Monday, 25 January 2010

For the Single Ladies - Something Difficult

Here goes the second task for the single ladies!

Friends, do you know what’s the hardest thing to accept in the world?

The truth.

Not everyone is ready to hear the truth; you must first have the emotional structure, spirituality and humility to hear certain truths.

Whoever said that the truth hurts was right…In fact, the truth can hurt a lot! But that’s not to say that it’s bad, it’s actually quite the contrary.

You know when someone tells you something that hurts, it almost seems as though they are cutting right through you, but deep inside you know that the person is absolutely right?

Has that every happened to you?

Do you remember how you reacted?

How did you react?

Your reaction is what counts; it’s what matters.

Did you feel hurt? Offended? Worst yet, did you hold a grudge against that person?

If we aren’t humble enough to accept the truth, how do we intend to grow up? How can we think about marriage, for I am certain that your husband won’t hesitate to tell you a few truths- and then what? Will you hold a grudge against him too?

Look, I’m not saying that the truth isn’t going to hurt or that we won’t be saddened by it but that sadness has to be directed towards ourselves and it can’t be prolonged!

My husband once told me “You are too proud!” That was the end of the rope for me!

Thoughts began to bombard my mind…

First I felt angry, what nonsense! “Me, proud?!!!”

Then I felt mortified that he would think that of me: “What a monster he is!” I thought.

Lastly, I kneeled down and began to cry until my throat hurt… he was right! Oh how hard it was to admit and face the truth! I felt worthless and humiliated but oh how good it did me.

Task #2

“Analyze yourself. Check to see if you are facing the “truths” in your life/relationships correctly. Stop fooling yourself! If facing the truth means going back to the end of the line, then so be it! Restart in your faith. Correct your mistakes; after all, no one is perfect! It is horrible to have to pay such a high price for something that could have been avoided had you just accepted the truth…"

For the Single Ladies - Skunk Love

As the "Love Dare" was a great success, I've decided to write a new "Dare for the Single Ladies", hope it will help you all... Here we start!

Do you know Pepe Le Pew, the animated skunk that is madly in love with a cute black cat with white stripes like his?

Every time he sees her, his eyes become bulging little hearts. He’s a bit confused by her because she always flees from him (due to his stench); nonetheless, he is still madly in love with her…

This is an impossible love, after all, she’s a cat and he’s a skunk! It will never work!

They are incompatible, and even though they look alike, they aren’t!

There’s no way around it!

The same thing happened to her… one look was enough for her to fall in love…

She doesn’t even know him, but she says she’s in love…. She loves him…

There it is, the skunk love! A love based on emotions that will only result in disappointments.

They are full of incompatibilities, but like the skunk Pepe, she just doesn’t want to see…

She believes that after marriage and with enough love she will overcome everything!

Don’t fool yourself my friend, marriage will only make things worst!

So many young women have written to me, regretful for having lived a skunk love and now live (excuse the expression) a stinky life in their marriage!

There can be many differences, but I will only mention three very important ones…

  1. He is much younger than you. I know that this is a controversial subject and many may disagree, I also know that it isn’t a rule and that there are some marriages that have worked, but take into account that they are exceptions. The majority of them are problematic, the choice is yours… I am just giving you some advice.
  2. You studied more than he did, yet another controversial topic, but when it comes to marriage this can be very difficult, especially for men.
  3. You have different plans for the future. One wants to have children but the other doesn’t, this is a good example. One desires to serve God on the altar and the other doesn’t, another good example.

Task #1

“If you have a boyfriend and are contemplating marriage, pay lots of attention to the incompatibilities because in the future they can bring you problems. If you aren’t dating at the moment, keep this in mind when entering a relationship. Avoid skunk love, use you intelligent faith!"

It is better to suffer now over a breakup, than to suffer later over a divorce.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Altar or The Court

“I want to serve on the Altar.”

Many of the e-mails I receive contain this statement.

Now, let’s break down this phrase and see what is wrong with it, okay?

