Monday, 22 March 2010

For the Single Ladies - Jesus 100%

Task #10 for the Single Ladies

“Nanda, I will only get married if I can have a marriage just like yours!”

I was talking to my sister-in-law about this subject one day and that's what she said to me.

At that moment I felt honoured and immediately thanked God.

But she wasn’t the only person to say that to me. The other day a young girl here in the church, with whom I had never spoken before, stopped right in front of me and abruptly said…

“When I get married, my marriage will be just like yours!” and she turned around and left!

“Sure it will – and it’ll be even better! I answered back.

I was here thinking about the next topic to be discussed, when I remembered this and began to think…

Alright, so you want to have a marvelous marriage, but let me ask you…

Are you prepared for the sacrifices that will be demanded in order for you to have such a marriage?

Look, for me it wasn’t easy at all, but if you ask me if it is worth it… "YES, OF COURSE!!!" I would answer.

As many of you already know, I was dating Junior when I came to church. I decided to change my ways and gave myself up to Jesus.

Then the moment came in which I felt I had to decide:

Continue with Jesus 100% or take a risk and be divided between Jesus and that relationship…

You see, choosing Jesus 100% would demand a sacrifice. The simple thought of that made me cry out in pain!

I cried a lot before coming to my decision but I knew that with Jesus 100%, I would cry now but smile lots in the future…. and that’s exactly what happened!

You know that in order to conquer great things in life, sacrifices must be made.

How about you? Have you been divided? Full of doubt? Afraid to sacrifice?

I know very well what that’s like; but remember, the decision you make today will determine your future…

Whether you will smile or cry in the future depends on the choices and decisions you make now!

You plant with Jesus in order to reap with Him! If you sow your seed alone, you will reap alone!

So, what do you decide?

Jesus 99% or Jesus 100%?

Task #10

“Analyze your choices and see if you’ve made them with Jesus 100%. See if you’ve chosen to sacrifice your “ego”, your emotions, so that in the future you can reap with joy.

You know that relationship which you can clearly see is going nowhere? All of the signs are there, he lied, he betrayed you, he disappointed you... but you like him so much… You love him!

How about that guy who you see is incompatible with you? You both want very different things, but you love him so much! After marriage he will surely change… (yeah, right!)

You know that cursed anxiety that seems to be suffocating you?!!! You want to act now!!!

Well, it’s all in your hands!

You decide!

One right decision! One wrong decision!

One decision…

can change everything!!!!”


  1. waited for so long for this task #10. Thanks God, it has been delivered and it is so timely for my situation..Thanks...I had made a decision and it surely hurt!!! But I believe, tears for emotions, joy for intelligence.

  2. JESUS 100%-no doubt!
    this is what I needed to hear..
    Thank you Mrs.Fernanda

  3. This message just speaks right to me. I had to make that decision and it was really painful i even cried but I knew it had to be done. I am now 100% focused on Jesus and He has been blessing me since starting with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


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