Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 37 - Friendships

Today we are going to talk about friends.

How wonderful it is to have friends, but it is important to know that everything has a limit.

Nowadays we see many wives losing their husbands to their best friends. Just thinking about it makes me angry!

How is that possible? How can something like that happen?

I’ll tell you how something like that happen.

When no limits are established and of course the lack of character and other things that I won’t even get into…

But the root, where did everything start?

She was your best friend and so she was always visiting came to visit. She also became your husband’s “friend” (you didn’t think anything was wrong with that at all), she feels completely comfortable and goes in and out of your house as she pleases.

You see, there are no limits! This should never happen!

The devil is astute and those that are not in the faith allow themselves to be carried away by their emotions.

One day your husband is alone at home and she arrives. They talk while you’re not home and she begins to feel attracted by him. She doesn’t want to feel that way, but she thinks she’s falling in love…That’s it! Perfect grounds for the devil to throw a party!

Now let’s look at the other side, when it’s you that has male friends.

It will never work my friends! I’m telling you this for your own good and for the good of your marriage.

Just to give you an idea, when I met my husband we still hadn’t met the Lord Jesus and I was suffering a lot.

I had just ended a relationship and I was “sure” that I had lost the man of my dreams (oh, if only I knew what would come in the future I wouldn’t have cried and suffered so much…lol). Therefore, I didn’t want to have anymore “serious” relationships for a while and decided to tell Junior that we would just be friends.

Folks, I totally believed that story of “just friends” and surely enough, he became my best friend! Not only that, I even fixed him up on dates with other friends of mine!!!

I get mad at myself just thinking about it!!!

But that’s not the point I wanted to make. Like with any male-female friendship, we begin to feel an attraction for the other person, it generally works that way.

Married women don’t need male friends; their husbands should be that friend. You should avoid male friendships at all cost.

Perhaps you feel confident about your feelings toward your husband and think that there is no danger, but remember, the devil only needs a little opening in order to come in and destroy.

You know at work, that super cool guy that’s always looking for conversation? He says that he only wants to be your friend?

Keep your distance!

Your husband won’t like to know of friendships with men and that will only bring forth fights!

“Look Nanda, in my case it’s not a big deal. We are childhood friends! It’s my husband that keeps imagining things that don’t exist!”

Well, the decision is always yours!

You decide your life, this is only some advice to bless your marriage, if you accept it or not…

Dare- Task 37

“See if you have placed limits in your friendships. If you realize that things aren’t the way they should be, begin to make the necessary changes immediately.”

Look these limits are applicable even on your best friend, sister, a dear cousin or an aunt. With family it’s even worse because their comfort level is greater!


  1. I don't have a best friend i made my husband my best friend. if one day i stay near my family i really will consider this. thanks for the advice.

    charlene (namibia)

  2. I don't have a person how I can say is my best friend but I have those I talk to and I have a limit when It comes to my relationship,My husband is my best friend I have.


  3. My husband is my best friend ,thanks for the advice

    Aina Namibia

  4. The only friend i have is my husband. thanks



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