Let’s suppose you have someone working for you at home... Who decides what chores this person will do? You or her?

You employed this person to serve you, right?

So, you tell her what tasks to do each day of the week, where to clean and where the clothing that needs ironing is. If the person has to cook, you tell her what to cook.

Now let’s imagine that you are the employee.

You show up at work one day and tell your boss “Look here missy, I don’t feel like ironing today. I’m going to sit on the couch and watch some TV!”

Folks, I believe that “missy’s” expression will be of pure disbelief because she will surely not expect this sort of response! But one thing is for sure, she won’t find your behaviour acceptable and you will likely be fired…

My point is…. If you want to serve, especially God, don’t choose where you will serve. You just have to be ready to serve God wherever He wants at all times.

The work of God is not like any old profession where you can choose your tasks, it’s a calling.

The other day a young girl wrote to me “I stopped studying because I want to serve on the altar. I am waiting to be called!”

I wrote back that I found her action to be quite wrong. Think with me…

Imagine that she is never called? She stopped studying! She is “stuck” in a moment and is just waiting…how long will she be waiting???

I can just picture her a few years from now, frustrated, discouraged and turning against God and the church!

And there’s more!!!

So, let me get this straight. If you want to conquer something in this world, you study but if you decide to serve God then you don’t need to do anything, there’s no need to grow intellectually?!!!

I’m not saying that having an education is a requirement in order to do the work of God. We have many men and women of God that have no education and yet, are used greatly by Him. But, if it were up to them, they would have certainly studied.

The work of God is marvelous and very versatile!

Since I started doing the work of God I’ve done a bit of everything…

I’ve cleaned bathrooms, cleaned churches, taught English, I presented a TV show, a radio show, I’ve counseled, I’ve worked and continue to work in the church offices taking care of the finances and other things, we visit hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, I help my husband by correcting the newspaper and flyers that we prepare and I write this blog!

Wow! I’ll stop here, but there is still more!!!

And you still think that you don’t need to do anything to better yourself? Would it not be helpful if you worked on enhancing your mind?!

While you wait to be called, invest in yourself so that when you come to the altar (if you indeed do come) your talents can be used and multiplied! You will be able to help much more!

Yes, it’s true that you can learn things as you go along, but wouldn’t it be easier, and faster, if you already knew how to do them?

Open you mind my friends; the work of God isn’t small or easy!

You can have the “desire” to do the work of God on the altar in your heart but the power to make this reality pertains to the Lord. He chooses, He calls!

Lead a life that will glorify His name and when He calls, you will have something to sacrifice…

Your desire must be to serve Him, wherever your Lord chooses.

Altar or court, the choice is His and not yours.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Woman of God

The other day I received a lovely e-mail that spoke about Women of God.

It was indeed a lovely message, focusing on what a woman of God is and does. It mentioned so many things, and I must confess it took me a while to let it all sink in.

Women of God can also make mistakes, they are sometimes wrong and they have their flaws!

You become a Woman of God the very moment that you decide to leave behind your wrongful life and begin a new one with Jesus, obeying His will above yours and sacrificing you own ego.

Sometimes I receive emails and comments from women saying “Oh, how I wish I could be a woman of God like you…”

My dear friends, sometimes I ask myself “If these women really got to know me, with all my flaws and imperfections, would they still say that?”

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m not a woman of God, I’m just saying that this “tag” is unfair to you because by thinking like this 2 things happen:

  • - You end up thinking that it is impossible to become a woman of God and that you will never be good enough. This is wrong, very wrong!
  • - Without even noticing, you begin to think that women of God are perfect and if by chance a woman that you consider Godly makes a mistake, you quickly judge her and conclude that she isn’t a woman of God after all. This is unfair, very unfair!

I’m going to tell you something… I, like you, struggle loads with my flaws, defects and mistakes but it is my faith that makes all the difference!

My faith is what makes me keep looking forward even after I make a mistake, it gives me strength to go on and it makes me believe that I can change myself and the situation!

