Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lovelier women...

Hello Mrs Nanda, my name is Cintia Cuccato and I'm a 
pastor's wife here in Ribeirão Preto (Brazil).

Even without ever having met you, I have great love and admiration for you and I wanted to share a few testimonies about the challenge that you posted on your blog "40 days to Becoming a Lovelier Woman."
Every Monday I hold a meeting for a group of women that is called "Women that excel" and I have done the tasks with them. There has been a great turnout. I always ask them to write to me about the tasks since they are still too shy to speak during the meetings, hehehe... Many of them have changed their behavior and are learning how to deal with and understand other people. The majority of them are single women 
but there are also some older ladies in the group.

For example, there are two ladies that I really like, they never miss a meeting, and we had the task to do our eyebrows... I thought to myself, I don't think that is something those ladies are going to do...Mrs Nanda, I totally missed the target...hehehe do you believe that one of them wrote to me saying that she had never done her eyebrows nor had she even thought about getting them done but due to the task for becoming a lovelier woman, she went to the beauty salon and got her eyebrows done and felt very beautiful, I was so happy!

Many of them have given their testimonies, stating that they are learning to trust in themselves more, to respect other people, they are learning how to express themselves without being rude and they are not being annoying anymore...hehehe

I notice that these women are maturing both physically and spiritually, they are becoming better daughters, wives, homemakers, in short, what makes me even happier is knowing that they are more intimate with God, these tasks have made them get closer to God and have made them believe that they are capable of becoming lovelier for our Lord!!

I thank God for giving you that inspiration, for it is very special for these women, those are their own words!!! They really value it, for it is a task after all... we stopped on task 35 this Monday, so we are reaching the end... but even if we are almost finished, we will have many fruits to reap from the seeds that have been sown. 

I apologize for the long email but one of my tasks is to become more objective with my words....hehehe

May God continue to bless you more and more in your marriage, ministry and everything else...

A big kiss and bring on the new tasks!!!

Cintia Cuccato

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