Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 40 - This is Only the Beginning...

I couldn’t find time to write messages on a weekly basis and I didn’t have any contact e-mail with my readers, nonetheless, they found a way to write to me…

It was on Facebook, on Comunidade Universal and some even managed to find my personal e-mail and messages requesting help, especially for marriage and love life issues, came pouring in…

I had just finished reading an e-mail; it was from a young girl in distress over her miserable marriage and she didn’t know what else to do. She was in a very difficult situation and so I prayed to God for guidance in order to answer her.

We had begun, here in Namibia, a 40 day purpose in preparation for the “Day of Decision” and I was analyzing my life, how I could give more of myself, how I could save more souls and be more useful in the work of God…. And my decision? After all, we aren’t here just to preach to others, we must live by what we preach.

Well then, we began the purpose, fast and prayer, but I felt that it wasn’t enough. That’s when, while reading the e-mail mentioned above, I looked to the side of my desk and there it was- a book titled “Love Dare” that I had purchased the day before…

The book is about a Dare that lasts 40 days. On each day there is a task that must be completed in order to change your marriage.

I thought: “Perfect, that’s it! I am going to announce on my blog a 40 day purpose based on this book! This will be easy; I’ll pass on everything in the book to the readers…” Just one thing, I hadn’t even finished reading the whole book myself! Lol

My friends, I think that by the 8th day, if I’m not mistaken, I got tired of the book because I found the tasks to be vague and I wanted them to be precise, clear and more practical. That’s when I decided not to follow the book anymore.

I would wake up every day already praying and asking God for guidance. Many times I would spend the entire day without knowing what I was going to write, then I would sit down at my desk in front of the computer and suddenly everything seemed to come to me as if someone was telling me what to write!

There were many instances in which I would receive messages complementing an article and stating that everything I wrote had helped loads and inside I would say…” It wasn’t me!!!”

Well now I would like to make a clarification! It wasn’t me, really it wasn’t!

I remember that there was not a single day in which I would not pray asking God to show me what the people taking part in the Dare needed to hear.

Today, exactly 40 days later, I tell you that I would have never been able to get here if not for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And I’ll tell you more, I don’t think I would have ever started this Dare if I thought that I would do it all on my own.

If I was receiving lots of e-mails before, now I receive an average of 100 e-mails per week, which I respond to, within my capability, one by one. Many of them are from wives and young ladies asking for help, others are to give thanks for the purpose that has transformed their marriage.

Some of the messages made me cry out of joy, others of sadness because many women live in a true hell on earth, but a change is possible and it will happen, I believe it!

I can’t believe that today is the last day of our purpose! But it’s not over yet my friends, this is only the beginning…

Dare- Task #40

“Starting from today, you will go back to Day 1 of our purpose and start all over again! Who said it was over, today is only the beginning…”

Since today is the last day, I mean, the start of a new beginning, I would like all of you that participated and are still participating to post a comment, not compliments as I have already explained who deserves all praise and thanks; instead, post your testimonies so that you may encourage those women that doubt this sacrifice is worth it.

Perhaps you visit this blog to read the messages, today I ask you to leave a comment…

A big kiss to you all and stay tuned to this blog because I will begin a purpose with the single ladies shortly…


I would like to thank some special people in my life that served as true fountains of inspiration…

My Lord, for each day He guided me and showed me what to write! Oh, how I love you!

My husband, who is my friend, my love and many times served as a guinea pig during this purpose! lol. God’s gift to me!

My dear friend, Cris Cardoso, she is the person that God used to motivate me to keep going. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have started this blog! And task after task, she would write to encourage me… Although we are so far, it feels as though we are near!

My dear mother-in-law that showed me the way to eternal life and even without noticing it, she has taught and continues to teach me so many things!

All of the readers that made sure to leave comments and many times inspired me with their words…

A big thank you and may God bless you greatly!!!


  1. I’m a bit shy and I must confess I’ve never commented on this Blog but since Mrs. Nanda requested it, here it goes with much love:

    I came across this blog a few months ago. At first I would check it every other day but once the Love Dare started, I found myself visiting the Blog many times a day.

