Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A lesson on humbleness

On her high heals…

The hair was impeccable.

Her nails were wonderfully done.

A dress that was simply beautiful, designer for sure.

The handbag, what a dream!

But something was wrong with her image, something was spoiling all that beauty…Pride.

She looked at others around her as if they were fishes in a fish tank, the way she treated the shopkeeper was also saying a lot about her. The young woman was being so polite but was being treated as her slave!

She was inside the shop but had her Tom Ford sunglasses on.

She walked around the shop with an erect posture, nose up and holding her handbag when suddenly…

…Down she went…

She must have slipped on something and fell in a not so elegant way…

The hair was now a mess, two broken nails and her dark shades flew to the other side of the shop.

Her eyes were tearful and her face totally embarrassed.

It was so embarrassing that I even thought, if it were me I would have pretended I fainted!

Some people around her ran to help her and she seemed now more human and humble.

 She didn’t hurt herself, only her nails. The only thing that must have been hurt was her ego.

This story is only a lesson, but how many times have we behaved like this lady?

We think that we are in control, we forget all about God and we think that we can do all things by ourselves, by our own strength. Then problems happen and we see ourselves small and humbled and we see that we are nothing…

Sometimes problems arise in our life to show us how we have been proud and to maybe give us a second chance to change and start again…

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