello Mrs. Nanda! I would like to know if I can e-mail you my testimony since it is kind of long and does not fit here. It has to do with women's behaviors and those who are even called/considered women of God, and maybe you could use it to post it here - if you like. I'm in the Youth Group at the UCKG. So, what is your e-mail? Thank you.

    p.s. Sorry if I am anonymous, but I don't want people to find out who I am, even though maybe a few will try to guess through my article.

  8. I have been getting up earlier and reading my Bible and/or praying for the past week. I have been a late person for so long that I am having the most difficult time breaking of the habit. This past week, however, it seems that it is easier for me to wake up and leave home on time. The freeways have been awesome in regards to traffic. I am getting to work earlier. I know it has a lot to do with my commitment to God. Therefore, every first day of the month, I will be faithful and fast the first hours of the day. God knows my weaknesses and will help me break free as long as I keep him first in my life.

  9. I never thought about it that way but it makes so much sense. Everything we do for God should be the best, not to mention our first priority. How better to show it than to give our first day of the month to our God. Thank you Mrs. Nanda

  10. Hi Ms Nanda,

    I've been putting the first fruit task in to practice & already I've started seeing changes in my spiritual life, I can't wait to do this task “We are going to give the first fruits of our month to God" because I know it's going to bless me even more!


  11. wow! This seems fairly simple, but God will notice our efforts, and would He would never let out sacrifices go unnoticed!

  12. God is always talking to us telling us what to do thru his word and it is up to us to pay attention and do.

  13. Hello Mrs Nanda, so far these dare has been a sacrifice to me but m not going to give up, i will go back and read once more the tasks to see if m following the right track. even with this one m continuing

  14. Hi Mrs Nanda!

    Its a very great idea. I'm in!!!!

  15. Hey Mrs. Nanda(:
    Wow! This is a good task. We should put God first before anything. I will remember to do this every first day of the month. Thank you very much. I know this will definitely help us become lovelier women of God(:
    Alcy Gomez

  16. Mrs Nanda!
    This is very good idea!
    Very nice!

  17. This is something that i never really did before but I am looking forward to it. Also I like the part when you said that what was needed was for you to act. A lot of us feel that way but all we need to do is act!!!

  18. This is a very good tip and as the 1st of May is quickly approaching, it;s a perfect time to start.

  19. Liliana Ferreira5 August 2011 at 03:31

    A funny Dare but the momemnt i started to give my tithes in my life was when God no matter what happened He always provided for me .....


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