Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 30 - Love Is...

We had already been in England for about 3 or 4 years when were sent to do the work of God in South Africa.

Upon our arrival the first thing that impressed me was the sun! Although it was freezing cold in the airport, the sun was shining brightly.

I had already gotten used to not seeing it all and now I was lucky enough to see its bright rays each morning… oh, how I learned to not take it for granted!

In England my sunglasses must have grown spider webs but now I always have to carry them in my purse.

But that’s only one of the things that I hadn’t seen in a long time…

One night, while returning from the church with my husband I imagined how lovely it would be to get home and take a nice warm bath and then snuggle under the covers- after all, it had been very cold that day.

I looked out the window just as my husband stopped at a red light.

A small boy, not older than 6 years of age, barefoot and without any proper protection against the cold reached out to the window of the car in front of us…

I was heartbroken… I looked at my husband and perceived that he felt the same way. I quickly reached for my purse trying to get it before the light turned green. Sadly, I wasn’t quick enough, the light changed and my husband had to go on.

I almost cried as I stared at the purse in my hand. My husband noticed and asked “Do you want turn back?” I didn’t think twice “I do!”

We turned back and there he was.

I took what I had in my purse and gave it to him. His eyes opened wide and he joyfully ran out in the middle of the street!

I looked at my husband with a big smile and noticed that he was as happy as I was.

That little boy was overjoyed but his happiness couldn’t compare to ours. Every time we pass by that street light we remember that night.

Whenever you do something not expecting anything in return, when you know that that person will not give you anything back, you feel the same happiness!

Now let’s think…

What is the true value of an offering, a present, a gift, a loving gesture given with the intention of receiving something in return?

In the end it’s like saying “Look my love, I am being affectionate with you but keep in mind that I’m only doing this because I expect you to do the same for me.”

“I am sacrificing for you because I expect you to do the same in return.”

“Happy birthday! Here’s your gift. Don’t forget mine ok?!”

And there’s more! When you expect to receive something in return you then have to deal with the possibility of being let down.

Dare- Task #30

“Analyze how you’ve been giving. To love means to give without expecting anything in return. How can you call it love if you expect something in exchange?”


  1. When we give something with our whole hearts we don't need to expect something in return and this really shows the real love.

  2. last year when it was my husband's birthday i bought him a gift and when he did not buy for me anything on my birthday i was so disappointed forgetting that the year before i did not buy for him anything and he did, even though i love my husband very much i realized now that i was selfish. i have learned something today.

    charlene (namibia)

  3. This is some thing I use to do when I give my husband a gift I could aspect some thing in return which is total wrong,One day I read in Corinthians 13 wear by I read that LOVE DOES NOT ENVY,this verse open my eyes to see who I envy my husband a lot.

    This verse teach me who to say thank you and to appreciate what I receive and when I give him any gift I will not expect anything in return and this is what love is all about.


  4. Oh is true i remember one day i said like that to my husband,where is my gift for my birthday you forgot nee?i always give you gift wheneven your birthday arrive but now you forgot mine its ok he just keep quiet then i think to my self what i said is not good for him.

    but from that day on i learn that you dont give for you to exept something in return you give from the heart.


  5. I us to be this kind of person if my husband did not give me a gift for a long time ,i will be angry and forget that i also did not give him,until one day my husband told me that more Blessed are those who give than those who received.

    Aina Namibia


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