Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 36 - Independence

Before marriage, many women lead very independent lives.

They work, pay their bills, have their own responsibilities and don’t have to ask for anyone’s approval.

They have no curfew, they don’t have to tell anyone where they’re going or with who.

That sort of independence is welcome in a single woman’s life. The problem lies when single women get married but retain the same lifestyle they had when single.

This was hard for me too, because I had always been very independent.

Adapting to this new lifestyle in which we must change drastically isn’t easy, but recognizing that the change is necessary is a good start.

When we get married, this sort of independence should not continue, otherwise, it will bring forth big problems.

Even if my husband isn’t home and I have to go out, I always call and tell him where I am or where I’m going.

Dare- Task 36

“Analyze your attitude and see if this sort of Independence has been the reason behind problems between you and your husband. If so, change this situation.”


  1. Once married and happily married it has to be a such a joy& not a burden to inform the love of your life of where you off to and when you will be back. When honey is traveling and even if the Atlantic ocean is temporary separating you& if you have affection for one another, I believe you would find a way to inform him of your daily schedule and visa versa.One click on your mail and he would be so,so happy to hear from you... dont you think? Love conquers all things, Martha K, Namibia

  2. i always let my husband know where i am going,if he is not home and i had to go out somewhere knowing that he will be home in a while i text him and tell him where i am, if he needs me he knows where i am. I believe all wife's should let their husband's know where they are going, by doing so they feel important in our life's.

    charlene (namibia)

  3. This is true that before I got married I was used of my freedom but the day I got involve with my husband I start to learn to sacrifice my time,desire and start to fit in his world,of what he likes and to work together in everything we do .This is the secret of the strong bond in my married.


  4. When i was single i would do or go any where i want,but at the moment i said I DO everything changed because we are one body now.

    Aina Namibia

  5. Im so used that when i want to do something or go somewhere i always ask my husband first. Because he's the head.



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