Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Mousse

Have you heard about the unhappy lucky mouse?

Just look at this lucky one…

He lived in anguish and as he feared the cat of the house. Out of compassion, God transformed the lucky mouse into a cat.

A little while after the lucky cat began to fear the dog of the house instead, so God transformed him into a panther!

Look at how wonderful!

That’s what you think!

The unhappy lucky mouse was now a panther but he had a deadly fear of the hunter. At this point God looked at him and transformed him back into a mouse and said:

“Nothing that I do for you will help you. Your courage is that of a mouse.”

The opportunities are knocking at the door, it is necessary for you to grab them with all of your courage!

There are moments in our lives in which we need to throw ourselves head first. There’s no middle ground and there’s definitely no space for fear.

Just look at how we are surrounded by fears:

The fear of making a mistake.

The fear of failing.

The fear of not being able to.

The fear of receiving a  “No.”

The fear of suffering.

And so many others…

The choice is yours but be careful so that one day you don’t wake up and realize that you like cheese a lot and you live in a very small house in the corner.


  1. Dear Mrs Nanda,

    This is very strong message, Fear is something to do with the heart(emotions) and can impede us from achieving our dreams and overcoming in our daily battles. We can only overcome our fears when we face it. I choose to use my mind and intelligent faith.


  2. I was speaking to some girls about this the other day and it's so true; fear can really cripple us and if we don't take action to face the things we fear, we will never overcome. Whenever I think of fear, I think about what Job says in the bible; the thing I feared the most happened. The more you fear something happening, the most likely it will happen so fight back and don't accept fear!


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