    My marriage was a blessing but I realized that there was room for improvement. With each task I saw the chance to better myself and consequently my marriage. I noticed that although I didn’t have trouble submitting to my husband or being faithful to him, I wasn’t as meticulous in other things… Day 27 Bouncing Hearts really hit home! lol

    After completing the first cycle and returning to Day 1 (especially while translating- I really had to meditate on each task) many of the tasks had become second nature.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was or is easy! There are times where I still find myself biting my tongue or rejecting thoughts but it is all well worth it.

    Almost instantly I saw an improvement in my overall mood and not to mention my marriage. The Love Dare even helped me to improve my relationship with coworkers and even at church! In fact, one of the biggest advantages of taking on this Task was the way my relationship with God began to grow fonder as I sought Him for strength and guidance.

    This Dare is truly God inspired and I am very grateful to Him for capacitating Mrs. Nanda to start up this purpose.
    I encourage every married woman to try it… it really does work! : )

  2. Ok here goes... i know without a doubt it was God using you Mrs Fernanda.. because i would check constantly to see if u updated the new love dare for the next day.... and when i would read one.. the Holy Spirit always identified and showed me what i was missing. I will be honest many times he said i must change and it hurt.. but i can truely say that there is more love for my finance (because im not yet married but almost) after reading your experiences. Especially the ones when u spoke about being tired and they ask for food.. my finance always does that well with other stuff. However i found myself always getting anoynned saying in my head "doesn't he know im tired i wanna relax..." etc... and so much more...i know the biggest task would be to place it all into practice when i eventually get married.
    Thanks so much and it was nice to also see that woman of God (as you) also wasn't born perfect cos sometimes i look at the Pastor's wives and think wow their perfect... so it was very kind of you to share alot of personal Experiences with all of us. Gives me and others hope...
    God Bless and always remain Strong and Beautiful in the Lord. :)

  3. Hi Mrs Nanda , in the beginning of the love dare it was so easy, I was even thinking to myself that the love dare was only for people who has marriage problems and I don't have marriage problems and sometimes I would not even know what to comment but as the days were passing by I realized that I needed this love dare as well cause we woman are very emotional and through the love dare I have learned a lot of things I actually found out how wrong I was dealing with things and day by day through the love dare I am trying to change, there is still something that i am strugeling with but as Mrs Fernanda sayed it's only the beginning so i am always gonna remember the love dare and I believe I am going to overcome this. My husband sayed that he saw changes in my attitude and I am very happy that I participated in the love dare. Thanks

    CHARLENE (Namibia)

  4. I want to thank God for given you a good idea to help us to make a different in our married,there was times I enjoy and there was time your messengers rebuke me a lot with teach me a lot. This Love Dare really make my married to go on the other level and I want to keep doing the best to make my husband happy for the rest of my life.


  5. Really this love dare help me alot,thank to God who inspire you to help me and other so that i can be a difference woman of God.many task that i use to read it open my eye so much because some of the situation that you mention i use to see it happen in my parent marriage but by that time i use to think that is the way thing are but i was blind thing are not like that is more than i can imagine to be with your husband is a big blessing which only God can give especial if he is a man of God,the dare have 40 days but to tell my husband tell me many time you a changing and im happy to hear that because i make my prayer at the very begining that i want to be a new wife to my husband and realy i can see improvoment in my self and also my marriage,big big thank to mrs Nanda may our Lord Jesus use you much more to help us you a really a very good example to follow lot of love.


  6. Hi Mrs Nanda. To tell the truth form my heart,I learnt alot from this 40 days love dare that I did not know for sure. I realy thank God for inspiring you with tremendous messages of marriage issues. I even met some of the things that I did not know if they are big mistakes in marriage and they opened my eyes. May God bless you with more inspirations.

  7. I big thanks to Mrs Nanda for the inspiration that God gave u to better our marriage.It was fun to be part of this love dare,i become a better women through this.Something i will never forget is the part that say we have to look at our husband as Jesus.I have learn how woman can chance their home and the world.Thanks to Mrs Nanda and God bless u must more to chance life.

    Aina Namibia


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