Monday, 22 March 2010

For the Single Ladies - The Tick Tock of your Biological Clock

Task #11 for the Single Ladies

Today I will focus on an important subject that is a bit taboo.

I am aware that this is a controversial topic and that many will disagree with my opinion, but if all emotions are set aside, I’m sure you will understand…

Just the other day, I had to go to the doctor. Upon arriving, he began to ask me those routine questions…

How old are you? -36 years old

Do you smoke? -No

Drink? -No

Do you use drugs? -No

Do you have children? -No, my husband and I decided not to.

Folks, you had to see the doctor’s face! He began to ask even more questions concerning our decision to not have children and still looked completely shocked! He couldn’t accept it…

And he isn’t the only one. When I mention this to people, they look at me as though I’m an alien from another planet.

I can understand their reaction, but what people don’t seem to understand are my reasons!

Perhaps, for you single ladies, desperate to find someone to marry due to the pressure of your biological clock, this could be something good to consider…

I married my husband when I was 24 and we are both the same age.

A year later we decided that we wouldn’t have children. It was an entirely rational decision, no emotions involved. It’s not to say that we don’t like children, folks, my husband and I are crazy about them.

My biological clock wasn’t an issue either – it was just a decision my husband and I made.

The fact that we lead a life of complete devotion to what we do also counted; we didn’t want to divide ourselves or make the child have to sacrifice for something that we decided upon.

And there were lots of other factors…

Twelve years have passed since we made our decision and we could not be happier!

Having children seems to be more than a dream for many women – it’s a necessity. It seems as though if they don’t have children, they will never be happy or complete!

This isn’t true and I’m living proof of it!

Women who can’t have children often feel inferior, how can this be?

They try everything from artificial insemination, to surrogate pregnancy, etc.

Look at the reality; look at the world we live in today, so much corruption!

There is pedophilia everywhere! Couples who decide to have children need to make of their homes comfortable prisons, for the fear of something horrible happening is always looming! But that’s not enough, how about the times when the abuse occurs inside the home?

If children play in front of their home, they can be kidnapped or struck by a stray bullet!

And how about the many cases of children who grow up to be rebellious adolescents with enough courage to kill their own parents!?

In my opinion, this is not a good place to live in anymore!

So, I ask, what need is there to place another life in this rotten and nasty world?

Only to satisfy a desire of yours? To subside the pressure imposed by your relatives?

Aren’t these reasons a bit selfish?

Do you think that things will get better? No way! The Bible foresees all of this… the love of many will grow cold.

Remember, even if it’s a beautiful baby…. it will grow! When children grow, there is no guarantee that they will choose God’s path! Even if they are the child of a bishop or pastor!

Therefore my friend, if you’ve felt pressured, look at it from this point of view as well.

Look, if you want to have a child, that’s fine. I’m not trying to convince you otherwise neither am I judging you, it’s a very personal decision. I do think, however, that it’s necessary to open our minds and see things through another angle. This is the angle through which I view this topic...

Task #11

“Think about this topic, no emotions involved. Who knows, perhaps this is what you needed to hear…”


  1. yeah that´s true. people gotta think in the person that would live in this world , that is really bad!!! and that part of following god´s path is important , it´s better a child don´t be born than the child is born and not to be a man or woman´s god , and this person loose the salvation. BEFORE GO TO HELL , IT´S BETTER NOT TO EXIST IN THIS WORLD!!!!


  3. All emotions aside I agree. I do have a child he is nine years old and I love him to bits. I had him before I found God and I have no regrets however I do not expect to be having any more children mainly because I do want to get more involved in the work of God and unfortunaley children can impede you from giving all that you want to give and more, I know I am a mother. There are times when my son has had to sacrifice with me its difficult but I know God sees all that we go through in order to serve Him. Saying all of that my son is the most important soul of all.

  4. Ladies shouldn't worry about their biological clock - I had my son in my late 30s and he is healthy and very intelligent.

    The truth is women can have babies until they reach the menopause.

    I know plenty of mothers at my son's school who had their healthy happy children in their late 30s or early 40s. I even know of a one woman, who conceived naturally and had her third baby at the age of 49, and another who had her fifth at age 50.

    God knows best, regardless of what the so-called medical experts tell us.

    First they told us that if a woman has a baby at 30 years of age or above there is a high risk that the baby will suffer from an abnormality. They then put the age up to 35. When I conceived my son they brought the age up to 37 and then they told us that women in their 20s have a higher risk of giving birth to a disabled baby... and so their nonsense will go on. I wish they'd make up their minds!

    Who knows best God or the doctors?

    I've gone off the poiny somewhat, but I wanted to make a point - forget about your biological clock.


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