Wednesday, 31 March 2010

For the Single Ladies- The Essential Accessory

Task #15 for the Single Ladies

We all own an accessory that transforms us into true princesses!

Nothing can substitute it: jewelry, expensive clothing, purses, shoes, etc… none of these can compete with it.

When worn, this accessory leaves you looking even more beautiful. Whether you are thin, a bit heavy, tall, short- it doesn’t matter because it flatters all types and it does true wonders!

Some people don’t have the habit of using it, which is a pity! No, excuse me, not a pity but a true waste!

It also transmits all that is good in you to others!

Generally, when you use it, it causes unexpected reactions!

Folks, it’s the best!

I ask myself, how can people who posses such a treasure, manage to hide it and not use it!!!

What accessory is this?

Your smile!

Don’t hide this accessory; use it often, for it doesn’t fade! (Well, perhaps you’ll get a little wrinkle on the side but it’s worth it!!!)

Task #15

“Say no to sour faces!!! Smile! If this is hard for you, then start practicing today and DON’T be cheap! Smile, smile, smile! (Can you see me smiling?!)

Of course, don’t overdo it!

Ok, sincerely, I wanted to bring up this topic for some time now but I was never inspired.

Today, while entering the church, I saw a bunch of young girls and even assistants with very serious faces, some even scowling, it was the last straw…

This eliminates all of our beauty.”


  1. Reading this post made me cry cos that's what I've been hidin this whole week & reading this made me smile with tears in my eyes:)
    Thank you Mrs.Fernanda

  2. What many people don't realize is that a smile can change many things. It's really important to have the balance.


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