I have daily battles; sometimes it’s my flesh that wants to get the best of me, my “hot temper” that many times ends up embarrassing me, it’s my brutal honesty that at times can be mistaken for cheekiness, forcing me to have to go back to the end of the line… it’s my struggle!

Please stop placing the women you admire in such high pedestals that you can’t even reach! The Lord Jesus is the only one that should be in that position!

You look at her and think “Oh how I wish I could be like her!”

It doesn’t matter who she is, she is not perfect! This sort of judgment on her is way too rigorous!

Our flaws and imperfections don’t prevent us from being women of God!

Love Dare - Day 40 - This is Only the Beginning...

I couldn’t find time to write messages on a weekly basis and I didn’t have any contact e-mail with my readers, nonetheless, they found a way to write to me…

It was on Facebook, on Comunidade Universal and some even managed to find my personal e-mail and messages requesting help, especially for marriage and love life issues, came pouring in…

I had just finished reading an e-mail; it was from a young girl in distress over her miserable marriage and she didn’t know what else to do. She was in a very difficult situation and so I prayed to God for guidance in order to answer her.

We had begun, here in Namibia, a 40 day purpose in preparation for the “Day of Decision” and I was analyzing my life, how I could give more of myself, how I could save more souls and be more useful in the work of God…. And my decision? After all, we aren’t here just to preach to others, we must live by what we preach.

Well then, we began the purpose, fast and prayer, but I felt that it wasn’t enough. That’s when, while reading the e-mail mentioned above, I looked to the side of my desk and there it was- a book titled “Love Dare” that I had purchased the day before…

The book is about a Dare that lasts 40 days. On each day there is a task that must be completed in order to change your marriage.

I thought: “Perfect, that’s it! I am going to announce on my blog a 40 day purpose based on this book! This will be easy; I’ll pass on everything in the book to the readers…” Just one thing, I hadn’t even finished reading the whole book myself! Lol

My friends, I think that by the 8th day, if I’m not mistaken, I got tired of the book because I found the tasks to be vague and I wanted them to be precise, clear and more practical. That’s when I decided not to follow the book anymore.

I would wake up every day already praying and asking God for guidance. Many times I would spend the entire day without knowing what I was going to write, then I would sit down at my desk in front of the computer and suddenly everything seemed to come to me as if someone was telling me what to write!

There were many instances in which I would receive messages complementing an article and stating that everything I wrote had helped loads and inside I would say…” It wasn’t me!!!”

Well now I would like to make a clarification! It wasn’t me, really it wasn’t!

I remember that there was not a single day in which I would not pray asking God to show me what the people taking part in the Dare needed to hear.

Today, exactly 40 days later, I tell you that I would have never been able to get here if not for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And I’ll tell you more, I don’t think I would have ever started this Dare if I thought that I would do it all on my own.

If I was receiving lots of e-mails before, now I receive an average of 100 e-mails per week, which I respond to, within my capability, one by one. Many of them are from wives and young ladies asking for help, others are to give thanks for the purpose that has transformed their marriage.

Some of the messages made me cry out of joy, others of sadness because many women live in a true hell on earth, but a change is possible and it will happen, I believe it!

I can’t believe that today is the last day of our purpose! But it’s not over yet my friends, this is only the beginning…

Dare- Task #40

“Starting from today, you will go back to Day 1 of our purpose and start all over again! Who said it was over, today is only the beginning…”

Since today is the last day, I mean, the start of a new beginning, I would like all of you that participated and are still participating to post a comment, not compliments as I have already explained who deserves all praise and thanks; instead, post your testimonies so that you may encourage those women that doubt this sacrifice is worth it.

Perhaps you visit this blog to read the messages, today I ask you to leave a comment…

A big kiss to you all and stay tuned to this blog because I will begin a purpose with the single ladies shortly…


I would like to thank some special people in my life that served as true fountains of inspiration…

My Lord, for each day He guided me and showed me what to write! Oh, how I love you!

My husband, who is my friend, my love and many times served as a guinea pig during this purpose! lol. God’s gift to me!

