Wednesday, 31 March 2010

For the Single Ladies- The Essential Accessory

Task #15 for the Single Ladies

We all own an accessory that transforms us into true princesses!

Nothing can substitute it: jewelry, expensive clothing, purses, shoes, etc… none of these can compete with it.

When worn, this accessory leaves you looking even more beautiful. Whether you are thin, a bit heavy, tall, short- it doesn’t matter because it flatters all types and it does true wonders!

Some people don’t have the habit of using it, which is a pity! No, excuse me, not a pity but a true waste!

It also transmits all that is good in you to others!

Generally, when you use it, it causes unexpected reactions!

Folks, it’s the best!

I ask myself, how can people who posses such a treasure, manage to hide it and not use it!!!

What accessory is this?

Your smile!

Don’t hide this accessory; use it often, for it doesn’t fade! (Well, perhaps you’ll get a little wrinkle on the side but it’s worth it!!!)

Task #15

“Say no to sour faces!!! Smile! If this is hard for you, then start practicing today and DON’T be cheap! Smile, smile, smile! (Can you see me smiling?!)

Of course, don’t overdo it!

Ok, sincerely, I wanted to bring up this topic for some time now but I was never inspired.

Today, while entering the church, I saw a bunch of young girls and even assistants with very serious faces, some even scowling, it was the last straw…

This eliminates all of our beauty.”

Sunday, 28 March 2010

For the Single Ladies - Looking Around

Task #14 for the Single Ladies

You look around but you don’t see anyone who interests you…You look again and a couple holding hands passes you. You turn your face and see another couple kissing, and reluctantlyyou think… “That will never happen to me”.

That’s the problem with looking at circumstances…There’s never a solution or way out because you simply don’t see one!

Due to looking at the circumstances and not using their faith, many girls are giving up and consequently, missing out on their blessing. The worst thing is when they end up in despair and take matters into their own hands…

Look, I know it isn’t easy, but no victory comes without a struggle!

There is no success without sacrifice!

Faith doesn’t exist if you look at the circumstances.

If there is no faith, there are no results!

If there are no results, you get tired, you weaken and give up!

Now I ask you: where do you find yourself at this very moment? Looking around?

My dear friends, stop looking at the circumstances!

If you chose to follow a path with Jesus, then keep on track until the end!

Live by your faith, for without it, it is impossible to please God!

Task #14

“Ignore the present circumstances! Be what they may, decide today to live by faith and believe in that which you cannot see!”

Thursday, 25 March 2010

For the Single Ladies- Saturdays


Task #13 for the Single Ladies

You know what used to drive me nuts when I was single and alone?

Saturday nights!

For me there was nothing worse than being all alone on a Saturday evening!

Look folks, it was the most depressing thing!

I felt so alone and that was the danger because I didn’t know how to deal with it.

I would give in to my thoughts… I would think about the past, old relationships, I let my mind wonder with no limits and when I least expected it, I found myself in tears and feeling pity for myself.

I didn’t have Jesus at the time, but I know that it’s not very different for those who do have Him!

For many, Saturday is marked by the same depression and devastating thoughts. The devil observes and is amused by it!

The end of such great solitude seems to be too far and impossible to reach that when the person comes back to reality, she finds herself giving more importance to the circumstances than to the voice of faith. She begins to feel weak…

This situation must change girls!

If solitude comes knocking on your door, don’t give in.

Task #13

“Plan out your Saturdays, or any other day that holds a similar effect on you.

Try to keep yourself busy. Plan an outing to the cinema with friends or another activity.

If it just so happens that you’re alone, then make use of your faith and reject all negative thoughts or memories from the past.

Don’t give in to those thoughts, don’t let your mind take control, you have the control!”

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

For the Single Ladies- What Have You Done?

Task #12 for the Single Ladies

Today you got home very tired from church – You hadn't stopped for one minute! It couldn’t have been any other way...

You helped to clean the auditorium, the bathroom, you participated of the meeting and even had time to evangelize before it began…

The only thing you want now is to shower and get a good night’s sleep!

You get home, your family is in the living room and you pass right by them since all you can think about is a shower and bed.

Very well my friends, we are going to cover an extremely important issue today!

Many young girls feel great pleasure in doing things in church and if possible, they would spend the entire day there but they forget that they need to give a good testimony at home!

You are capable of helping a lot at church, but incapable to help your mother at home?

I ask you, what good is it?

Many young girls nowadays are missing out on the opportunity to save souls in their own homes because they haven’t been giving a good testimony.

When at home all they want to do is rest and regain their strength so that they can give their all at church.

Friends, the Lord Jesus sees all of this!

The result is that your parent’s will revolt against the church and begin to impede you from attending!

We must be examples wherever we are, for that is our testimony!

Perhaps your mother is overburdened but you don’t move a muscle to help her!

This has to change my friend.

Is it your dad who does things around the house? That's even worse! You should take on that responsibility.

I know that this can be a burden at times, but its part of your sacrifice!

I just finished serving dinner, I feel very tired, but since I live with other people I had to sacrifice and clean up the kitchen before writing this post.

It’s 1 in the morning here and I could very well use this as an excuse not to write or clean up the kitchen… but that’s when my testimony kicks in, you understand?

Task #12

“This very day you are going to change the situation and begin to give a good testimony at home.

If possible, talk to your mother about tasks that you can take over. Here are a few suggestions in case you don’t know where to start.

  • Prepare dinner for the family.
  • Wash your family’s clothes, not just your own. If you have a big family, divide the task with your mum.
  • Thoroughly clean your entire home at least once a week, not just your room.
  • Iron your family’s clothing.
  • Prepare lunch.
  • Clean out the fridge at least once a week.
  • Clean the kitchen cupboard and cabinets.
  • Clean the windows.
  • Make your bed as soon as you wake up every day.
  • Maintain your bedroom organized and neat always.
  • Keep your wardrobe tidy.

