Thursday, 22 September 2011

The five monkeys

A group of scientists placed five monkeys in a cage.

Inside there was a staircase with a bunch of bananas at the top.

When a monkey climbed the stairs to grab the banana, the scientist would throw a bucket of cold water on those that were on the ground.

After some time, when a monkey climbed up the steps the others would beat him.

After a while, none of the monkeys went up the stairs in spite of being tempted by the bananas.

Thus, the scientist substituted one of the monkeys.

The first thing it did was to climb up the stairs.

The rest of them quickly pulled him back down and gave him the biggest beat down. After the beating, the newest member didn’t dare go up the stairs again.

A second monkey was substituted and the same thing happened again.

Just one detail: the first substitute enthusiastically participated in beating the newest member.

A third one was substituted and the story repeated itself.

When, finally, the last of the veteran monkeys was substituted, the scientist were left with a group of five monkeys that in spite of never having been wet with cold water, continued beating those that tried to reach for the bananas.

If it were possible to ask one of them why they beat whoever tried climbing the stairs, the answer would probably be: “I don’t know, things have always worked that way around here.”

Look folks, this is very strong! How many times don’t we act the same way? How many times don’t we have the same reaction?

Do you know when that happens?

When we stop thinking! Rationalizing! When we become cowards after so many beat downs and disappointments that we face in life and what’s worse is that many times we are a negative influence on those around us.

What causes more revolt is that stones are thrown against those that try to make a difference.

Let’s think about that.

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