Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Have you ever stopped and thought how wonderful light is?

How would the world be without it?
Have you ever walked around your house during the night when it was dark?

One little noise here and there and you jump with fear, but if you turn on the light and you can see then the fears evaporate.

Light eliminates fears that darkness brings.  Hence the reason why light does not go with darkness

Maybe your life is full of darkness and dark corners with no light. Hidden secrets and hurtful memories pushed to forgetfulness but still so present through negative behavior.

Change that situation! Bring light to your life, eliminate all the darkness and uncover the roots that are hidden….

The Root Event will start in Brazil this coming Sunday, don't miss it!

I say that because the results we’ve seen here in the UK have been wonderful!

Make the most of it!!

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