Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Your rose...

A man one day planted a rose and watered it constantly. Before the rose bloomed he examined its growth and saw that it would soon blossom. But he also noticed the thorns on the stem and he thought to himself: “How can a beautiful flower like this come from a plant surrounded by thorns?”
Saddened by this thought, he refused to water the rose from that day onwards. And before the rose could blossom; it died.

This example shows what has happened to many people.

It’s as if inside of us there is also this beautiful rose: the qualities given by God and planted in us amid our mistakes and flaws. Many of us look to our inner self and can only see the thorns and mistakes.

If we despair, thinking that no good can come from within us and refuse to water the good that is within us, it will die.

Many people cannot see the rose within themselves.

One of the most beautiful and wonderful things that exist within those that love God, is the capacity to love in spite of all the thorns, and still be able to see the rose that exists in everyone…

Next time you look at your mom, sister, friend… Look at the rose that exists inside them. Help them to see this as well and ignore the thorns, because all of us have them as also.  

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