My dear friend, Cris Cardoso, she is the person that God used to motivate me to keep going. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have started this blog! And task after task, she would write to encourage me… Although we are so far, it feels as though we are near!

My dear mother-in-law that showed me the way to eternal life and even without noticing it, she has taught and continues to teach me so many things!

All of the readers that made sure to leave comments and many times inspired me with their words…

A big thank you and may God bless you greatly!!!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 39 - Language

If there’s one thing we women know how to do it’s to deduce, to imagine, to exaggerate and hope that our husband’s know what we are thinking without us having to say a single word!

Because of this many times we can become real drama queens…

How many times do we “deduce” that our husbands know why we are annoyed and we even get angry when they “appear” not to understand?

And how about when you tell him: “You NEVER understand!”

Clearly, when you used the word “never”, you were only exaggerating a little in order to emphasize your frustration, but for men that “never” is taken literally.

Not to mention the times that you try to demonstrate your frustration through body language, by sighing, looking at him in a certain way, frowning and things of that sort…

Many of these signs can be easily comprehended by another woman, but for many men these signs are true mysteries and they really can’t decipher them!

I received an e-mail from a friend the other day. If was written by a man for men and its titled “Expressions used by women and their meaning.”

  • “Good!” – This is the word that women use in order to end an argument when they find that they are right and you need to be quiet.
  • “Nothing”- This is the calm before the storm. It means that SOMETHING is happening and you need to beware. Arguments that end in NOTHING usually end with GOOD.
  • “You should know” – It’s a challenge, not at all dismissive. She is defying you and it’s at this time that you have to know what she wants… and NEVER say that you don’t know!
  • “Loud sigh” – It’s not a word, it’s a non verbal statement that frequently confuses men. A loud sigh means that you have to beware because she is losing her patience and is thinking about the reason why she is there wasting time arguing about NOTHING with you.
  • “Oh yeah? Fine!” – This is one of the most dangerous expressions a woman can say. It means that she is going to think long and hard before deciding how and when she is going to make you pay for what you’ve done to displease her.

If she asks you “Honey, do you think I’m fat?”

See the answers and consequences:

  • “Just a little honey!” Consequence: Whoah, I can’t belive you just said that!
  • “Of course not, I love you like that!” Consequence: You liar! You think that I’m fat and you’re just saying that to please me!

In other words, when she asks you that… It’s over- you’re dead meat! Unfortunately an argument is about to begin and you will certainly fall victim to the expressions mentioned above!!!

Folks, when I finished reading this, I began to laugh but at the same time I thought to myself… it’s true!

We are just like that, we say one thing when we mean something else! And we still expect them to undertand!

Dare- Task 39

“If you want to avoid problems in your marriage, be clear, express yourself and communicate with your husband in a way that he will understand.

Avoid thinking that he HAS to know the reason why you’re annoyed, even if you “demonstrated the reason” because you didn’t “say” the reason.

Love Dare - Day 38 - 8 or 80

When many of us convert we go through a bit of a difficult phase as we try to find a balance…

Knowing how to be neither 8 nor 80 can be difficult at times.

I see this especially in many marriages; women begin to think that everything is a sin- that sex is something dirty and immoral and everything that happens is the devil’s fault.

They see defects in everything and they want to be overly godly.

Without even noticing they become fanatics and instead of leading a life that pleases God, they do the exact opposite as they are indeed embarrassing Jesus’ name.

The worst part is that if your husband isn’t converted, he might never be and if he is then surely your marriage will begin to sour.

Let me give you a few examples….

Your husband likes for you to dress nicely and always look pretty but now that you are converted, you think that you can only wear skirts that reach the floor and extra large clothing.

Make-up? Don’t even think about it, it’s the devil’s!

Red nail polish on your nails, no way! Never!

That transparent camisole your husband likes, never again!

Of course, you are not going to dress in miniskirts and transparent clothing- that would be 8!

Perhaps you are not within these extremes, but if you find it hard to reach a balance, you must make use of your intelligent faith.

