Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 27 - Bouncing Hearts

We must be ready for everything in the work of God. We go wherever God sends us… we don’t choose the country or where we want to serve, we don’t possess material goods- except for our clothing, of course.

Depending on which country we are sent to we may have to share a house with other pastors and their wives. In my case, throughout 11 years of marriage only a few times did my husband and I live on our own, and let me tell you something: I’ve learned a lot with that.

I once lived with a pastor’s wife that taught me something without me even realizing it; actually, the first lesson felt like a slap in the face. I discovered that I had lots to learn and so I raised my head up high and decided to practice with my husband all of the positive examples I saw in her.

Very often when my husband asked me for something- especially if I was tired- I would roll my eyes, give an exasperated sigh and drag myself to do what he asked with a bad attitude…

Of course, no one saw my reaction besides Jesus and me. If my husband saw me he would certainly order me not to do anything at all. Who would like to have someone doing something for them with a bad attitude?

Let me tell you how this wife graciously taught me a few lessons.

Each time her husband asked her for something, people, she was all for it!

I remember one day he asked her for some scrambled eggs… she was sleepily cuddling next to him while he watched TV.

Instantly she stood up and happily went to the kitchen, I tagged along. She began to get loads of thing from the fridge; I couldn’t help but think “all of this for some measly scrambled eggs?”

Girls, her good will was so great that it became contagious, not to mention that she didn’t just cook up some scrambled eggs. She added a bit of everything and then some.

When she finally finished she served it to her husband and said “Baby, look I made the eggs with so much love that there are hearts bouncing out of them…” He looked at her with a huge smile full of love and satisfaction.

People, even I could see the little hearts jumping from those eggs!!!

If embarrassment killed I would have fallen hard that same moment! I reflected on how my husband deserved much more from me…

Its true girls, good will makes a big difference. It may even seem foolish but it isn’t. Put this into practice and you’ll see the results.

Dare- Task 27

“From now on you are going to make an effort to stop rolling your eyes and giving exasperated sighs whenever your husband asks you for something. When facing a difficult situation always remember the scrambled eggs with hearts…”


  1. I will certainly remember the scrambled eggs with hearts! cause this is one of my weaknesses especially when i am busy.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  2. I will remember this wife in my mind that no meter the time his husband tell her to preper him food she do it with love and this is what the Lord Jesus want from all of us and I will do my best to please and be faithful to him.


  3. Whenever my husband asks me something even though I was busy ,I will always remember these scramble eggs.

  4. hamby I start my love dare from day one it was difficult to be patience to my husband,i thought iwas patience to him but i was not i learn lot for you to keep your marriege patience is number one

  5. Realy this is a good teaching of scamble eggs especial to me i will by no mean forget about it.


  6. I am going to make an effort for me do not rolling my eyes, when my husband ask for me to do something, because sometimes I do it, especially if I am tired or sometimes it is small things that he could do but he does not I must remember about the scrambled eggs with hearts.Eliane Namibia

  7. I like day 27 one of the day i will never forget.

    Aina Namibia

  8. This is so true, a very good lesson for me to learn


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