Tuesday, 2 February 2010

For the Single Ladies - The First Husband

Task #3 for the single ladies!

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I was snuggly hugging my husband-oh, how delightful!

This is one of the things I love most in my marriage… It makes me feel secure, loved and certain that I’m in the right place.

Then I began to think about the single women that don’t have the pleasure of waking up with the love of their life by their side…

I continued to indulge in these thoughts before gaining enough strength to let go of the embrace and began to think about the married women that despite of having a marriage, do not share the same pleasure…

I looked at my husband and said… “How I love you Jesus.” I was going to say “I love you my love,” but at that very moment it occurred to me to first say it to Jesus, for He is the most solid love in my life. This husband is always in first place, therefore, there is nothing more fitting…

This marvelous husband raises me up when I’m sad, guides me all the time, exhorts me when I am wrong, makes me feel loved, teaches me new things, believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself, teaches me to value certain things, in short, he makes me very happy.

I owe all of my happiness to Him. I owe Him the pleasure of waking up in a happy embrace with my “second” husband, whom I love more and more even after 12 years of marriage.

I married Him first and I NEVER plan to divorce Him! When I was single I had no clue what true love was until I met Him.

The day He asked me to marry Him was the most marvelous day of my life!

We got married and shortly thereafter, without ever separating from each other, I married Junior as well!

Don’t worry if it seems like bigamy- it isn’t!!! I have two legal husbands! lol

In fact, I’ll go even further, if my first marriage doesn’t exist, then surely the second one will not be happy…. The first one is the basis for the second one.

There are some single women that desperately seek the “second” marriage without having found the first one!!!

Let me tell you more, He needs to be first in your life for real. He must be first in everything, we need to love Him more than everything and everyone, if not, it won’t work out.

Perhaps you are only dating the Lord Jesus while contemplating marrying someone else! What betrayal! This can’t be so; it’s not the correct order.

If you want your “second” marriage to fulfill you completely, the “first” marriage has to come first.

This being said, I will now unveil the next task for the single ladies…

Task #3

"Seek the “First” love of your life! Check to see who is in first place and it will make it easy to discover whether you’ve already found Him of not. Enough with the dating! Marry Him! Make this love become fervent, don’t be in such a rush to enter your second marriage; instead, dedicate yourself entirely to the First one."

Love Him, delight yourself in His embrace, in His presence, in His care, oh what delight! Love Him with all of your strength, with all of your love…

How about the second one?

It will happen when you least expect it, but your devotion to your First marriage must exist forever… not even death will separate you from Him! How wonderful!

Ps: I was going through all of these thoughts when this inspiration came to me so I jumped out of bed and wrote it all down…


  1. lol.miss fernanda ur really funny...but now that im thinking of ot..yes its true....ur first husband has to be our lord..and the time we least expect it...!TADA! there our second husband came..this helped me alot.collene from windhoek.ausspanplatz.

  2. Collene, I'm happy to know that you have been visiting the blog!
    Hope you enjoy it...

  3. Hi Mrs Fernanda I sooooooooo love your blog, the past 3 post that you've put up, have really help me, I just love the idea that you came up with the 'Love Dare'for singles!

    I will keep checking your blog and spreading it around as I know it's helping allot of the girls who are single just like me!

  4. I love task#3..WoW!!!have to make the 1st marriage work & have a firm & stable foundation before moving to the 2nd marriage,so I'm grateful to dedicate 100% to my Lord 1st...think only after that's true will I appreciate everything else...
    Thanks for that..

  5. WoW!!!I loved task#3..
    makes me appreciate not havin found Mr.Right just yet..1st things 1st..workin on my 1st marriage before so that the whole marriage foundation will be set on a stable ground..think only after that I'll appreciate everything else,but I love task #3.
    Thanks Mr.Fernanda

  6. It was a nice day but i almost say something to him but thanks God i hold my tongue.


  7. Dear Nanda: what you wrote is THE truth... Oh, I'd love all spanish-speaker women could read this, as I do now! All of their anxiety would disapear and they will experience real happiness... You know what, last week a young woman told me that she was anxious because she's been in church for a while and she doesn't still finds a husband... I asked guidance from the Holly Spirit to give her a piece of advice... and at the end of the conversation I suggest her to read the book of Ecclesiastes. So, when she read it she told me that (with a hint of sadness): "yeah maybe it's not my time yet"; but what I wanted her to see was the final lines: "to sum up the whole matter... revere God, and keep his Commandments". And the first one is to love Him above all and everyone!!

  8. Now i really understand what my youth pastor and friend was advising me about me having a boyfriend or even thinking of marrige.

  9. I agree with this post 100%. Before I use to always wonder about my future husband, or future boyfriend , who am I going to marry etc etc. But after coming into the presence of God , I fell in love with him. My first love , my first marriage. All the emptiness that I wanted another person to fill, Jesus filled it up. He is my true love ,and with him first everything else will fall into place, According to his time and his will . This post is too real and I love it, every word is true.

    -Jenny Fortes
    -New York

  10. Hey Mrs. Nanda(:
    Wow this is sooo true!! We need to ALWAYS put God in 1st place. Without him we wouldn’t be in the places we are in life. I know that without him I would have been a complete disaster. He is truly my first love. Thank you so much for your message(:
    Alcy Gomez

  11. Mrs Nanda this message is so true! I am so happy to have read this message. It is so important that our first marriage is on point, this will allow for the second marriage to be wonderful and blessed. This message will be in my diary:-)

    Thank you. X
    Tivere Ologhoejebi

  12. Woow wht a msg I thank God for it.My Creator is my husband,so I realize that dating Him is not enough I must get married to Him.Í love u Jesus

    Dieketseng Otricia George
    South Africa


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