Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Just a little spider...

Once upon a time a man was being chase by many evildoers that wanted to kill him.

The man, while running, turned into a path that left the road and cut through the middle of the field and in his despair he prayed to God with the following words:

-“God almighty make two angels come down from heaven and block off the entrance of the path so that the bandits don´t kill me!!!”

At that moment he heard the men approaching the path where he had hidden and he noticed that at the entrance there appeared a miniscule spider.

The spider began weaving a web at the entrance of the path. The man began praying again but now he was clearly anguished:

-“Lord, I asked you for angels, not a spider.”

-“Lord, please, with your powerful hand place a strong brick wall at the entrance of this path so that those men don’t pass and kill me….”

He opened his eyes expecting to see a brick wall blocking the entrance but all he saw was the spider weaving a web.

The evildoers were entering the path where he was awaiting only his death.

When they were in front of the path the man heard:

-“Come on, let’s go on this path!”

-“No, don’t you see that there’s a spider’s web?!” Nothing has come this way. Let’s keep looking in the other paths…”

Well then, God’s answer doesn’t always come the way that we expect it; one needs to have spiritual eyes in order to see the answer. Otherwise, we end up ignoring and even losing our blessings…


  1. True, totally agree Mrs Nanda, God's ways are different from ours and He works in mysterious ways. This is the more reason why we should allow His will to be done.

  2. True, Totally agree Mrs Nanda, God's ways are different from ours. He works in a mysterious way, that's why we should allow His will to be done.
    Thanks, Evelynxxx

  3. Wonderful! It's amazing how we want God to do things our way, the way that seems best for us, when actuality it's supposed to be the other way round. Through this we show to God how much we really love and trust Him! When we want God to do things our way, we open the doors to doubts as we end up thinking that God din't hear or doesn't want to answer our prayers...
    'very inspiring'
    Thank You


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