These are only a few examples… and please, don’t do anything with a sour face or complaining because it will defeat the purpose!

Once you put this into practice, then and only then, will things begin to change.”

Monday, 22 March 2010

For the Single Ladies - The Tick Tock of your Biological Clock

Task #11 for the Single Ladies

Today I will focus on an important subject that is a bit taboo.

I am aware that this is a controversial topic and that many will disagree with my opinion, but if all emotions are set aside, I’m sure you will understand…

Just the other day, I had to go to the doctor. Upon arriving, he began to ask me those routine questions…

How old are you? -36 years old

Do you smoke? -No

Drink? -No

Do you use drugs? -No

Do you have children? -No, my husband and I decided not to.

Folks, you had to see the doctor’s face! He began to ask even more questions concerning our decision to not have children and still looked completely shocked! He couldn’t accept it…

And he isn’t the only one. When I mention this to people, they look at me as though I’m an alien from another planet.

I can understand their reaction, but what people don’t seem to understand are my reasons!

Perhaps, for you single ladies, desperate to find someone to marry due to the pressure of your biological clock, this could be something good to consider…

I married my husband when I was 24 and we are both the same age.

A year later we decided that we wouldn’t have children. It was an entirely rational decision, no emotions involved. It’s not to say that we don’t like children, folks, my husband and I are crazy about them.

My biological clock wasn’t an issue either – it was just a decision my husband and I made.

The fact that we lead a life of complete devotion to what we do also counted; we didn’t want to divide ourselves or make the child have to sacrifice for something that we decided upon.

And there were lots of other factors…

Twelve years have passed since we made our decision and we could not be happier!

Having children seems to be more than a dream for many women – it’s a necessity. It seems as though if they don’t have children, they will never be happy or complete!

This isn’t true and I’m living proof of it!

Women who can’t have children often feel inferior, how can this be?

They try everything from artificial insemination, to surrogate pregnancy, etc.

Look at the reality; look at the world we live in today, so much corruption!

There is pedophilia everywhere! Couples who decide to have children need to make of their homes comfortable prisons, for the fear of something horrible happening is always looming! But that’s not enough, how about the times when the abuse occurs inside the home?

If children play in front of their home, they can be kidnapped or struck by a stray bullet!

And how about the many cases of children who grow up to be rebellious adolescents with enough courage to kill their own parents!?

In my opinion, this is not a good place to live in anymore!

So, I ask, what need is there to place another life in this rotten and nasty world?

Only to satisfy a desire of yours? To subside the pressure imposed by your relatives?

Aren’t these reasons a bit selfish?

Do you think that things will get better? No way! The Bible foresees all of this… the love of many will grow cold.

Remember, even if it’s a beautiful baby…. it will grow! When children grow, there is no guarantee that they will choose God’s path! Even if they are the child of a bishop or pastor!

Therefore my friend, if you’ve felt pressured, look at it from this point of view as well.

Look, if you want to have a child, that’s fine. I’m not trying to convince you otherwise neither am I judging you, it’s a very personal decision. I do think, however, that it’s necessary to open our minds and see things through another angle. This is the angle through which I view this topic...

Task #11

“Think about this topic, no emotions involved. Who knows, perhaps this is what you needed to hear…”

For the Single Ladies - Jesus 100%

Task #10 for the Single Ladies

“Nanda, I will only get married if I can have a marriage just like yours!”

I was talking to my sister-in-law about this subject one day and that's what she said to me.

At that moment I felt honoured and immediately thanked God.

But she wasn’t the only person to say that to me. The other day a young girl here in the church, with whom I had never spoken before, stopped right in front of me and abruptly said…

“When I get married, my marriage will be just like yours!” and she turned around and left!

“Sure it will – and it’ll be even better! I answered back.

I was here thinking about the next topic to be discussed, when I remembered this and began to think…

Alright, so you want to have a marvelous marriage, but let me ask you…

Are you prepared for the sacrifices that will be demanded in order for you to have such a marriage?

Look, for me it wasn’t easy at all, but if you ask me if it is worth it… "YES, OF COURSE!!!" I would answer.

As many of you already know, I was dating Junior when I came to church. I decided to change my ways and gave myself up to Jesus.

Then the moment came in which I felt I had to decide:

Continue with Jesus 100% or take a risk and be divided between Jesus and that relationship…

You see, choosing Jesus 100% would demand a sacrifice. The simple thought of that made me cry out in pain!

I cried a lot before coming to my decision but I knew that with Jesus 100%, I would cry now but smile lots in the future…. and that’s exactly what happened!

You know that in order to conquer great things in life, sacrifices must be made.

How about you? Have you been divided? Full of doubt? Afraid to sacrifice?

I know very well what that’s like; but remember, the decision you make today will determine your future…

Whether you will smile or cry in the future depends on the choices and decisions you make now!

You plant with Jesus in order to reap with Him! If you sow your seed alone, you will reap alone!

So, what do you decide?

Jesus 99% or Jesus 100%?

Task #10

“Analyze your choices and see if you’ve made them with Jesus 100%. See if you’ve chosen to sacrifice your “ego”, your emotions, so that in the future you can reap with joy.

You know that relationship which you can clearly see is going nowhere? All of the signs are there, he lied, he betrayed you, he disappointed you... but you like him so much… You love him!

How about that guy who you see is incompatible with you? You both want very different things, but you love him so much! After marriage he will surely change… (yeah, right!)

You know that cursed anxiety that seems to be suffocating you?!!! You want to act now!!!

Well, it’s all in your hands!

You decide!

One right decision! One wrong decision!

One decision…

can change everything!!!!”

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