Saturday, 3 September 2011

To bring you a smile…The woman’s prayer

Dear God,

Until now my day has been really good:

  •       I have not gossiped
  •       I have not lost my patience
  •       I have not been greedy, sarcastic, temperamental, annoying or ironic
  •       I have controlled my PMS
  •       I have not complained about anything
  •       I have not cursed
  •       I did not lash out at anyone
  •       I have had no jealousy attacks
  •       I have not devour any chocolates
  •       I have also not gotten into any debt on my credit card or written any post dated cheques

But I pray for your protection Lord, as I am about to get up from bed at any moment now!



  1. I think this is the most beautiful prayer ever, simple and sincere.
    Most of the time we complicate our selves and even our conversations with God, which leaves us so uncertain about our prayer. But this prayer is so cute and simple I love it.
    Puleng Ngoato (BXT UK)

  2. i will take that prayer and to really practice it because it what we should always do..

  3. Hallo Mrs. Nanda.

    My name is Tuli, from Namibia. You answered my Q on Mrs Cristiane blog.

    Well thank you for the reply, I truly appreciate it. Well I look forward to ways of improving my relationship with GOD! I'm actually very careful now with my mouth. Infact the Holy Spirit of GOD always rebukes me and is teaching me how to leave every day. Lies were a weakness, now I'm changing, it's hard but I'm holding on. I'm not just saying this to please you, but it's the truth.

    I wish to see this little bush I am today grown into a blooming fruit bearing tree in the near future.

  4. hehehe... that really brought a smile to my face.. is women and the things we get up too

  5. I love this prayer, we should watch out for our actions daily. Thanks for the reminder!!


  6. This is a beutiful prayer, i just printed it out and i'm going to put on on my frigde so i can read it every day. thank you may God continue to use you more to touch the lives of many woman around the world.

    Ndinelago from Okuryangava, Namibia

  7. LOL! Really nice prayer got me laughing to myself!


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