Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Spilt Milk

I was answering an email today, and I think it would be useful to talk about this particular subject…

You made a decision…

·      To end a relationship because you thought it was going nowhere
·      Leave a job where you worked like a slave
·      Cut ties with someone who was a bad influence to you
·      Choose a career based on the financial aspect rather than the prospects it offered

Whatever your decision was, maybe it still haunts you until today. You question yourself everyday if the choice you made was the right one or not, because you still haven’t seen the fruits of that decision.

But my question to you is: what is the point of looking to your past and thinking of what might have been? Will it change anything in your life today?

Do you know what will bring good fruits to your decision, whether it was right or wrong?

Your faith of today!

Leave all your uncertainties behind and move forward with all assurance. And even if you didn’t make all the best decisions in life, with the direction of our God, you will be able to ”move all the pawns” in your favor.

Just like the saying goes: What is the point of crying over spilt milk? It is spilt already; right?

Now just clean the cooker and drink the milk…:)

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