Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 38 - 8 or 80

When many of us convert we go through a bit of a difficult phase as we try to find a balance…

Knowing how to be neither 8 nor 80 can be difficult at times.

I see this especially in many marriages; women begin to think that everything is a sin- that sex is something dirty and immoral and everything that happens is the devil’s fault.

They see defects in everything and they want to be overly godly.

Without even noticing they become fanatics and instead of leading a life that pleases God, they do the exact opposite as they are indeed embarrassing Jesus’ name.

The worst part is that if your husband isn’t converted, he might never be and if he is then surely your marriage will begin to sour.

Let me give you a few examples….

Your husband likes for you to dress nicely and always look pretty but now that you are converted, you think that you can only wear skirts that reach the floor and extra large clothing.

Make-up? Don’t even think about it, it’s the devil’s!

Red nail polish on your nails, no way! Never!

That transparent camisole your husband likes, never again!

Of course, you are not going to dress in miniskirts and transparent clothing- that would be 8!

Perhaps you are not within these extremes, but if you find it hard to reach a balance, you must make use of your intelligent faith.

Dare- Task 38

“Check to see if you are living in equilibrium, if you have managed to find a balance in your life. Don’t be 8 or 80!”


  1. Whenever i go do shopping for clothes my husband goes with me and choose the clothes that he likes to see on me and really he has better taste in clothes than me . there are somethings that my husband don't like me wearing but i always give an excuse that i feel comfortable in them, but now i am gonna make sure that i wear what he likes to see me on. To be a christian don't mean that i have to be boring in my intimacy, that is the time that i really have to spice it up!

    charlene (namibia)

  2. To be honest with you Mrs.Fernanda I have been relaxes a lot, I always cut my nails but I didn't put a nail polish on my nails,But when I start to take part in the sisterhood I start making my nails us usual before I got married. You can be live what my husband just say to me!THANK YOU FOR THE SISTERHOOD FOR MY WIFE TO LOOK NICE" this didn't click in my mind that making my face nice it was not enough he wanted to see my nails done as well.


  3. Really many believer think to follow Jesus u have to wear like an old woman but is not like that, most of the time my husband he is the one who like to buy for me clother so that i can wear what he want me to and i even fell good about it.


  4. I use to think is wrong to wear bright colouress as a women of God,i us to buy only bark colours .But i was wrong,my husband brought me something
    pick when i put it on ,he told me i look pretty.
    from that day a change my style of wearing

    Aina Namibia

  5. When i buy clothes i like to ask my husbands opinion FIRST before i take it. I Where what my husband likes.


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