Monday, 25 January 2010

For the Single Ladies - Something Difficult

Here goes the second task for the single ladies!

Friends, do you know what’s the hardest thing to accept in the world?

The truth.

Not everyone is ready to hear the truth; you must first have the emotional structure, spirituality and humility to hear certain truths.

Whoever said that the truth hurts was right…In fact, the truth can hurt a lot! But that’s not to say that it’s bad, it’s actually quite the contrary.

You know when someone tells you something that hurts, it almost seems as though they are cutting right through you, but deep inside you know that the person is absolutely right?

Has that every happened to you?

Do you remember how you reacted?

How did you react?

Your reaction is what counts; it’s what matters.

Did you feel hurt? Offended? Worst yet, did you hold a grudge against that person?

If we aren’t humble enough to accept the truth, how do we intend to grow up? How can we think about marriage, for I am certain that your husband won’t hesitate to tell you a few truths- and then what? Will you hold a grudge against him too?

Look, I’m not saying that the truth isn’t going to hurt or that we won’t be saddened by it but that sadness has to be directed towards ourselves and it can’t be prolonged!

My husband once told me “You are too proud!” That was the end of the rope for me!

Thoughts began to bombard my mind…

First I felt angry, what nonsense! “Me, proud?!!!”

Then I felt mortified that he would think that of me: “What a monster he is!” I thought.

Lastly, I kneeled down and began to cry until my throat hurt… he was right! Oh how hard it was to admit and face the truth! I felt worthless and humiliated but oh how good it did me.

Task #2

“Analyze yourself. Check to see if you are facing the “truths” in your life/relationships correctly. Stop fooling yourself! If facing the truth means going back to the end of the line, then so be it! Restart in your faith. Correct your mistakes; after all, no one is perfect! It is horrible to have to pay such a high price for something that could have been avoided had you just accepted the truth…"


  1. hi im berlita, its nice to read it, yes sometimes in my life i dont accept the truth because im afraid to face it, but i say in my self i need to accept it, how can i grow if i cant face it, the blog enlighten me. it is so nice.

  2. it´s truth, Mrs, Fernanda is not easy to admit our mistakes, but some times it´s necessary somebody tell us.

  3. Martha Kaune, Namibia. To be honest the truth really hurts but if you are a humble person who accepts constructive criticism, it will actually build you and you'll forever be grateful to that person. Only someone who really care about you will tell you the truth. Even if it hurts please be strong enough to tell me non other than the truth.

  4. Gilesa Johnson27 May 2010 at 15:29

    Their is a say that says: speak the truth and it will set you free, but as you say it's really hard to take in, but if we are humble enough to accept the truth it can change our life. Thanks your message of fiath.

    Brixton London

  5. This is true and I can think of many times in the Past where people had upset me and I let it get to me I really I used to hold a grudge against them or think they didn't know what they were talking about and so I kept repeating the same mistakes over and over. But now although sometimes I do feel sad when people tell me some home truths its like you said Mrs Nanda the sadness but be short and directed at ourselves. When we are humble to listen and have a teachable spirit we are ready to grow.

    Susan Yeboah, London

  6. This was very helpful Mrs Fernanda. I totally agree with you all the way. The truth hurts and it hurts so much that you try to defend yourself to prove yourself right but the moment you defend yourself you are showing pride. When someone is correcting you when you do something wrong, it shows that the person wants the best for you. Only proud people would see it like the person telling them off is horrible. A humble person would analyse themselves, pray to God to help them change. There is verse that says “God resists the proud………….”When we are humble we are ready to learn even if it’s the hard way because we know it’s the only way for us to grow…
    Betty Gapare
    Croydon UK

  7. This message is great for my spiritual life! Its true that the truth hurts but for us to grow and become better people we have to accept the truth no matter how hard it is, and fight to change for the better.

    Thanks Mrs. Nanda

    Tivere Ologhoejebi



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