Dare- Task 38

“Check to see if you are living in equilibrium, if you have managed to find a balance in your life. Don’t be 8 or 80!”

Love Dare - Day 37 - Friendships

Today we are going to talk about friends.

How wonderful it is to have friends, but it is important to know that everything has a limit.

Nowadays we see many wives losing their husbands to their best friends. Just thinking about it makes me angry!

How is that possible? How can something like that happen?

I’ll tell you how something like that happen.

When no limits are established and of course the lack of character and other things that I won’t even get into…

But the root, where did everything start?

She was your best friend and so she was always visiting came to visit. She also became your husband’s “friend” (you didn’t think anything was wrong with that at all), she feels completely comfortable and goes in and out of your house as she pleases.

You see, there are no limits! This should never happen!

The devil is astute and those that are not in the faith allow themselves to be carried away by their emotions.

One day your husband is alone at home and she arrives. They talk while you’re not home and she begins to feel attracted by him. She doesn’t want to feel that way, but she thinks she’s falling in love…That’s it! Perfect grounds for the devil to throw a party!

Now let’s look at the other side, when it’s you that has male friends.

It will never work my friends! I’m telling you this for your own good and for the good of your marriage.

Just to give you an idea, when I met my husband we still hadn’t met the Lord Jesus and I was suffering a lot.

I had just ended a relationship and I was “sure” that I had lost the man of my dreams (oh, if only I knew what would come in the future I wouldn’t have cried and suffered so much…lol). Therefore, I didn’t want to have anymore “serious” relationships for a while and decided to tell Junior that we would just be friends.

Folks, I totally believed that story of “just friends” and surely enough, he became my best friend! Not only that, I even fixed him up on dates with other friends of mine!!!

I get mad at myself just thinking about it!!!

But that’s not the point I wanted to make. Like with any male-female friendship, we begin to feel an attraction for the other person, it generally works that way.

Married women don’t need male friends; their husbands should be that friend. You should avoid male friendships at all cost.

Perhaps you feel confident about your feelings toward your husband and think that there is no danger, but remember, the devil only needs a little opening in order to come in and destroy.

You know at work, that super cool guy that’s always looking for conversation? He says that he only wants to be your friend?

Keep your distance!

Your husband won’t like to know of friendships with men and that will only bring forth fights!

“Look Nanda, in my case it’s not a big deal. We are childhood friends! It’s my husband that keeps imagining things that don’t exist!”

Well, the decision is always yours!

You decide your life, this is only some advice to bless your marriage, if you accept it or not…

Dare- Task 37

“See if you have placed limits in your friendships. If you realize that things aren’t the way they should be, begin to make the necessary changes immediately.”

Look these limits are applicable even on your best friend, sister, a dear cousin or an aunt. With family it’s even worse because their comfort level is greater!

Love Dare - Day 36 - Independence

Before marriage, many women lead very independent lives.

They work, pay their bills, have their own responsibilities and don’t have to ask for anyone’s approval.

They have no curfew, they don’t have to tell anyone where they’re going or with who.

That sort of independence is welcome in a single woman’s life. The problem lies when single women get married but retain the same lifestyle they had when single.

This was hard for me too, because I had always been very independent.

Adapting to this new lifestyle in which we must change drastically isn’t easy, but recognizing that the change is necessary is a good start.

When we get married, this sort of independence should not continue, otherwise, it will bring forth big problems.

Even if my husband isn’t home and I have to go out, I always call and tell him where I am or where I’m going.

Dare- Task 36

“Analyze your attitude and see if this sort of Independence has been the reason behind problems between you and your husband. If so, change this situation.”

Love Dare - Day 35 - Inverted Roles

The other day I was speaking with a lady that was going through some marital problems.

She spoke so poorly of her husband. Her biggest problem was that he didn’t help her with the domestic tasks… “He doesn’t wash a single dish, can you believe it?” She asked.

“Do you work outside your home?” I asked.

