Thursday, 1 September 2011

Platonic Love

What is platonic love?

It can be understood as a long distance love. It’s that person that only observes another from a distance; the person never approaches the other, never gets involved.

Everything the person knows about the other is through observing in the distance along with heavy doses of fantasy and idealizations retrieved from books and romantic movies.

The other person becomes a perfect being, owner of all good qualities and completely flawless.

In other words… demonic love.

Let me show you with an example just how demonic this is. An actual fact.

A few years ago, a young lady fell in love with a boy she had never spoken to. She would always observe him from afar and inside of her she would create all sorts of illusions.

She would tell herself “I’m going to marry him!” She bought a wedding dress. She told her family that she was dating, all based on the idealizations she had in her head.

I don’t know how much she fantasized to get to the point of announcing to her family that she was going to get married. But surely, it wasn’t a little.

And that’s when she decided it was time to reveal all of those plans to a certain someone…

“I love Michael!” She said happily to her friend.

“Michael is engaged and is going to get married. Have you ever spoken to him? Did he ever give you some hope? Is there something going on between you guys?” Her friend asked completely surprised and worried.

She stared blankly and answered, “No, I’ve never spoken to him.” And she left.

The next day shocking news came to everyone.

After learning that Michael was engaged and going to get married the young lady went home and threw herself off her apartment balcony.

The hidden details of this platonic love were only uncovered after her death. Her family member had been planning to go to her wedding but now they were heading to her funeral.

It’s very said, isn’t it?

She was a good girl but she lived in another world inside of herself. A platonic world, only hers and the devil’s, who most certainly gave her a hand in constructing so many fantasies.

It was a great shock because no one could imagine such a thing. “How could this happen?” Was the question everyone asked.

I’ll tell you how.

That demonic love that everyone deems as inoffensive and romantic was the cause of all of this!

There are many young ladies in this same situation and they think that they don’t have a problem. What’s worse is that they continue to feed this feeling!

How about you, are you living a demonic love?


  1. Hi maam! this is so true. Thank you for enlightening me about the subject. I useed to think that platonic love is a good thing, but after much hurts, i learned to avoid a situation of not really knowing the person.
    Thank you for the article

  2. This is indeed sad and if not controlled can lead into demonic dream world that does not exist. We cant live by feelings but rather by the facts.... "you don't know him," how can you give yourself to someone you don't know yourself or spoken to?
    When we think and question our feelings we don't get easily led by emotions. This is a dangerous trap I would hate and avoid to get trapped in.

  3. Hi Mrs Nanda,
    I am slightly concerned because when reading the story it reminded me of the times I would fantasy about being happily together with people that I liked, and though it hurt to know that they were not interested or that they were dating someone else, it never pushed me to the depression or suicidal thoughts or anything so sinister. I guess what I wanted to know the answer to was; is it wrong to fantasy, because you put such hope in something that is not real.

  4. Hi Mrs Nanda,
    First of all I am completely SHOCKED!!!
    I never understood why people go to such lengths to get something that is not real or theirs in the first place, what a SHAME! But know I know it's a demonic love it makes a lot of sense why they would sacrifice so much just to even sit next to the person but don't do the same for God and seeking to receive their deliverance.
    Puleng Ngoato (BXT UK)

  5. Oh my goodness the length of planning a wedding and purchasing a wedding dress all to top it off to have not spoken to the guy and then committing suicide after realising the guy is engaged Satan really blinded her , it's so unfortunate

  6. Hello Mrs Nanda....

    I was very shocked to read this blog post; not because of the story told, but because i myself had been there and nearly to the point of suicide also. I know just how it is to be so much bombarded with these kind of thoughts. The person makes herself believe in such things and worse is when she tries make others believe because she has totally embarked into this unknown world called FANTASY!

    It's amazing to see how the Holy Spirit works through a person and uses them in such a way...Oh how i am amazed at your writtings.

  7. Wow, this is a real eye opener. Thank you for posting this and I am going to pass on to others.

  8. This was so strong.. And suprisingly this is what many young ladies go through... They see a young man, in another branch, maybe even their fave music artist, or from a boy band.. Just by the looks they think their in love.. I meant a girl who by the looks she fell for someone, all her friends were saying his character was horrible, he would show signs to suggest he wasn't of God but this demonic love is blind, it took over her heart... She threw herself to him, she lost some good friends, she got pregnant, her family left her, and on top of all that she has fallen away from the faith!

    This demonic love is blind... It isn't the really unconditional love... It just currupts and destroys... Don't be a victim ladies!


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