Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Serpent and the Fire Fly

Legend has it that once upon  a time a serpent chased a fire fly.

The latter, fled rapidly, afraid of the ferocious predator and the serpent didn’t even think about giving up.

The fly fled one day and the serpent didn’t give up, two days and nothing…

On the third day, now clearly weakened, the fire fly stopped and asked the serpent:

-Can I ask you three questions?

-I don’t usually proceed this way with anyone but since I’m going to devour you anyway, you may ask…

- Do I make part of your food chain?

- No.

-Did I harm you in any way?

- No.

- So then, why do you want to finish me off?

- Because I can’t stand to see you shine…

Many times we don’t understand the persecutions without reasons, the annoyance, the lies, calumnies, etc...

But here is one of the reasons…

They simply can’t stand to see us shine!!!

1 comment:

  1. I can't say much, but 'thank you', for I understand it now.


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