Thursday, 1 September 2011

The day I gave up …

 “Junior, we are going to get there late again, please get out of the bathroom already!” I yelled at the door for the third time…

“I’m going…” He responded in a sleepy voice that sounded like he was really sleeping in the shower and had no intention of getting out any time soon.” “Every Sunday it´s the same thing, we always get to the church service late. I feel so embarrassed because we are helpers and we should be the first to arrive, not the opposite!” I todl him mom, complaining about the situation.

At the time Junior and I were dating and he rarely went to church, usually only on Sundays. I had been lifted as a helper at church and we all used to go together, his mom and sister were also helpers.

On that day I had reached my limit. I remember being so irritaded and tired because every Sunday it was the same thing; we would have to wait and wait and wait until he finished bathing and getting ready to go to church with us.

The pastors and even the bishop of our church knew about the situation and the reason we were always late on Sunday but even still I felt so embarrassed…

I didn’t feel worthy of wearing my uniform, the most important meeting was Sunday morning and we were always late!

On that day I remember that I was so angry, the only thing I wanted was to get to church on time.

“Do you know what? We can’t accept this anymore! Today we will leave him behind. Let’s go, he can stay in the shower.” I said.

“Junior, we are leaving! You win! You can stay in there as long as you’d like!” I said to the door with so much anger that I think people could see smoke coming out of my nose and ears! I turned around and headed for the car, so angry at him that I couldn’t even think straight…

We were almost reaching the highway when my mother-in-law spoke for the first time…

“Fernanda, we can’t forget who is behind all of this… the devil is using him. Look at how angry we are, I ask myself if God will be pleased if we arrive early to church this way. Not to mention that he is  a soul that we simply gave up on…”

Ohhh how i admire her. She knew I was upset, she understood the reason…She didn’t point fingers (although in her place I think I might have…) she just waited for the right moment and she spoke calmly so that I could see in the midst of so much blindness.
Her voice and words began to penetrate in that anger and I saw how it was all a trap set by the devil…

“You are absolutely right!” I said while I made a u-turn.

We arrived home, they stayed in the car while I went in to call him.

Guess what?

Junior was out of the shower and ready!

“Oh no, you guys came back!” he said, a bit confused when he saw me.

“Yes, we came back for you!” I answered with a smile because now I could see all of the anger I had been feeling early handed back to the devil.

“The devil must be feeling revolted, stumping his feet against tthe floor out of pure rage!” I thought.

We all went to church together and I don’t even have to say that we arrived late again, but this time it was different, I wasn’t angry, I was happy because I knew that the devil was very, very angry!!!

This was merely a small battle that I won before reaching the point where I am today.

I wanted to give up many other times.
Many times I saw him as a lost case, everything seemed so imposible…

Today, when I see him preaching on the altar and saving souls, I understand the reason why the devil wanted to make me give up!

Are you fighting for someone?

Does it seem be a lost case?

Does it seem impossible?

Don’t give up! It’s possible and it will happen.


  1. Hello Mrs Nanda, this testimony has helped so much as I am praying for my mother. She is evry hard hearted and proud and I know that through my love to her and example she will convert. If God never gave up on me then I won't give up on her. Selena Amado x

  2. Two people in my life that am fighting for, thank you for the tip. Yes they are both men and God will change them!


  3. OH MY GOSH!!!!
    I can not tell you how much times I have felt to give up on certain youths or friends because I thought they just didn't want to come to God or even bother to know Him. But when I persevered in prayer and patience I now see these youths growing into young woman of God and my friends beside me serving the same God, and there's no other joy then that.
    Puleng Ngoato (BXT UK)

  4. this is such a great example, u felt like giving up but in that time you was reminded who was behind it all instead of staying angry you turned the anger into a smile and did what was best even if u felt like doing it or not.. k.gordon

  5. wow this has really helped me thank you God used you to talk to me im having almost the same battle but i know God wil l change my husband and use in in ways i never imagine staying strong in the fatih. Thank you a little late but i love your blog :)

  6. thank you for this testimony mrs nanda i realize that theres no reason for me to give up and all i need to do is to pray and fight for the devil.I learn to have a selfcontrol to myself


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