Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Women's conference gathers over 1400 people in London.

Saturday 24th September, at the Rainbow Theatre in London. Welcome to the event of the year...

Backstage, we were all feeling nervous but after the prayer, as soon as we stepped on stage, everything went well.

Part of the event's theme was colours, can you notice that?

We didn't feel embarrassed at the slightest. It was fun because we were just being ourselves...

We spoke about something that opened the minds of many women...colours and light. Both are interconnected!

Did you know that although light looks white, it is actually a combination of colours?

But darkness does not possess anything interesting, it is merely "dark". Dark hides. On clothes, it hides imperfections, inside us it hides secrets, traumas, it hides all that is not good...

Hence the reason why we should bring light to our lives. To eliminate all darkness where fear resides and impedes us to move on,  it keeps us stagnated, unaware and unhappy.

It is necessary to go deep into the root even if it is hard and makes us scared!

It is necessary to face and remove all darkness.

Well, in general, we had many other attractions on the day, but the message left us all thinking about change...We had many prize draws  and gifts, and it was an unforgettable and wonderful afternoon.

It was a full house with people seating in our balcony too.

Writing during the convention? Just part of a task...

Underneath each seat there was a surprise and a task to be done. They loved it!

The Sisterhood marked their presence with presentations.

The queue for autographs for the book "40 secrets for the single woman" launched in English.

A very special guest paid us via Skype to talk about her book "The V Woman", in English, that was also being launched on the day.

All were paying close attention so they would not miss what was said.

The event was recorded and will go on air on Sky, channel 219, Saturday at 8pm. In England only.

Behind the presenters, the "Angels". They will be reporting from the streets of London throughout the programs.

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  1. Dna Fernanda I loved the colors, the idea, the work that is being done..
    I am in the United States and I would love to get your book either in Portuguese or English.. is it going to be launched here anytime soon???
    You ladies looked beautiful , I am so happy that the Sisterhood there has so many talented girls that were even able to perform. One of your hostesses was one of the girls I first spoke to before I entered the sisterhood during the rush month when I had to meet pledges from overseas and I am very happy to see how much she has grown since. I watch the Bishop on IURD tV when I have a day off or stay up late doing school work and I have seen you there as well helping to present the program and read the emails. God bless yourrr work Dna Fernanda, you have come a long way ( I remember your posts in Africa) and you have been laying precious seeds for the work of God wherever you go.


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