Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Task #5 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

With so much work, tasks and responsibilities it’s only natural for a person to feel overloaded, with too many things in their head!
There was a time when I also felt like this myself, I was always very tired mentally and just the thought of all the things I had to do was enough to make me feel weak…
Until someone gave me some guidance...

“Nanda, put everything down on paper. Jot down all of your daily tasks and number them according to their priority…

Deep down I didn’t think that this would result in anything but I tried it anyway.
I put everything down on paper and to my surprise I realized that many things on the list weren’t priorities and could be done during the rest of the week!
I learned to organize myself using this method and with this in mind we are going to enter our next task.
Task #5 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman
“From now on you are going to get yourself organized on paper. Mental notes don’t count because we always end up forgetting something.”
Here I’ll show you exactly how I learned step by step:
·       On a blank piece of paper write down all of your responsibilities and tasks.
·       After you have them on paper (try not to forget anything, but don’t worry if you do; once you remember, add it to the list.) you are going to number them in the following way:
1.     Number 1 for urgent tasks that must be done as soon as possible.
2.     Number 2 for important tasks that aren’t as urgent.
3.     Number 3 for tasks that can be completed without urgency.
4.     Number 4 for tasks that aren’t as important but still need to be done.
·       After numbering them you are going to distribute the tasks throughout the week.
·       Once you’ve organized you week, you will work with your list everyday and if you remember something, you will add it on according to its urgency.
·       When you complete a task, you will cross it off your list. You’ll notice that this will give you a sense of “job well done” and you’ll see where your time is going.
1.     Do this every Sunday evening so that you can start your week knowing exactly what needs to be done.
2.     If you work outside of home and also care for your house, make separate lists- one for work and the other for home tasks.
3.     Remember that a day has only 24 hrs, therefore, be wise while distributing the tasks during 1 day, don’t overload…
Be dedicated and you will see the results of these tasks!

PS: I love receiving so many emails with your testimonies, it gives me strength to continue and to seek more of God!!!

All of the glory is for our Beloved!


  1. I have thought about doing this but since I'm so busy I end up forgetting. But I will do it now. Thank you, I love your blog posts, they help so much. : )
    Much love

  2. So much work I'm going through Right NOW and what I need to do is to write it down I'm so behind in school and some in sister hood...

  3. This is so practial and yet so simple, i really need it at the moment because sometimes it does feel like i'm juggling a million tasks all of the place, trying to get things done but i believe this will help so much.
    Thank You

  4. Hey Mrs. Nanda(:
    Wow! Just recently my mom gave me the same guidance as the person that gave you. I’m so busy with school and other things that I’m doing right now that I have no free time, I’m exhausted, and just all over the place. She noticed and she gave me a planner where I can jot down all the things that I need to get done by this week. I started on Monday and I noticed that this is really working out well for me. Like you said I have put down all the things that are most urgent for me and needs to get done soon. Thank you for putting this up. This helps me and I know it will help many other young women who want to become lovelier women of God.
    Alcy Gomez

  5. Thanks for posting this message, this message is very helpful, so I'm seriously going to put this advice in pratice, starting today!!! I need to start organizing my daily chores and schoolwork as soon as possible, before my life be to overwhelming to control.

  6. woow m looking forward to start these task, Mrs Nanda your task are really helping us grow spiritual and also how manage our lives. Thank you


    this is very helpful if you do this. I learned this in college at the beginning I didn't put it in practice but later when I was strangling remember things bcos I was busy I put it in practice and it really helps me .. good post

  8. WOW! This is just what i needed!! There are many times that i feel like 24 hours is just not enough for me, with so much to do but with little time!. Starting this Sunday i am going to start with your advice by putting everything down on the paper and organizing them for the following week!. I am sure i will have testimonies of how things has changed!. Very good!
    Thank you!
    Brockton MA

  9. Oh my goodness! You understand me :) I, too, feel overwhelmed at just the thought of everything I need to get done in a day. I occasionally make lists for myself of all my "to-do's". I have been advised in the past to put everything down on paper so that I can visually see what I have going on. And I am admitting now that I've only made a list twice. I also didn't place them in the order of priority. Starting this week I am going to make a list so that as I cross off tasks I can feel a sense of accomplishment. That may give me the energy to make it through the week.

  10. I always had problems organizing my time so this is a great challenge for me. I will write my list and start it all. I have so many things going on, including fund raising that the day seems to pass me by without me realizing it.

  11. I REALLY need to do this! I'm always forgetting things that are important that need to be done ASAP! as woman we do like to multi-task but I believe this is going to help me soooo much! =)


  12. i like this we should always get a list of things for it could be way easier.

  13. I will begin to use this in my life, and I am sure I will get outcome! It is great that I came across this post, because I usually have alot to do and sometimes end up forgetting to do some things.

  14. Thank you Mrs Nanda, I will do it, your posts are helping me so much!!!
    I know if we practice everything that you teach us, for sure we can become a Lovelier woman!!!
    Karla Cristina

  15. siphokazi sikithi said...Thank you Mrs Nanda for this Post I agree sometimes we have so much to do with so little time and we tend not to prioritise what needs to be done at the end of the day. From now on I will learn to plan my task before hand and list all my duties and responsibilities and plan the week ahead. Getting things done on time makes our lives easier and teach us to be organised. Thank you Mrs Nanda for this post

  16. Vuyokazi Khetimali26 March 2011 at 04:07

    It is important to be organised and do tasks on time as this will us

  17. Getting organised we find difficult because we are constantly juggling many things and often times I can forget what I was supposed to do. So this is very practical and I have to admit that to make this work I have to set aside time to organise my day before I begin my day. God bless you.

  18. This is really helpful when we are organized things become easier for us and we never forget anything we saposed to do.

  19. That is a good way to organize my tasks within a day which i believe will give me some good results by the end of the week. Thank you Mrs. Nanda

  20. Thembi N. SA CT10 June 2011 at 04:30

    Even though I have been using the technique in my work life but instead of putting numbers I was using only bullets to my surprise changing to the numbering system has given the task a much defined sense of urgency. I have now started to apply the technique on all areas of my life as well, family, studies etc.I have now become a more goal orientated person.When I look back at the end of the day I can see what exactly I have spent my time on.

    Thank you Mrs Nanda


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