Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Are you qualified?

Just take a look and see if this does not make you think…

Jacob deceived,

Peter would get angry easily,

David killed and committed adultery,

Noah used to drink,

Jonah hid from God,

Paul used to kill innocent Christians,

Gideon was a revolted man,

Miriam would talk behind people’s back,

Martha was too worried,

Mary Magdalene was a prostitute,

Thomas used to doubt,

Sara was impatient and could not wait,

Moses stuttered,

Esau was hairy,

Zacchaeus was a thief and a short man,

Abraham was old and Lazarus….was dead!

See how interesting?

At first it seems as if all the negativity is there but do you know what this means?

God did not call the qualified ones, He qualifies us!

Dear friend, God wants to use you in a great way independently of your faults or mistakes. Just allow Him to qualify you.

One decision! It was all they needed and it is all you need too.

Put the ring on your finger!


  1. For me this is so unbelievably strong.. God does not call the qualifyed but He qualifies us.
    So many times I say to myself I can't do this or that, and it's true I can but that's exactly why God called me to do that very thing that should be humanly impossible for me to do!
    I can do all things in Christ who qualifies me to be that A* in everything I do !!

  2. "God did not call the qualified ones, He qualifies us!"

    This is all I need.

  3. Indeed Mrs. Nanda.God truly did not call the qualified ones, He qualifies us! And I will mediate on this passage. xxx

  4. I really like this, it goes to show that its only God when it seems impossible for us to do certain things.


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