Sunday, 28 March 2010

For the Single Ladies - Looking Around

Task #14 for the Single Ladies

You look around but you don’t see anyone who interests you…You look again and a couple holding hands passes you. You turn your face and see another couple kissing, and reluctantlyyou think… “That will never happen to me”.

That’s the problem with looking at circumstances…There’s never a solution or way out because you simply don’t see one!

Due to looking at the circumstances and not using their faith, many girls are giving up and consequently, missing out on their blessing. The worst thing is when they end up in despair and take matters into their own hands…

Look, I know it isn’t easy, but no victory comes without a struggle!

There is no success without sacrifice!

Faith doesn’t exist if you look at the circumstances.

If there is no faith, there are no results!

If there are no results, you get tired, you weaken and give up!

Now I ask you: where do you find yourself at this very moment? Looking around?

My dear friends, stop looking at the circumstances!

If you chose to follow a path with Jesus, then keep on track until the end!

Live by your faith, for without it, it is impossible to please God!

Task #14

“Ignore the present circumstances! Be what they may, decide today to live by faith and believe in that which you cannot see!”


  1. This is a very strong message and is very true. Love life seems to be in the spot light at the moment, if your not hearing about celebrity couples, celebrity infidelity, then as you said your seeing couples on the street, everywhere. As a single woman I know this used to make me feel lonely, but now I understand I already have a partner in my Lord Jesus and that through my faith in Him I will conquer a great blessing in my love life. I will definitely take this advice on board and apply it!

  2. I like this phrase 'faith doesn't exist if you look at the circumstances'

    That's where many of us singles spiral down hill; seeing friends getting together, strangers getting together, and you're left feeling alone and thinking 'when's my turn?'It's in this moment that we need to keep our eyes forward and look to the promise of God rather than the situation that is presented before us.

    When we do this the victory is sure to be around the corner; for we didn't allow ourselves to grow weak with the circumstance


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