Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 32 - Shopping!!!

He wants you but today you have a headache.

Yesterday he wanted to do it but you were tired.

The day before yesterday it was your daughter that fell asleep between the two of you in bed, so there was no way to do it.

The other day you gave in because you couldn’t come up with a good excuse at that moment, but it seemed like you were a dead roach in bed waiting for it all to be over…vm

How long will you allow this to occur? How long do you think he will he bear your lack of interest?

My friends, a couple’s intimacy should always be a priority in both of your lives. Try never say no to your husband.

On the street he finds flirtatious women wearing miniskirts. While driving his car he passes poster after poster of practically naked women. Nowadays women seem to throw themselves on men, especially married men, like never before. Many men resist the temptation but once they get home, their wives reject them!

How long do you think they are going to support this situation?!

You must be the girl of his eyes!

Many women may offer themselves to him, but he knows the marvelous woman that awaits him at home…

Since it is a lot easier for me, I will offer you some tips:

Prepare yourself for this moment. Be aware that it will happen and reserve some time to take a nice bath, put on a scented lotion and things of that sort.

Pursue him also. Don’t rely on him, make your move, show him that you want it and that you are interested.

Wear what he likes and what also makes you comfortable.

Splash a bit of nice smelling perfume over your sheets and pillow. But please don’t overdo it, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect and he might even end up with a headache…

Don’t be embarrassed of your body and take advantage of eachother!

No more excuses my friends!

Dare- Task 32

“Tomorrow is Saturday and you task involves shopping! Staying within your budget, you will purchase some lingerie that he likes and if possible, a cream as well. The evening will be great! Use your imagination… a scented candle to create the mood, clean and scented sheets, rose petals over the bed… OK let me stop here!”

Remember, this is only the beginning.

Sex, making love or however you want to call it, is the basis of you marriage. If this part doesn't exist, then most certainly your relationship will go from bad to worst!

When this intimacy is lacking, couples fight much more!!! I’m not kidding, it’s true!

You don’t believe me? Then just wait, I will prove it… once you start to put this into practice, you’ll see…


  1. Hi,Mrs Nanda I'm so happy when I read this article because its the alarm to worn me to watch my married all the time and to make sure that there is peace in my married.


  2. When I read this article,it immediately switched on some buttons within me and I even went to buy some lotion that I didn't buy for a long time and he likes it and I even changed the decoration on our bed.I will even print this page and keep it at my secret place because whenever I read it,it brings some (ling-lings) in my mind. Rosalinde (Namibia)

  3. This article is amazing! one of those that i enjoyed doing. its good to spice up our marriage not only once in a month but constantly. Thanks for the reminder.

    charlene (namibia)

  4. What you a saying is realy very good and it can help many people inculding me and for sure i will put in practise what i learn.


  5. Mrs Fernanda that is the goal of my marriage and yes there are times when u are not in the mood but ive learned never to say no. And this is really true thanks alot


  6. silindile matswabodi21 May 2010 at 05:56

    well said! marriage is not for babies it has to be taken care of by both patners and you cannot wait for your patner to make the first move. I have taken (task 32) your advise and it really worked


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