Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 39 - Language

If there’s one thing we women know how to do it’s to deduce, to imagine, to exaggerate and hope that our husband’s know what we are thinking without us having to say a single word!

Because of this many times we can become real drama queens…

How many times do we “deduce” that our husbands know why we are annoyed and we even get angry when they “appear” not to understand?

And how about when you tell him: “You NEVER understand!”

Clearly, when you used the word “never”, you were only exaggerating a little in order to emphasize your frustration, but for men that “never” is taken literally.

Not to mention the times that you try to demonstrate your frustration through body language, by sighing, looking at him in a certain way, frowning and things of that sort…

Many of these signs can be easily comprehended by another woman, but for many men these signs are true mysteries and they really can’t decipher them!

I received an e-mail from a friend the other day. If was written by a man for men and its titled “Expressions used by women and their meaning.”

  • “Good!” – This is the word that women use in order to end an argument when they find that they are right and you need to be quiet.
  • “Nothing”- This is the calm before the storm. It means that SOMETHING is happening and you need to beware. Arguments that end in NOTHING usually end with GOOD.
  • “You should know” – It’s a challenge, not at all dismissive. She is defying you and it’s at this time that you have to know what she wants… and NEVER say that you don’t know!
  • “Loud sigh” – It’s not a word, it’s a non verbal statement that frequently confuses men. A loud sigh means that you have to beware because she is losing her patience and is thinking about the reason why she is there wasting time arguing about NOTHING with you.
  • “Oh yeah? Fine!” – This is one of the most dangerous expressions a woman can say. It means that she is going to think long and hard before deciding how and when she is going to make you pay for what you’ve done to displease her.

If she asks you “Honey, do you think I’m fat?”

See the answers and consequences:

  • “Just a little honey!” Consequence: Whoah, I can’t belive you just said that!
  • “Of course not, I love you like that!” Consequence: You liar! You think that I’m fat and you’re just saying that to please me!

In other words, when she asks you that… It’s over- you’re dead meat! Unfortunately an argument is about to begin and you will certainly fall victim to the expressions mentioned above!!!

Folks, when I finished reading this, I began to laugh but at the same time I thought to myself… it’s true!

We are just like that, we say one thing when we mean something else! And we still expect them to undertand!

Dare- Task 39

“If you want to avoid problems in your marriage, be clear, express yourself and communicate with your husband in a way that he will understand.

Avoid thinking that he HAS to know the reason why you’re annoyed, even if you “demonstrated the reason” because you didn’t “say” the reason.


  1. its so funny how woman are alike, as i was reading this article it was al about me! i have allot of changing to do.

    charlene (namibia)

  2. Sometimes is not easy to demonstrate the reason.Many times if I found out that he does not want to understand after demonstrating the same reason over and over,I only decide to keep quiet, for me not to annoy him and also for me not to loose control.

  3. This is me i don,t even now what to say .i will try my very best to change

    Aina Namibia

  4. Married, or not married, we have to scan ourselves as women because sometimes you won't even know that what you are doing is wrong, but for you to know and to correct your mistakes you need to talk to your partner for him to help if you are out of the way,and to always ask for wisdom from God.


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