“No, he works, but I take care of our three kids and that’s not easy!” She answered.

We continued to talk and she told me that he was a good dad and even a good husband but he didn’t move a muscle at home, and that was the biggest problem.

“But what do you expect him to do?” I asked.

“I want him to divide the household chores with me! I want him to help me!”

Please forgive me those of you that share this idea, but I’m going to have to disagree…

He works the whole day, the whole week in order to support his household and when he gets home he still has to divide chores?!

I know that caring for the kids and home is hard work and that husband’s should participate but not to the point of dividing chores.

Nowadays, with modernization and women seeking equality with men, many have completely lost notion of things.

Many wives want to be the head of the relationship. They want to give orders, tell their husbands what they have to do or not do…I have something to tell these ladies: this sort of relationship will not last long.

Don’t intend to invert the natural order of things.

God didn’t creat woman to be the head of a marriage, that’s the man’s role.

I never had marital problems in this respect because ever since I got married I was conscious of my position in the relationship.

Even when I work in the office from 9 to 5, I don’t expect my husband to divide household chores with me, the simple thought of it sounds absurd to me!

In the case of the lady that I mentioned in the beginning, she will not be happy in her marriage until she changes her way of thinking, not because I say so, but because that’s the way God intended it to be.

Dare- Task 35

“Analyze your attitude in regards to your husband and see if you’ve been inverting roles. If you perceive that this is happening, change your actions and you will see a huge difference!”

love Dare - Day 34 - Fantasy X Reality

Since our TV fast ended today, I decided to turn it on at night and watch a bit to unwind.

I then saw a film that was titled “PS: I Love You.”

I never watched it before because a friend of mine had told me that it wasn’t all that good. However, last week another friend spoke so well about the film that I decided to watch it and draw my own conclusions.

Well then, here goes my conclusion… What a pathetic film!!!

Please forgive me my friends, if you liked it, but what else is there to say of a film in which the most perfect and marvelous husband in the world dies, but before dying prepares 10 letters and surprises for his wife because he doesn’t want her to suffer and wants her to continue living her life!

Do you know what happened?

During the film I cried like a dork and when it was over I was left with a sad feeling and then came the question… “Would Junior do the same for me?”

That’s when I woke up! I got out of the flesh and entered the faith!

This film speaks to the subconscious of single women in the following way “Look, you need to look for a man like that to marry! You won’t be happy until you find him!”

And it makes married women think “You see, your husband isn’t and will never be like that!!!”

Ahhh, please spare me the drama!!!

When the movie Titanic came out in theaters, years ago, my husband took me to see it.

I loved it!

It was so romantic that I left the theater feeling like I was walking among the clouds, imagining my husband was like Leonardo DiCaprio. Without thinking, I asked him “My love, would you do that for me too?”

You don’t even want to know what he answered!

It wasn’t the first time I asked him something like that. Each time we watched a romantic film, I placed my husband in a similar situation…

That’s when silly thoughts begin to arise; thoughts that can generate much confusion…

“He never says such lovely things to me like in the movie!”

“He doesn’t always bring me a gift!”

“He doesn’t always tell me he loves me!”

“He never cooks for me!”

“He never cuddles me!”

“Ohh dear, where is the romance in him?”

No kidding folks, I could spend hours fabricating phrases like these, for with each romantic film comes loads of comparisons!

Many times I didn’t say anything but I kept feeding that feeling inside, like if nothing he did was enough for me.

How absurd! It’s also very unfair!

I know I’m not the only one, many women suffer in their marriage just because their husbands are not as romantic as the men in the films they watch or the books they read!

Many even decide that the fantasy is much better than the reality and they completely give in to that world of illusion… They are addicted to romantic books and films, they live outside of reality and many times they even ignore their husbands.

How can we compare the characters in movies and books to our own husbands?!

How unfair! Those actors aren’t really like that, they’re pretending!

That romantic movie actor is probably unfaithful to his wife in real life!

Those comparisons make you look at your husband as though he is never good enough; thus, everything he does never amounts to anything compared to the fantasy!

