Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Put the ring on your finger!

“So…is everything ok?” I ask.

“Well, more or less” she replies.

Through her answer I can tell that she needs and wants to talk and let off some steam. I keep on asking, until she opens up…

“Look, I get the things I need but my life does not change. I come to the church and I pray for my family and my financial life and see results but there is still something missing….”

I just came from a blessed service in one of our branches and towards the end I was talking to a lady and I decided to write about what happened.

As she talked, I was paying attention while looking at my wedding ring on my finger and that’s when I found the words for her….

“Can you see this ring? Do you know what it means? She looks at me puzzled, she must have thought that I was crazy because it had nothing to do with the subject of our conversation however now I had caught all her attention.

My husband was on the altar giving advices and I pointed to him and said…

“When I married him I made a covenant to take care of him, be faithful, be his companion, make him happy and love him with all my heart” I then remove my ring from my finger and place it on hers. She looks at me confused…

“What is missing in your life is exactly this! Not a commitment with your husband but with God. Come to church to seek the One who blesses which is far more important than the blessings themselves” I say calmly.

Marry Him and make a covenant to take care that His Spirit may abound in you, be faithful, be a companion, make Him happy by doing His will and above all love Him with all your heart”.

Think with me, if by doing this for my husband he rewards me, imagine God?!!

I wanted to share this with you because the mistake most people make is exactly this.

Where is the covenant? Where is the ring on your finger?


  1. I couldn't of said it better myself, I could have tried. Tis is what I need to keep in my min daily... I am married to God "I made a covenant to take care of him, be faithful, be his companion, make him happy and love him with all my heart”. If I cannot do that with God whom I do not see, how will I be able to that for my future husband that I will se everyday? Think... It's not that hard to use your head.

  2. Dear Mrs Nanda,
    This is a strong message. It is absolutely true that if we have a covenant with God and put the ring on our finger, meaning marrying Him (spiritually), then much more what our husbands do for us God will do. If we don't have this covenant with God we are actually wasting our time and sooner or later we will be far away from Him.
    Thanks, Evelyn

  3. well i am seeking God i have just put all on hold for now. This message speaks to me.



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