Perhaps your husband doesn’t say “I love you” every morning when you wake up like in the movies (especially those movies in which the actresses never wake up with bed head hair, don’t snore, don’t sleep with their mouth open and never have bad breathe when they wake up!!!), but they do other things that you haven’t even noticed…

Dare- Task 34

“It’s time to wake up and set the fantasy aside. Learn to appreciate your husband without comparing him with fantasies and a world of lies that you watch in films. Appreciate the gestures that say “I love you” much louder than words.”

PS: Let’s be realistic!

Love Dare - Day 33 - He Is With You!

There are things that work to unmotivated us and it’s necessary for us to be aware and alert with relation to this.

You try but many times you make mistakes, its normal!

Our Dare has not been easy and many times you will find yourself acting in a way that you shouldn’t - you weren’t paying attention and it just happened!

Don’t give up, don’t desist! Even if that means starting from day 1 all over again!

Many times the devil places traps, exactly with that intention, to make us feel unmotivated. He makes you think that it’s not worth it!

He says… “Why is it all up to you? Only you struggling, doing everything with nothing in return! Look, he doesn’t do anything! Just give up! Nothing you do turns out right!”

When thoughts like this come into my head, I always ask myself… “Is God bringing me these thoughts?”

Negative thoughts, thoughts of giving up, discouraging thoughts of defeat, NEVER! These are the devil’s thoughts!

If the thoughts listed below have come into your head, it means that the devil is lurking around you, for he fears your success!

“Your husband won’t change, just give up!

“This isn’t going to work, you know your husband. You know how he is; he won’t even pretend to care.”

“Enough! Why do you have to make all of these sacrifices?”

“All of these tasks are very difficult; you aren’t going to be able to go through with it!”

Dare- Task 33

“For each negative thought that enters your head you will retaliate with positive thoughts, words and actions. Remember, even though the devil is against you, GOD is with you!

Love Dare - Day 32 - Shopping!!!

He wants you but today you have a headache.

Yesterday he wanted to do it but you were tired.

The day before yesterday it was your daughter that fell asleep between the two of you in bed, so there was no way to do it.

The other day you gave in because you couldn’t come up with a good excuse at that moment, but it seemed like you were a dead roach in bed waiting for it all to be over…vm

How long will you allow this to occur? How long do you think he will he bear your lack of interest?

My friends, a couple’s intimacy should always be a priority in both of your lives. Try never say no to your husband.

On the street he finds flirtatious women wearing miniskirts. While driving his car he passes poster after poster of practically naked women. Nowadays women seem to throw themselves on men, especially married men, like never before. Many men resist the temptation but once they get home, their wives reject them!

How long do you think they are going to support this situation?!

You must be the girl of his eyes!

Many women may offer themselves to him, but he knows the marvelous woman that awaits him at home…

Since it is a lot easier for me, I will offer you some tips:

Prepare yourself for this moment. Be aware that it will happen and reserve some time to take a nice bath, put on a scented lotion and things of that sort.

Pursue him also. Don’t rely on him, make your move, show him that you want it and that you are interested.

Wear what he likes and what also makes you comfortable.

Splash a bit of nice smelling perfume over your sheets and pillow. But please don’t overdo it, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect and he might even end up with a headache…

Don’t be embarrassed of your body and take advantage of eachother!

No more excuses my friends!

Dare- Task 32

“Tomorrow is Saturday and you task involves shopping! Staying within your budget, you will purchase some lingerie that he likes and if possible, a cream as well. The evening will be great! Use your imagination… a scented candle to create the mood, clean and scented sheets, rose petals over the bed… OK let me stop here!”

Remember, this is only the beginning.

Sex, making love or however you want to call it, is the basis of you marriage. If this part doesn't exist, then most certainly your relationship will go from bad to worst!

When this intimacy is lacking, couples fight much more!!! I’m not kidding, it’s true!

You don’t believe me? Then just wait, I will prove it… once you start to put this into practice, you’ll see…

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